Several best private colleges in Faisalabad offer a variety of programs at the intermediate level. These institutions provide high-quality education to meet the academic needs and career objectives of their students, ensuring they receive the best college experience. 

List of 5 Top Private Colleges in Faisalabad

Some of the best private colleges in Faisalabad with their admission process and contact details are:

  1. Alley Group of Colleges
  2. Divisional Model College
  3. Oxley College
  4. Superior Group of Colleges
  5. Punjab Group of Colleges

Alley Group of Colleges

Since its establishment in 1999, the Alley Group of Colleges has been dedicated to providing high-quality education to the youth across multiple cities. The college offers a wide range of intermediate programs, including FSc, ICS, I.COM, and FAIT, as well as undergraduate courses of 2 and 4 years. Over the years, it has consistently achieved outstanding results at the inter-level, earning its reputation as a famous private college in Faisalabad for higher secondary education.

Admission procedure: Students who are seeking admission to Alley College are required to have a minimum of 45% marks in their matriculation exams. You can apply to the college online through the website or simply visit the admission office.

Fee structure: it is a highly affordable college in Faisalabad to study in the private sector as it offers various types of scholarships, including merit-based, kinship-based, and need-based scholarships. For further details contact the college administrative office.

Contact: (041) 8522601

Address: Aftab St 204 Bridge, Gate no 1 East Canal Road, Raza Town, Faisalabad

Divisional Model College, Faisalabad

Divisional Model College, established in 1989, places a strong emphasis on the intellectual and physical development of its students. This best private college in Faisalabad offers intermediate programs in science groups accredited by the BISE Faisalabad and O-level and A-level programs under the CIE curriculum.

Admission procedure: Get the prospectus with the application form directly from the college. Fill it out and submit it along with the necessary documents as soon as you can after the admission announcement. The minimum marks required to get admission to DMC for intermediate are 60% for DMC students and 70% for others.

Fee structure: The college has now started the 100% scholarships for deserving students. The fee structure at DMC depends on the subjects you select and is mentioned on the prospectus. 

Contact: (041) 9201424

Address: 23 Race Course Rd, Civil Lines, Faisalabad

Oxley College, FSD

Oxley College, a famous private college in Faisalabad, also functions as a science academy. They focus on preparing students for medical entry tests and ECAT exams, enabling them to pursue careers in respected fields. The college offers intermediate programs in various programs such as medicine, engineering, fine arts, computer sciences, and commerce. It is recognized for its students’ consistent top positions in board exams.

Admission procedure: you can get an application form from the college admission office. Submit the filled form with the required documents.

Fee structure: For details of fee structure, visit the college.

Contact: 041-8533584

Address: 130-C(1) Peoples Colony No 1, Backside Quillium Restaurant D-Ground, Faisalabad

Superior Group of Colleges, Faisalabad

Superior College Faisalabad was established in 2007 and is ranked among the No.1 colleges in Faisalabad in the private sector. The College stands for its academic excellence and highly qualified staff. SGC provides a range of graduate and intermediate programmes to enable students to succeed in their careers.

Admission procedure: You can get admission at SGC by applying online through the official website.

Fee structure: The fee at SGC varies according to the program. The college also offers merit-based scholarships to deserving students.

Contact: (041) 8723881

Address: 103-C Peoples Colony No. 01, Main Jaranwala Road, 650 D Near D Ground, Faisalabad.

Punjab Group of Colleges, FSD

Founded in 1985, Punjab College educates and inspires the next generation across the country. This leading private college in Faisalabad offers students multiple programs, including FSc pre-medical, pre-engineering, F.A. in general science and humanities, commerce and ICS programs under a conducive learning atmosphere.

Admission Procedure: You can apply to PGC through the website or simply by visiting the college.

Fee structure: PGC has relatively high fees. However, it also provides merit-based scholarships to help students financially. The fee structure is categorized according to the programs, ranging from 100,000 to 150,000 PKR.

Contact:   (041) 88163403

Address: 108-C Service Rd, Jaranwala Rd, Faisalabad


These top private colleges in Faisalabad provide a strong emphasis on academic development as well as helping students reach their professional aspirations. These institutions play an integral role in establishing the careers of intermediate students so that they can seek admission to top institutes for higher studies. The colleges enable the students to seek positions and good academic grades.


1. Is DMC a co-educational institute or not?

Yes, Divisional Model College is a famous co-educational semi-private college in Faisalabad.

2. Does DMS have a hostel facility?

Divisional Model College provides hostel facilities for boys on a merit-based basis.

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