Islamic schools in Islamabad are the institution that teaches the Quran and follow Islamic rules. The federal capital has diverse educational institutions that focus on both religious and academic education. This city provides a variety of options for parents who are looking for top Islamic schools for their children.

List of 5 Best Islamic Schools in Islamabad

The five best Islamic schools in Islamabad, with details about admission processes, fee structures, addresses, and contact information, are;

1. Al Huda International School

The AIS school in Islamabad in 2010, and there are currently two campuses there. It is a well-known institution both domestically and overseas. The institution offers the best academic education in accordance with Islamic principles. Students who are passionate about memorising the Holy Quran can enrol in the unique Hifz Program at Al Huda International School. With distinct divisions for boys and girls, the Hifz program is available to children as young as nine years old and as old as 11 years old. The mandatory subjects taught during the Matriculation and A-level program are Moral Education, Quran Translation and Tafseer, and Quran Recitation and Memorisation. AIS is one of the best Islamic schools in Islamabad and is also known as the most famous school in Pakistan.

Admission: Admission details can be found on their official website. Typically, they conduct an admission test to evaluate the student’s academic capabilities.

Fee Structure: The fee structure varies depending on the grade level and specific programs. Their fee is not public due to privacy policy.

Address: H-11/4, Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact Details: +92 51 235 7709

2. Aims Education System

AES creates a professionally supervised, formal educational setting where Islamic teachings and natural sciences can coexist. It was started back in 1998. The school is renowned for its instruction in Islam. In a three-year program designed specifically for the Huffaaz enrolled in the AES Hifz Department, youngsters at AES will not only learn the Quran but also continue learning subjects like science and mathematics. Children can take Tafseer courses and learn the fundamentals of Tajweed as part of the schooling curriculum, which the AES Hifz Department offers.

Admission: Admissions For Aims Education System are usually open in March each year. The application process and requirements are available on their website.

Fee Structure: AIMS has an affordable fee structure ranging from 20 to 25 thousand per year.

Address: The Markaz of F-8, Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact Details: +92 51 285 5344

3. SKANS International Islamic Schools

SKANS International Islamic School, known by its acronym, which stands for “Skills, Knowledge, and Application Nurtured through a Student-Managed Participative Learning Approach,” has been a prominent institution in Islamabad for over 23 years. With more than seven conveniently located campuses across the city, SKANS International Islamic School offers education from playgroup to grade 10. SKANS is one of the famous schools in Islamabad for Islamic studies that teaches the Holy Quran as a fundamental source of education. Beyond academics, SKANS International Islamic School offers a variety of engaging co-curricular activities, including sports, scouts, art, and community service.

Admission: To apply, visit their website for admission guidelines and submission deadlines.

Fee Structure: The fee structure varies based on the grade level and program. For accurate fee details, visit their official website or contact the school directly.

Address: Pakistan’s Islamabad Capital Territory is located near Jamia Masjid Suqaina Golrah Morh on Moaz Rd, Main Peshawar Rd.

Contact Details: +92 51 111 32 32 32


IIGS was founded in 1998. IIGS is the best Islamic school in Islamabad. Their curriculum combines fundamental academic subjects with Islamic studies and socially significant Islamic precepts. The school is built on the principles of the Quran and the Sunnah. In addition, the school emphasises teaching science and technology, utilising the STEAM approach to foster children’s curiosity and help them become the best scientists of the future. The management at International Islamic Grammar School (IIGS) is solid and dedicated to providing high-quality instruction. The school offers an excellent teaching strategy with an Oxford/British curriculum.

Admission: Admissions usually open in January. Check their website for application details and deadlines.

Fee Structure: The expected monthly fee for the International Islamic Grammar School is PKR 20–30 thousand, which is quite expensive.

Address: Nazim-ud-din Rd., F-10, House 277B, Islamabad Capital Territory

Contact Details: 033 515 231 79

5. Hira Islamic School System

One of the best Islamic schools in Islamabad is the Hira Islamic School System or HISS. The goal of the school is to provide the most outstanding contemporary education in the most conducive Islamic setting. In addition, the school offers academic instruction from Montessori through grade 6 and hifz of the Quran after seventh grade. Bait-ul-Ilm is also taught in the school. The Nazra Quran and fundamental Islamic teachings are emphasised for pupils in Montessori levels 1, 2, and 3. After completing the Nazra Quran and having completed grade six with prior knowledge, the Hifz e Quran is taught. 

Admission: Admission procedures and deadlines are available on their official website.

Fee Structure: The school offers various programs so fees may differ. It charges 18,000 PKR for Hifz of the Quran.

Address: G-9/1, Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact Details: (051) 2250072


Islamabad offers a range of Islamic schools that not only impart religious teachings but also focus on academic excellence and character development. Prospective parents can explore these top schools in Islamabad to find the one that aligns best with their educational goals and values. 

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