Choosing the best college for FSC (Intermediate) education is a crucial decision that sets the foundation for your future academic and career prospects. Lahore is famous for its rich educational heritage and boasts a plethora of institutions that offer FSc programs, making it imperative to make an informed choice.

Colleges for FSc in Lahore

The five best FSc colleges in Lahore and essential information regarding their descriptions, admission processes, fee structures, addresses, and contact details include:

1. Islamia College Civil Lines (ICCL)

ICCL was founded in 1947 is affiliated with the University of Punjab, and offers FSc programs in Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering. It has a history of providing quality education and a supportive learning environment. It is the best government college for FSC students. In 1972, the government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto nationalised the college. 

Admission Process: Admissions generally open in June or July and are merit-based. Applicants can apply in person or through the college’s official website.

Fee Structure: The college offers competitive fee structures, making quality education accessible. Additionally, there may be financial aid options for deserving students.

Address: 12, Fane Road, Civil Lines, Lahore.

Contact Details:  +92 42 99 21 06 80.

2. Government College (GC) Lahore

GC Lahore, founded in 1864, is one of Pakistan’s oldest and most affordable colleges for FSc in Lahore. It offers comprehensive FSc programs both in medical and engineering with highly qualified faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. It is one of the first academic institutions in the Punjab. 

Admission Process: Admission is merit-based and usually opens in June or July. At least 60% marks are required for admission to FSc in GC.

Fee Structure: The fee structure is quite affordable for government colleges; FSc charges nearly 2 lac for one year.

Address: Government College Katchery Road, Lahore.

Contact Details: +92 42 99 213 340

3. Kinnaird College for Women

KCW offers Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering programs that strongly emphasise empowering female students. Candidates who received their send-up results and believe they will receive at least 6 As can apply for F.Sc. One of the best colleges for FSc pre-medical. The motto of this college is “Light to guide us, courage to support us, and love to unite us.”

Admission Process: Admissions are merit-based and open around July. Candidates with a science matriculation may apply for the F.Sc.

Fee Structure: The fee structure of Kinnaird College for Women is reasonable, with scholarships available for deserving students.

Address: 93- Jail Road, Lahore.

Contact Details:  +92 42 992 03 781

4. Punjab Group of Colleges

Punjab Group of Colleges is a well-established educational network offering FSc programs in Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering, focusing on comprehensive academic support. At PGC, students are taught by a highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty. It offers free pre-classes for all students. It is the top college for FSc in Lahore.

Admission Process: Admissions generally open in June. Interested students can apply online or visit their nearest campus.

Fee Structure: The fee structure varies depending on the campus and location, but it’s competitive.

Address: Multiple campuses throughout Lahore.

Contact Details: Visit the Punjab Group of Colleges’ website for specific campus information.

5. Forman Christian College (FCC)

FCC offers a well-rounded FSc program in Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering. It’s known for its inclusive and diverse academic environment. There are four mandatory subjects that all Intermediate FSc students must take. It is the famous college for FSc in Lahore.

Admission Process: Admission to Forman Christian College is based on merit and begins around July. Applicants can apply through the college’s admission portal.

Fee Structure: Financial aid options are available for needy students. Mostly, it charges 2.5 lac for one year of the intermediate degree program.

Address: Gulberg 3, Zahoor elahi Road, Lahore.

Contact Details: +92 42 9923 1581


Selecting the best college for FSc (Pre-Medical or Pre-Engineering) education is a significant decision to shape your future. The institutions listed above offer a mix of tradition, excellence, affordability, and inclusivity. Be sure to research each college further, explore their specific admission requirements, and visit their campuses to make an informed choice that aligns with your educational goals and aspirations.


1: What is the other name for Islamia College Civil Lines?

Islamia College Civil Lines is also known as Dayanand Anglo Vedic College. These two names refer to the same educational establishment.

2: Who is the founder of Islamia College Lahore?

Arya Samaj, a Hindu reform movement in British India, founded Islamia College Lahore.

3: Is Kinnaird a public or private college?

Under the British Raj, Christian missionaries founded KC, today a semi-government institution accredited by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

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