There is nothing more exciting than a trip to some other state in the USA. Travelling and exploration of different areas reveal a lot about variance in cultures inside the United States.

There are many reasons to feel pride in being a part of this nation and country howbeit, the diversity and beauty existent in this country impeccable. This time when you plan a trip with your friends and family then consider Houston, TX.

Crazy Facts about Houston

Whether you plan a tour to this metropolis or moving there to live permanently there are some crazy facts about Houston that you need to know beforehand.

Houseton is the Fourth Largest City

Yes, it is a reality that Houston is the fourth largest city in the USA. One of the major reason behind is the diversity in the population. People belonging to different countries are living here. If you go there as a tourist then you will be able to see a strange cultural diversity inside this city.

Nonetheless, if you have moved there for permanent then be ready to deal with people belonging to various regions of the world following their own set of beliefs and ideas.

Cuisines and Languages

It has been aforementioned that there is cultural diversity in Houston TX so you will see a wide range of cuisines and languages. Statistics tell us that there are about 90 languages that people belonging to different countries speak. Chicken-fried steak and crawfish are special there.

People visit different restaurants in order to taste this food. You can search on the internet to see a complete list of restaurants offering affordable chicken and craw-fish dishes.

Sites to Visit

When there is so much cultural diversity then how can you expect that there are no sites/places to visit in Houston, TX? The cultural side of this city is rich. If you are visiting it then go on to visit:

  • Museum for Fine Arts
  • Contemporary Arts Museum
  • Menil Collection and Blaffer Art Museum

These sites and museums are big attractions for artists. These sites are home and workplace to more than 300 artists.

Rapidly Growing City

The population of Houston is increasing day by day. Not only that but also the commercialism and corporate sector are expanding. You will witness a variety of businesses and business options in this region of the US.

The statistics recorded by Census Bureau unveil that the population in this metropolis between 2010 and 2015 has increased by more than 8%.

No Zoning Laws

One of the most interesting things in Houston is the height and expansion of buildings. You will probably see a range of buildings that are exceptionally tall. That’s because there is no compulsion of zoning laws. You are not restricted to limit the length and height of your property.

In one way it is beneficial for this rapidly growing region. People can freely do business the way they want. Tourists can see a funky looking building just because of this reality.

Rodeo Arrangements

There are a few things in Houston that negate the very image of this city. If you see a properly held rodeo it has its own charm and it feels like a bit contradictory to the image of Houston. It is a fun event where people unite to see competitions. It is amazing when riders come in the ground with their stubborn horses.

Rains are Frequent

Weather reports depict that rainfall in this region is even more than Seattle. Thereby, if you are planning to go there then be always ready for a sudden rainfall. People already living there are used to this weather. They do not cancel their plans. It has become a routine to bear the changes in weather however, for a tourist it can be something they are not prepared for.

 Prices of Homes are Low

Contemporary the prices of homes in Houston are quite affordable because the city is in its growing phase. You can easily find the home that suits your budget and needs. Realtors will show you a number of options when you ask them about the homes and apartments.

Cities like New York and San Francisco are fully developed and you yearn for affordable homes in there nevertheless, it isn’t the case in Houston.

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