There are many of the best government colleges in Lahore that have the most affordable fee structure. The top colleges in Lahore stand out among them as examples of academic brilliance and give students from all walks of life a chance to pursue their dreams.

List of 5 top government colleges in Lahore

Here are some of the best government colleges in Lahore, including Government M.A.O. College, Queen Mary College, Government Colleges in Lahore, Kinnaird College for Women, and College of Home Economics.

1. The M.A.O. College

Government M.A.O College, also known as Oriental College, is one of the oldest colleges in Lahore and one of the most prestigious institutions. The institution has now expanded over time to offer instruction at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. Founded in 1933, it has a rich history of academic excellence and a tradition of producing distinguished alumni.

Alumni:  Government M.A.O. College Lahore has produced notable alums, including:

  1. Atta-ul-Haq Qasmi (Journalist, Columnist, Poet)
  2. Khawaja Saad Rafique (Politician)
  3. Masood Akhtar (Actor)
  4. Amjad Islam Amjad (Poet)

Admission: Admission to Government M.A.O. College is highly competitive. Prospective students can find detailed admission information on the official website or visit the college campus for inquiries.

Fee Structure: MAO College has the most affordable fee structure, but it depends on the choice of subject, so Kindly give your contact details to get accurate information. 

Address: Islampura, 93-R Lower Mall, Lahore, Punjab

Contact Details: +92 42 99210499

2. Queen Mary College (QMC)

Queen Mary College is one of the best colleges in Lahore, founded in 1908, and is well known for its dedication to providing females with a top-notch education in FA, FSC, ICS, and Icom. This intermediate college is well known for its beautiful architecture, spacious classrooms, fully established laboratories, and skilled faculty. 

Admission: Admission procedures and eligibility criteria can be found on the official college website. Admission is based on merit, and the competition is fierce.

Fee Structure: The fee structure at QMC is affordable for those who come on merit. For correct information about college fees, visit their official website.

Address: Queen Mary College, Jail Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

Contact Details: +92 42 99231900.

3. Government Colleges in Lahore

GCU is one of the best government colleges for boys in Lahore. Professors from Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin, and Durham Universities were hired by the British government to found GC in 1864. The university initially enrolled just over 12,000 students and relocated to its current location in 1876. Originally a college, it achieved university status in 2002 and now offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degree programs. Over the years, the college has nurtured and produced many prominent figures, including Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Abdus Salam, who is internationally renowned for his achievements.

Admission: Admission procedures vary among government colleges. Students should visit the respective college’s website or contact them directly for admission details.

Fee Structure: Fee structures differ depending on the college and program. 

Address: Jail Road of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Contact Details: (042) 111 000 010

4. Kinnaird College for Women

Kinnaird College for Women is a public college (autonomous) founded in 1913 by Zenana Bible and Medical Mission. The Church Mission Society and the Presbyterian Mission Church joined the alliance in 1919. Lady Mary Jane Kinnaird inspired the naming of this college. Since then, it has launched undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degree programs. In particular, its intermediate programs are known for their excellent results and faculty. 

Admission: Detailed admission information, including eligibility criteria and important dates, can be found on the college’s official website.

Fee Structure: The fee structure at Kinnaird College is nearly 1 lac per year; it depends on the selection of the intermediate subjects.

Address: 93-94 Jail Road, Lahore, Pakistan

Contact Details: +92 42 99203781

5. College of Home Economics

The College of Home Economics is the best government college in Lahore, famous for its emphasis on practical education in various fields related to home management and economics. It has a long-standing history of producing skilled professionals. It was established in 1955 to become a hub for home economics and FA. The Punjab Assembly approved the measure to transform it from a college to a university on February 8, 2017. 

Admission: Admission information and eligibility criteria are available on the official college website. Prospective students should carefully review the requirements.

Fee Structure: Fee structures vary depending on the course and program. It is recommended to contact the college administration for the latest fee details.

Address: Dr. Mateen Fatima Road, Block H, Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Contact Details: +92 42 99263038.


These top Government colleges in Lahore offer a diverse range of educational options, each with its unique strengths and traditions. These best colleges provide a solid academic foundation, regardless of your chosen discipline, whether it’s arts, science, or any other field.


Q1: Who established Mao College?

In 1875, the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College (MAO) College in Aligarh was founded. The college’s founder was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

Q2: What is the top government college in Lahore?

GC is the top government college in Lahore that has excellent academic records.

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