A-Level stands for advanced level degree, which is equivalent to FSC. Choosing the best A-level school in Islamabad for your child sets the tone for their future academic success and personal development. Pakistan’s capital city has several notable schools that provide quality A-level education. 

List of 5 Best Schools for A-Levels in Islamabad

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 A-level institutions in Islamabad to help you make an informed choice. These schools are well known for their dedication to academic performance, character development, and student well-being.

1. Roots Millennium Schools:

Millennium Education is a  private institute for Cambridge studies. For a long time, the autonomous educational system has received numerous honors and has been regarded as remarkable in Pakistan for instructing and studying. It boasts the largest K-12 teacher preparation organization, an 8150+ dynamic graduated class, and admission to more than 25 scholarly degrees. In Islamabad, there are about 12 campuses of Roots. Known for their holistic approach, they prioritize academic rigor while fostering creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills. 

Admission: All necessary documents are required for admission to Roots, and admission will be granted subject to passing the required interviews.

Fee Structure: The fee structure for A-levels at Roots Millennium Schools varies based on the campus and selected subjects. On average, it ranges from 40,000 to 45,000 PKR per month.

Address: St. no 1, NPF Society E-11, Capital Territory 

Contact Details: 0349 9784491

2. Beaconhouse School System, Islamabad

The Beaconhouse School System’s commitment to delivering quality education extends to its A-level program in Islamabad. Recognized for its academic rigor and holistic approach, Beaconhouse prepares students to excel in exams and life. The school’s experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities provide a nurturing learning environment.

Admission: Copies of the first two passport pages for both parents or guardians who are foreign nationals. The child’s birth certificate copies. Copies of the child’s most recent academic report. A child’s two passport-size photos.

Fee Structure:  The A-level fee structure at this best Cambridge school in Islamabad typically ranges from 40,000 to 45,000 PKR per month, varying based on subject choices.

Address: Mohra Nur, Bani Gala, Capital View Road, Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact Details:  +92 51 111 232 266

3. Westminster School and College:

Westminster School and College has earned its reputation as a top institution for A and O- levels. This school system is regarded as one of the greatest A-Level schools in the country. The best school in Islamabad provides students with the knowledge and values they need to achieve, focusing on character development and academic excellence. Their competent teachers and broad curriculum foster both scholarly and moral development.

Admission: Entry tests determine offers in the highly competitive application procedure. Exams are chosen based on the subjects that your child is interested in studying.

Fee Structure: The A-level fee structure at Westminster School and College typically ranges from 45,000 to 50,000 PKR per month, depending on subject choices and facilities.

Address: Head Office, 19 Faiz Ahmed Faiz Rd,  Capital Territory Islamabad

Contact Details: (051) 8436735

4. Lahore Grammar School (LGS), Islamabad:

Lahore Grammar School opened its doors 1979 to a small group of children, with 55 Main as its first branch. LGS began offering A-Level qualifications in 1995. Lahore Grammar School now educates both boys and girls to A’ Level. Lahore Grammar School (LGS), likewise known for its academic prowess, has extended its heritage to Islamabad. The school’s distinguished faculty and commitment to providing a holistic education make it a preferred choice among parents and students.

Admission: An application form is required for admission, which requires basic details of students and their parents/Gardiners.

Fee Structure: The A-level fee at Lahore Grammar School (LGS) typically ranges from 45,000 to 50,000 PKR per month, subject to variations based on subject selection.

Address:  Faiz Ahmad Faiz Road, H-8/1, Plot no 84 Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact Details: 0321 7777448

5. Bahria College Islamabad:

On August 30, 1986, Admiral I. A. Sirohey, NI(M), S.B. The Chief of the Naval Staff laid the college’s cornerstone. The Cambridge Wing of the college was established in 1995, and only O-Level courses were provided. Later, A-level courses started to be offered. Bahria College Islamabad is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence. With a dedicated faculty and comprehensive curriculum, the college prepares students for A-level success. The institution emphasizes character development and offers a range of extracurricular activities, allowing students to explore their interests and develop essential life skills.

Admission:  Children are admitted based on merit and seat availability.

Fee Structure: Bahria’s educational system, which includes its schools, colleges, and universities, also provides scholarships for intelligent and needy students.

Address: Bahria Rd,  E-8, Islamabad Capital Territory

Contact Details: (051) 20063551


Choosing the right A-level school significantly impacts a student’s academic journey and future prospects. The schools mentioned above – Roots Millennium Schools, Beaconhouse School System, Westminster School and College, Lahore Grammar School (LGS), and Bahria College stand out in Islamabad for Cambridge’s education landscape for their dedication to academic excellence and character development. Parents and students can make an informed choice that paves the way for a successful future by considering factors such as teaching quality, extracurricular activities, and campus facilities.

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