Peshawar is home to several best private colleges that offer a variety of programs for higher studies. These institutions have earned their top-ranked status due to their consistent achievement of 100% results at the intermediate level over the years. They also ensure that education is accessible to everyone in the area by providing multiple scholarships.

List of Private Colleges in Peshawar

Here are some famous private colleges in Peshawar with their admission process and fee structure: 

  1. The City College of Science and Arts
  2. Hadaf Colleges
  3. Peshawar Model Degree Colleges
  4. AISHA Institute of Modern Sciences
  5. Global Degree College
  6. Capital Degree College

The City College of Science and Arts, Peshawar

The City College is the best private college in Peshawar due to its exceptional academic results and educational environment that fosters effective learning. The college offers students three major inter-level programs, including FSc pre-medical, FSc pre-engineering and general science. It also provides students with outstanding hostel facilities, offering well-maintained and fully furnished rooms.

Admission process: You can download the college prospectus from the official website or buy it directly from the college. Fill out the application form and submit it along with the mentioned documents to the college admission office.

Fee structure: It is a highly affordable private college offering merit-based scholarships to students. The college also conducts a test for students seeking scholarships. For FSc, the fee is 3,400 PKR per month, with an additional 15,000 PKR admission fee.

Contact: 091-2583600

Address: Faqirabad, near Arbar Niaz stadium, Peshawar

Hadaf Colleges, Peshawar

The college started its journey from Lahore in 1985, a project of the Punjab Group of Colleges, and now provides quality education nationwide. Hadaf College is the top-ranked private college in Peshawar for FSC, I.COM, F.A. and also some bachelor’s programs under the affiliation of the University of Peshawar.

Admission process: Admission to HGC is simple by submitting an online application through the college’s website.

Fee structure: HGC offers multiple scholarships to its students, including merit-based, need-based, kinship and many more. For further details contact the college.

Contact: (091) 5887700

Address: Hayatabad Ring Road, Achini Chowk, Peshawar

Peshawar Model Degree Colleges

Peshawar Model Degree Colleges, founded in 1979, is renowned as a top private college in Peshawar. The college offers higher secondary education with a range of disciplines, including pre-medical, arts, pre-engineering, ICS, and commerce, dedicated to upholding the academic excellence of its students.

Admission process: You can get the application form from the college. Upon submission of these forms, the college proceeds to conduct interviews with the qualified students

Fee structure: The fee structure at PMDC is designed according to the different programs and is quite high. However, the college also offers scholarships to deserving students. The complete details about the fees are mentioned on the college prospectus.

Contact: (091) 2920472

Address: Pakha Ghulam, Near Northern Bypass, Dalazak Road, Peshawar.

AISHA Institute of Modern Sciences, Peshawar

This top private college in Peshawar for intermediate was established in 2003 with the aim of providing educational opportunities to women. The college offers intermediate programs such as PICS, FSC, F.A, I.COM and many associated degree programs with the affiliation of the University of Peshawar.

Admission process: Students can download the application form online through the website and submit it with the necessary documents to the college administrative office.

Fee structure: The fee at AIMS for inter-level ranges from 68,000 PKR to 70,000 PKR for the whole 2-year program, including all additional charges.

Contact: 091-5851500

Address: 58-C, University Road, University Town, Peshawar

Global Degree College, Peshawar

Global Degree College was established in 2005, offering many intermediate courses such as F.A. in general science and humanities, ICS and I.COM. The college is among the No.1 private colleges in Peshawar due to its academic success and comprehensive facilities.

Admission process: You can get admission to GDC by applying online through the official website.

Fee structure: The fee structure at Global Degree College depends upon the program you choose. For science subjects, it ranges from 53,000 PKR to 55,000 PKR and for Humanities, it ranges from 41,000 PKR to 43,000 PKR. The college also provides scholarships based on percentages in previous exams.

Contact: (091) 5843770

Address: University Rd, Tehkal, Peshawar

Capital Degree College, Peshawar

Established in 2003, Capital Degree College focuses on enhancing the overall personality and career development of its students. This famous college for intermediate in Peshawar in the private sector. It provides various inter-programs in science, arts and commerce groups, fostering a friendly atmosphere for learning.

Admission process: To apply to Capital College, get an application form from the college. An interview is held before admission to check the IQ level of the students.

Fee structure: Students who pass their SSC exams with outstanding results can get a free education at Capital College. The college also offers merit-based scholarships and incentives such as laptops and motorbikes to students based on their consistent academic performance.

Contact: 091-5843066

Address: Near Bank Alfalah, Arbab Road Stop, University Road Peshawar


In Peshawar, you can find many of the best colleges in the private sector that provide an extensive range of learning opportunities to students. These institutions offer a diverse range of courses at the intermediate level, all with an affordable fee structure.


1. Is Jinnah International Degree College private or government?

Jinnah International Degree College, located in the Cantt area, is a private girls’ college.

2. Which private college in Peshawar offers co-education?

Fazaia Degree College, Peshawar is a co-educational institute with separate boys’ and girls’ class sections.

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