The best colleges in Islamabad offer diverse options for students seeking intermediate education. These colleges have the best infrastructure, highly qualified teachers, well-equipped labs, and the best sports, etc. These top colleges provide the best education for FSC pre-medical, pre-engineering, ICS, ICOM, and FA.

List of 5 Best Colleges in Islamabad

The five best colleges in Islamabad, highlighting their unique features, admission processes, fee structures, and contact details, include;

1. Punjab College, Islamabad

Punjab College is a famous private college with campuses all around Pakistan including Islamabad. PGC Islamabad has earned a good reputation for academic excellence. The college consistently provides quality education to students and offers various scholarships based on matriculation marks. Students at Punjab College learn how to act logically, think clearly, work diligently, communicate properly, and act compassionately in all facets of life. 

Admission Process: Admissions in PGC, Islamabad, typically open after the announcement of matriculation results. Prospective students must submit their academic records and relevant documents. The admission is granted based on merit.

Fee Structure: Its fee structure ranges between 33,000 to 80,000 PKR per Year.  Scholarships are available for high-achieving students.

Address: Aabpara  G-6, 5 Khayaban-e-Suhrwardy Rd, Islamabad, 

Contact Details: 

2. Bahria College Islamabad

One of the top colleges in Islamabad is Bahria College. The institute was established in December 1986 by Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Iftikhar Ahmad Sirohey and is a popular institution affiliated with the Pakistan Navy. The college is under the control of the Pakistan Navy. It provides quality education for various intermediate programs (FA, ICS, ICOM, FSC Pre-medical and engineering).

Admission Process: Visit their website for admission details

Fee Structure: Bahria College has an affordable fee structure, ranging from 30,000  to 80,000 PKR per year.

Address: Bahria College Islamabad, Naval Complex E-8, Islamabad. 

Contact Details: 

3. Fazaia Intermediate College Islamabad

One of the establishments of the Fazaia chain of schools and colleges is Fazaia Intermediate College Islamabad. It is also recognized as one of the top colleges in Islamabad. The FBISE in Islamabad is in contact with the college regarding board examinations. The college accepts male and female students who receive instruction in separate classes. The institution also started teaching the Cambridge O Level curriculum in addition to FA/FSC. Fazaia Intermediate College Islamabad, operated by the Pakistan Air Force, is known for its commitment to academic excellence and disciplined environment. 

Admission Process: A written exam and interview is a must for admission.

Fee Structure: The fee structure is designed to be affordable for many students. Visit their official website for an accurate fee structure.

Address: Fazaia Intermediate College Islamabad, Sector E-9, Islamabad. 

Contact Details: 

4. Five Star Institute Islamabad

Five Star Institute, founded in 2010, is a famous college in Islamabad known for its unwavering commitment to quality education.  With a team of highly experienced lecturers, this institution ensures that each student receives personalized attention and support. Five Star is particularly distinguished for its excellence in IELTS and TOEFL preparation, making it a top choice for those seeking language proficiency. The institution’s dedicated educators possess the expertise to assess students’ foundational knowledge, ensuring no one is left behind in their academic journey. 

Admission Process: To complete the admission requirements, you must provide a Certificate of Immunization, a copy of your Passport and Birth Certificate, two passport-sized photos, and copies of the parent or guardian’s passport.

Fee Structure: The fee structure is competitive and varies by program. Visit their official website for the fee structure.

Address: Five Star Institute Islamabad, G-8 Markaz, Park View Islamabad. 

Contact Details: 

5. OPF Boys College

This Boys College in Islamabad provides quality education to students from various backgrounds. The college is managed by the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF). The facility welcomed the general public on September 12, 2001.  In this College, 250 to 300 new students join each year, bringing the total number of incoming students to roughly 1400. The knowledge and training of its students is of utmost importance. OPF is one of the best colleges in Islamabad for boys for intermediate education.

Admission Process: For admission to the OPF, an entry test and interview are required.

Fee Structure: OPF charges 20 to 40 000 PKR annually. Contact the college for more details.

Address: OPF Boys College Islamabad, G-5, Islamabad. 

Contact Details: Phone: +92 51 2870504


These five best colleges in Islamabad offer many intermediate programs such as FSC (medical or engineering), ICS, ICOM, and FA. These top-ranked colleges have earned a reputation for academic excellence. Students seeking admission should keep an eye on admission announcements, prepare diligently for entry tests, and explore available scholarship opportunities to make the most of their educational journey in the capital city of Pakistan.


Q1: Which college is best for FSC in Islamabad?

Punjab College is ranked No.1 in Islamabad and provides FSC, FA, ICS, and Icom education.

Q2: Is Islamabad’s Bahria College coeducational?

The Primary Wing, Boys Wing, Girls Wing, and Cambridge Wing are the college’s 5 distinct wings. While the Boys and Girls Wings are special for Boys and Girls, respectively, the Cambridge and Primary ones are coeducational.

Q3: Who is the OPF Boys College in Islamabad’s principal?

Prof. Anwar Rajput is the principal of OPF boys colleges in Islamabad.

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