There are many of the top Culinary schools in the world. These schools are the breeding grounds for future master chefs, where aspiring culinary artists refine their skills and craft their passion into a delectable art form. If you dream of becoming the next Gordon Ramsay or Julia Child, choosing the right culinary school is a critical first step. 

List of top 10 best culinary schools in the world

There are the 10 best culinary schools, each renowned for their exceptional culinary education, distinguished faculty, and impressive track record of producing culinary stars.

1. Le Cordon Bleu, France

Established in 1895 in Paris, the school is popular for its meticulous instruction in traditional French cooking methods, table etiquette, and pastry arts. Master chefs and a global network of alumni comprise its faculty. Le Cordon Bleu has roughly 20,000 students from various ethnic backgrounds across 35 sites in 20 countries. Students can access premium products and cutting-edge facilities to perfect their cooking skills. It is one of the top culinary schools in the world.

Admission Process: To enroll, you need a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, except for the “Diploma in Pâtisserie Innovation & Wellness,” which is available to those with a French Pastry CAP or Le Cordon Bleu Diplôme de Pâtisserie. The minimum age requirement is eighteen.

Fee Structure: Over roughly 15 months, the culinary arts diploma also costs $19,200. This Pasadena campus charges $39,200 for a 21-month associate’s degree in culinary arts. It is also the most expensive school of culinary skills in the world.

Address: Quai André Citroën 15, Paris, France

Contact Details: +33 1 53 68 22 50

2. Culinary Institute of America (CIA), USA

The CIA stands as a symbol of culinary education excellence. With campuses across the United States, the CIA is the alma mater of many celebrated chefs, including Anthony Bourdain and Cat Cora. The institution’s programs encompass various culinary disciplines, from traditional to cutting-edge. CIA’s reputation is bolstered by its faculty, who are not just educators but also seasoned industry professionals. Moreover, students have access to a vast network of culinary experts and internships that open doors to countless opportunities in the culinary world. CIA is the best culinary school in the world.

Admission Process: The Culinary Institute of America is not a selective institution, with a 98% acceptance rate. The Culinary Institute of America requires applicants to have an ACT score between 17 and 26 or a SAT score between 930 and 1200.

Fee Structure: The tuition fee of CIA is expensive and is about $36K.

Address: 1946 Campus Dr, Hyde Park, NY, USA

Contact Details: 1 800 285 46 27

3. Apicius, Italy

It was founded in 1997 and offers students a unique experience by fusing culinary arts with a deep appreciation for Italian culture and traditions. The school’s emphasis on farm-to-table cooking and the use of local, seasonal ingredients sets it apart. Apicius’s culinary school campus features modern teaching kitchens, wine cellars, and opportunities for students to immerse themselves in Italy’s culinary history. Graduates often have a strong foundation in Tuscan and Italian cuisine, making them highly sought-after culinary professionals. According to our list, it is the third-best culinary school.

Admission Process: Online application, interview, and portfolio submission.

Fee Structure: Tuition varies by program. Scholarships are available.

Address: Via Guelfa, 85/r, Florence, Italy

Contact Details: +39 055 20 49 571

4. Culinary Arts Academy, Switzerland

Switzerland’s Culinary Arts Academy was founded in 2005, It is ideally situated in the Swiss Alps, providing students with an inspiring natural backdrop for their culinary journey. The school combines the precision and discipline of Swiss cooking with innovative global culinary trends. It is a top culinary school in Switzerland where students can experiment and explore, all while honing their craft in well-equipped kitchens. Graduates often find themselves prepared for culinary careers on the world stage.

Admission Process: Online application, interview, and assessment.

Fee Structure: For local citizens the annual tuition at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is 39,100 USD for local citizens. The cost of study is different for overseas students, starting at 36,948 USD.

Address: Route du Bouveret 51, 1897 Le Bouveret, Switzerland

Contact Details: +41 21 965 40 10

5. Johnson & Wales University, USA

It was established in 1914 as a business school by Mary T. Wales and Gertrude I. Johnson. It offers a broad spectrum of culinary programs, covering everything from baking and pastry arts to culinary science. The university’s strong industry connections mean students regularly interact with renowned chefs and industry leaders. This practical experience and comprehensive coursework equip graduates with a deep understanding of the culinary arts and its applications. This is the best culinary school in the world.

Admission Process: Online application, transcripts, and interview.

Fee Structure: The average cost after aid is about $21K.

Address: USA / 8 Abbott Park Pl, Providence, RI

Contact Details: 1 800 342 55 98.

6. At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy, Singapore

At-Sunrice Global Academy is a popular culinary school that combines the rich traditions of Asian cuisine with modern culinary techniques. The academy takes a comprehensive approach, teaching students about the cultural and historical value of food in addition to cooking techniques. Modern amenities and a vibrant, multicultural learning environment are available to students. Graduates frequently discover that they are well-suited to succeed in the international culinary sector.

Admission Process: Online application, interview, and cooking assessment.

Fee Structure: The tuition fee depends on the diploma or degree program. On average, it charges 33,000 SGD for 1 year.

Address: 28 Tai Seng St, Singapore 

Contact Details: +65 64 16 66 88

7. School of Artisan Food, UK

It was founded in 2009 and is dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional craftsmanship in food. Here, students learn the art of crafting artisanal foods, from bread and cheese to charcuterie and brewing. Those enthusiastic about food and the environment will find the school’s emphasis on sustainability and use of locally obtained ingredients appealing. Graduates possess culinary expertise and a profound comprehension of the significance of sustainable food production. Among the top ten best culinary arts schools in the world is the School of Artisan Food. 

Admission Process: Online application and interview.

Fee Structure: Mostly, it charges £16,500.00 fee per year.

Address: Lower Motor Yard, Welbeck, Nottinghamshire, S80 3LR, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 19 09 53 21 71

8. Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management, Bulgaria

It  offers a European culinary education with a global perspective. It is the best culinary institution in the world. The programs are designed to blend traditional cooking techniques with innovative culinary trends. Students can work with an international faculty And gain exposure to various cuisines, making them well-rounded culinary professionals.

Admission Process: Online application, interview, and culinary test.

Fee Structure: Based on a four-year tuition of 1,500 EUR per semester.

Address: 13A Oborishte Str., Varna, Bulgaria

Contact Details: +35 95 24 07 12 0

9. Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), USA

This culinary school was founded in 1975. The Institute of Culinary Education is a famous culinary school worldwide for its innovative programs. ICE is a culinary school and a hub for food entrepreneurship. The institution offers various programs, from culinary arts to pastry and baking, and even courses focused on food media and business. With a faculty of industry professionals and a strong emphasis on practical training, ICE graduates are well-prepared for various culinary careers.

Admission Process: Online application, interview, and hands-on cooking test.

Fee Structure: Tuition varies by program. Financial aid is available.

Address: 225 Liberty St, New York, NY, USA

Contact Details: 1 888 718 24 33

10. Hattori Nutrition College, Japan

It is the best culinary school in the world located in Tokyo, Japan, which combines culinary arts with a focus on nutrition and health. This holistic approach to cooking emphasizes not only the flavors and techniques of Japanese cuisine but also its nutritional and health benefits. Graduates of Hattori Nutrition College are often at the forefront of promoting healthy eating and cooking practices, not only in Japan but also worldwide.

Admission Process: Online application, interview, and written test.

Fee Structure: On average, it charges 1,784,000 yen per year. Scholarships are available.

Address: 4 Chome-8-29 Minamiazabu, Minato City, Tokyo, Japan

Contact Details: +81 3 57 91 08 13


The best culinary schools in the world offer a vast array of options for aspiring chefs, each with its unique approach to culinary education. The top culinary schools provide a gateway to a world of culinary experiences and opportunities, catering to different culinary dreams and ambitions. You can choose to learn classic French cuisine or explore sustainable food practices in the UK – the possibilities are endless!


Q1: What is the name of the largest culinary arts institution in the world?

The world’s largest network of culinary and hospitality schools is called Le Cordon Bleu.

Q2: What is the best degree in culinary arts?

Among individuals who are serious about becoming chefs, associate’s degrees in culinary arts are the most sought-after. 

Q3: Which country offers the best culinary studies?

There may not be a more elegant place on Earth to complete your study abroad culinary arts degree than France if you want to study traditional culinary techniques.

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