Sukkur has many best colleges, each with a unique commitment to providing quality education and shaping the futures of young minds. These institutions serve as the pillars of educational excellence and offer a range of programs at an intermediate level with an affordable fee structure.

List of Best Colleges in Sukkur

Some of the colleges in Sukkur with their fee structure and contact details are;

  1. Army public school and college
  2. Government Elementary College of Education
  3. Government Islamia Arts/Commerce College
  4. Punjab group of colleges
  5. Government Degree College & Post Graduate Studies Centre

Army Public College, Sukkur

Army Public College (APS&C) has been a cornerstone of quality education nationwide for many years. It offers intermediate programs in a variety of disciplines, including computer sciences, pre-medical, and engineering, all aligned with the federal board’s prescribed curriculum. APS&C stands out as the best college in Sukkur, with its consistently achieving outstanding results in the Federal Board of Secondary Education (FBSE).

Admission process: Students can get the admission form from the college. The college conducts an entry test and interviews as part of the admission process, ensuring that admission is granted solely based on merit.

Fee structure: The fee for inter-level programs at Army Public College (APC) is approximately 40,000 PKR. For further details contact the college.

Contact: (071) 5628511

Address: Army Public School & College, Sukkur

Government Elementary College of Education, Sukkur

GECE is a famous college in Sukkur known for its extensive facilities and conducive learning environment. The college offers a range of intermediate-level programs, including FSC, ICS, F.A, and I.COM, along with undergraduate programs. GECE is committed to providing academic excellence and fostering the physical education of its students.

Admission process: You can get the form with a prospectus from the college. Submit the filled form along with the photocopies of mentioned documents.

Fee structure: It is an affordable college in Sukkur with fee structure for intermediate ranges from 2500 to 3500 PKR.

Contact: (071) 5630551

Address: High Ct Rd, Malik Mohalla Barrage Colony, Sukkur  

Government Islamia Arts/Commerce College, Sukkur

Founded in 1956, the college is among the top-ranked institutions in Sukkur in the government sector. It is dedicated to helping students excel in their chosen careers by offering comprehensive learning opportunities and a range of extracurricular activities. This commerce college provides various programs at both the intermediate and graduate levels to support higher studies.

Admission process: Students can apply through the website or get an admission form from the college. 

Fee structure: The college designs its fee structure according to the program level. You can get the fee details of each program from the prospectus.

Contact: (071) 9310409

Address: Shalimar Rd, Nao Gaz Pir Colony, Sukkur Sindh

Punjab Group of Colleges,  Sukkur

Punjab College is the best private college in Sukkur for its high-quality higher secondary education. It’s a top choice for students across the country because of its great teaching methods and excellent results in HSSC programs. The college also prepares students for medical and engineering entry tests, making it easier for them to continue their further education at the university level.

Admission process: Students can apply to the college by visiting the administrative office. 

Fee structure: The college provides scholarships to students based on their SSC exam marks percentage. Students who achieve 90% or higher in their Matric results receive free education at PGC. The fee structure at PGC varies, ranging from 90,000 to 100,000 PKR.

Contact: (071) 5807072

Address: 65/A، Airport Rd, Friends Co-operative Housing Society, Sukkur

Govt. Degree College & Post Graduate Studies Centre,  Sukkur

The Government Degree College was established to offer a variety of programs at intermediate, graduate, and postgraduate levels, with the goal of helping students achieve success in their professional lives. The college’s rich history and outstanding learning environment have made it a famous college in Sukkur, attracting aspiring students seeking a quality education.

Admission process: To apply to this college, get the prospectus from the college. Fill out the application form and submit it to the college with a copy of the deposited fee challan form.

Fee structure: The fee structure at this degree college ranges from 3000 to 4000 PKR and is different for each program level. 

Contact: (071) 5807103

Address: Shikarpur Rd, Makha Goth, Sukkur


Several best colleges in Sukkur play a pivotal role in fostering the holistic and physical development of their students. These top institutions empower students with a wide array of academic programs at various levels, providing them with diverse learning opportunities in the region. 


What is the name of the board of Sukkur?

The colleges conduct intermediate examinations in Sukkur under the boards such as FBISE and BISE Sukkur.

Which is the best college in Sukkur for FSC?

Several best colleges in Sukkur, Sindh, for FSC or FA in both private and government sectors include PGC, Govt Islamia college, etc.

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