Changing your hairstyle may help you see the world in a new light, and it can also make you feel better about yourself. We’ve all had a difficult start at one point, but freshening things up with a new haircut could be just the thing. Finding the correct men’s haircuts may be a challenge when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends in style. Classic or current, short or long, slick or rough, there is a style for every man’s hair type and style.

Best Hairstyles for Men & Teenagers

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In the market for something that’s genuinely washed and go or an attractive and elegant haircut? We’ve got some suggestions for the best haircuts & hairstyles for men and teenagers.

1. Fohawk Taper Fade

It’s a great style to take a start if you’re looking for a more current style while yet maintaining a professional appearance. A thick pomade or wax and a comb are all you need to style the fohawk.

2. Modern Bowl Cut

This short hairdo is generally thought of as being out-of-date or simply plain dull. Taper the sides and dishevel the top instead of brushing it down for a more contemporary look. This will give a preppy ensemble a more casual appearance.

3. Short Wavy Hair

Styles emphasizing the hair’s natural wave pattern look great on short, curly hair with wild waves. It is one of the most awesome hairstyles for guys with wavy hair. Males should use pomade to tousle their hair after shaving the sides and top in a faded or undercut style.

4. Two-Block Hairstyle

A two-block haircut is an excellent option if you’re seeking a style that’s both visually appealing and distinct. Thanks to the significant length difference between the sides and the top, you may get a sharp and edgy style.

5. Short Sides and Back with Long Top

This hairstyle is perfect for the ones who like punk or skater subcultures. The conventional undercut is the foundation of the style, but the flowing bleached-blond parts make this cut stand out from the rest. Textured, untidy hair is a beautiful method to express one’s individuality.

6. Undercut Quiff

It’s a voluminous style with an undercut quiff that’s both manly and cutting edge. The thick quiff appears even more refined when coupled with a short undercut.

7. European French Crop

The European French crop takes the primary crop to a whole new level with a symmetrical hairline and a few spikes, and lengthy bangs. There are various ways to tailor it to your preferences, and it’s most famous among younger males.

8. Comb Over with a Spiked Design

A comb-over may be suitable in any setting—casual or dressy with its versatility. It’s already fashionable, but pairing it with a fade may make it even more so. Hair that is longer and more volumized can give it more definition.

9. Buzz Cut

True to its name, the buzz cut puts the electronic buzzer to use, going short on both sides. It continually wades in and out of popular culture yet never stops trending. Brad Pitt and David Beckham are just two of many superstars who give this legendary cut proper respect.

No list of the finest men’s haircuts is complete without the buzz cut. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a haircut that takes little to no maintenance? On the other hand, you should remain aware of the cut as a stylistic statement. Consider matching it with edgy or even violent get-ups, enhancing its openly male traits.

10. Ivy League

Men of every age and professions favor ivy league hairstyles. It resembles a slightly textured crew cut and is understated yet highly stylish. With a tapered crew cut and some high-hold pomade, you’ll be able to keep your hair in place all day.

11. Hairstyle with a Messy Texture and a Low Fade

A messy hairstyle with a beard and a low fade is another excellent illustration. Even though this pomp fade isn’t for the squeamish, it’s sure to make you stand out in any crowd. However, it may also be fashioned with somewhat wavy or curly hair.

12. Drop Fade on the Windy Top

Is there anything sexier than this? It has a tousled top that is stranded as well. A mid fade and a minor drop style are also present in this style. The trimmed beard and fading temples look great together.

13. Curly Angular Fringe

One of the most fantastic techniques to achieve an angular curly haircut for guys is to make it wavy. It doesn’t need many styles if any when cutting in this manner. When your hair is clean, all you need to do is let it air dry with a touch of your favorite hairstyle product.

14. Long Fringe with Short Textured Hairstyle

There are numerous fashionable looks nowadays that use fringe, but this one stands out since it is the show’s star. The bald fade is an excellent choice with such thick, black hair. The thicker, longer fringe enhances the short textured style even further. It’s possible to get a high-maintenance look with just a brush, some pomade, and your fingers.

15. Tapered Neckline and Medium Crop in a Retro Style

Creating a balanced look matters most, and here’s the deal! Cut the sides short and the top long. Specifically, it is a thin hairstyle so that a little additional volume won’t harm it at all. That tousled style top with semi-waved temples is the next thing you notice, and it adds a dash of flair.

16. Textured Thick Spiky Hair with Medium Fade

Hair that is longer on top and is swept up and over the face from a minor side part is another beautiful manly style that calls for thick, spiky hair with a mid fade. Add some mid-shine pomade to damp hair, then use a wide-toothed comb to create a unique style.

17. Messy Silver Spikes

A messy, spiked-up hairdo is a bold and ruffian way to spruce your look. If you want your top to take center stage in your outfit, you may add a skin fade to the sides and back and paint the spikes in a contemporary silver-gray hue.

18. Hard Divided Sideline with Wavy Top

Recently, shaving the sides of the hairline has become popular. That dynamism comes from the curled top, thick and full of character. It also includes a sharpen fade which increases that flavor. The undercut with curly hair is a beauty.

19. Military Buzz Cut

It’s a tapered buzz cut with a longer top than sides called the “military buzz cut.” The sides of the head are shaved to the skin at the nape and ears for this bald fade. The buzz cut fade haircut is still popular because of its low maintenance and ease of use.

20. Undercut Fade with a Highlighted Faux Hawk

Faux hawks may be dressed up in a zillion different ways, making your mind spin. To avoid this, why not try an undercut fade, a hairstyle that has been increasingly trendy recently? Your quiff will take center stage while maintaining a neat and clean-cut shape.

21. Ducktail

You may have seen curtain haircuts on the front in the past, but this one is on the back! In addition, this one has a semi-faux effect. However, this would not be the easiest of haircuts to maintain, necessitating some attention regularly.

22. Cool Long Men’s Hairstyle

This long-haired man’s haircut challenges gravity. You will need a blow dryer and some firm-hold product. This is one of those looks that gets simpler with practice and practice. If you want to get attention, this is the way to go.

23. Shaved Sides on a Faux Hawk

The sides of a faux hawk are not entirely bald, but you may still include some hairless skin there. With the shadow fade, the hair on the sides of your head gradually fades to a bald spot.

24. Temple Fade by BTS with a French Crop

The bowl cut with a French crop if you have never seen it before. We’ve also got a cheeky low fade with the temples wholly shaved, and the somewhat pocky top adds character to the look.

25. Long Fringe

If your fringe is getting too long, hold off on the scissors. You’ll be known as one of the most well-dressed men if you have a lengthy fringe on your hair.

26. Curly Flat Top

Men with highly tiny and tight curls have fewer options for styling their hair, but this short flat top is a perfect solution. The side skin fade adds even more height to the illusion. Hair will keep its form better with a fair bit of product applied to it.

27. Curls that are long and lazy

Slightly larger or smaller curls don’t matter. It’s essential to maintain the sides tapered somewhat but not too apparent to get this look. Finally, color your curls and bangs! That’s all there is to it!

28. High Fade and Average Hair

This style proves that medium-length hair doesn’t need to be disheveled to appear seductive. The long, flawlessly coiffed hair is defined by an impressive side part and a fine texture. The clean look of the high fade gives this style the appearance of being more challenging to create than it is. In general, it works well with most hair types.

29. Dread Shorts

We’re not aware of a time when short dreadlocks weren’t fantastic. This men’s hairdo, made famous by Jean-Michel Basquiat, demands patience and discipline. When it comes to your hair, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. In the meanwhile, lengthy dreadlocks are also fantastic.

30. Temple Faded Sides with a High-Volume Top

A side-swept taper and a brush-up at the crown work perfectly for an afro hairstyle. That’s precisely what it is, and you should also take advantage of it! A slight reduction in volume at the top and a crisp lineup on the side are good places to start. Carve the hairline for essential features, but don’t forget about it.

31. Blowout Modern Hairstyle

Although it may sound like a lot of work, blowouts are worth the effort because of the end outcome. If your hair is moist, use a pomade and then blow-dry it back from the top and sides to achieve this wavy effect. A little additional pomade on the tips of your fingers can help you get the perfect blowout hairdo when the hair is almost dry.

32. Short Sides with an Average Middle Part

Do you want to know how easy it is to jump on this haircut? Let’s do a mid-part or curtain cut now. The sides are drastically reduced, but the top is kept slightly voluminous, emphasizing the midsection.

33. Fringe with many layers

It’s one of those hairstyles that will never go out of style.

34. Crop fade with a fringe and a lineup

The crop fade with a fringe is an excellent option for males who don’t like big-volume haircuts. The fringe in the front adds a unique touch to an otherwise traditional design. Using a line-up of facial characteristics, such as the temples and beard, helps to emphasize your masculinity.

35. Curtains Haircut

There’s nothing wrong with having an old-school style like this in your hair if you’d want. However, the current form of this style is shorter and more textured, making it a little more modern. However, its most distinguishing characteristic, a central section, remains precisely where it should be: in the center of your skull. The fading on the sides and back may also be used to give it a more contemporary vibe.

36. Drop Temple Fade on Sharky Strands

This hairstyle has been popular for some time now, and it’s an excellent choice for a party and casual style. When worn with anything, they can give a younger appearance. The most vital lateral assistance comes from mid fades, and when the temple is fading, the focus shifts to the top.

37. Slicked Back Undercut

This is one of the awesome hairstyles for guys who desire a fashionable combination of traditional and contemporary styling. It’s as simple as blow-drying your hair back and using a brush to alter the direction to get this stylish appearance. This look will stay put all day or all night with the help of a matte pomade finish.

38. Rockabilly Style Hairstyles

When it comes to rockabilly hairstyles, they’re here to stay for a long time. Inspired by rock and roll icons, there are various ways to adopt this haircut so that you can match your look to every occasion.

39. Afro Top with Tapered Temple

Because of its rich volume, afro hair seems thicker than it is. This is a simple, low-maintenance hairdo that nonetheless packs a powerful stylistic punch. This is a winning combination with fading sideburns and a taper on the side.

40. Medium Side Swept

The combed-over appearance of a big beard with a current side-swept hairdo looks well on most men. If your hair is between 3 and 5 inches long and thick, this is your style! Brush your hair to one side, leaving it textured and untidy, and you’ve got a quick and easy hairstyle. A medium-hold pomade with a matte or low-shine finish is best.

41. Fiery Red Spiky Quiff

Since a quiff can be styled in so many different ways, there are many possibilities for how you may style it. The result is that every day is a fresh look. Are you looking for something that is both simple to obtain and eye-catching? This hairdo will not go unnoticed because of its abundance of texture and separation.

42. Fingered Quiff in Silky Hair

Hair that is long and sits properly on a long or rectangular face is ideal for this hairstyle. On the other hand, the sides are slim but not faded, and the top, while having sparse hair, is thick. Every morning, you’ll have to check on it. With the proper beard, this style stands out.

43. Long Hair Brushed Back

Even though a decent product is required to hold them in place, the appropriate cut is the key to many of today’s most popular designs. On top, you’ll need four to six inches of hair that progressively becomes shorter toward the back and fades on both sides for this style. The appearance is completed with a medium- to the high-shine product.

44. Slick Back with Flow

Allow your hair on top of your head to flow to give a sleek back a more casual feel. Even though it may be time-consuming, it is considerably simpler to get. Reduce the amount of hair product you use and lessen the time you spend smoothing your locks back.

45. A Semi-Faux Cut with a Faux Fade

The top is pocky, but it’s been brushed up, and the sides are entirely faded. All fire style, no fancy jiggles, and the hairline have been shaved to a razor-sharp edge.

46. Slicked Back Side Part

Slicked back hair is an excellent choice if you need an advanced and stylish haircut for work or personal preference. Side part your hair by giving it a defined contour so as not to seem flat and boring.

47. Side Part Hairstyle

It’s an excellent option for those with fine hair searching for a trendy style that doesn’t require as much volume as a pompadour or quiff. A comb and a product with some sheens are all you’ll need to get the desired effect. The bald fade highlights the bold section.

48. A Bun Style

The idols of men’s hairstyles, and man buns are nothing less than marvelous. With this level of transparency and the long hair dyed with a delicate golden-blonde tint, it becomes even more stylish. Balance is the key, and a little effort on the beard will do wonders.

49. Messy, Spiky Hair with High Skin Fade

The bolder and edgier your haircut seems, the better it will look with any fade. A high skin fade is the sharpest, though, and it makes your hairdo appear cleaner and neater since it removes hair from the sides and back. If you have spiky hair, you may go as crazy with the top as you desire. Consult with a dermatologist for skin related issues in your head or in case of hair fall.

50. Lengthy Crew Cut with Tapered Sides

Today’s barbers have reimagined the crew cut, linked with the military, into a modern, seductive and playful style. Using a moderate-shine pomade and your fingertips, this extended, textured crew cut shows how to transform a simple cut. The appearance of increased height is created when the cut is paired with tapering sides.

51. Funky Shiny Golden with Top High-Volume

When you’re in college, this is one of those looks that you can throw on, and the audience is yours. The top layer of hair is thick and dense with many volumes. In addition, the top has been colored with the sides sliced just a touch too intensely. The beard is pretty deep, which lends the appearance of roughness and durability to the whole appearance.

52. Thick Swept-Back Fade Undercut

This unusual swept-back undercut fade is a beautiful illustration of how your hair can make a statement depending on your style. The longer hair on top is highlighted by the shape up, and the drop skin fade is just distinct enough to stick out. Wear it with a short, well-kept beard to get the full impact.

53. The Caesar Cut

To put it another way, the status of a particular haircut for males hasn’t changed much since the days of the Roman emperors. The Caesar Cut, characterized by short layered hair with a tight horizontal fringe, invokes images of power and authority. Add a side fade to this time-honored style for a fresh take on a classic.

Final Words

As far as haircuts for men go, there are more options than ever before. Stay cool and fresh. Do not be afraid to experiment with a variety of different hairstyles. Men’s haircuts are also becoming more natural-looking, thanks to the popularity of matte finish pomades and lighter hold pomades. A blow dryer is a great option if you’re looking for additional volume and flow in your hair. You can go to the barbershop and get a tried-and-true cut rather than taking a chance on a trendy hairdo from a hipster website. The above list will help you out. Keep on experimenting and adopt a hairstyle that matches the latest trends.

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