Many of the best private colleges in Sarghoda offer intermediate education. These colleges have strong academic histories in the FSC, FA, ICS, and ICOM board examinations. Select one of these famous institutions that are committed to providing the greatest education possible with the aid of a highly skilled team. 

List of Best Private Colleges in Sargodha

These listed private colleges in Sargodha for intermediate students shed light on their distinctive features, admission processes, fee structures, addresses, and contact details.

1. Riphah International College

Riphah International College is known for its rigorous academic programs designed to prepare students for future challenges. The college boasts highly qualified and experienced teachers, cutting-edge laboratories, and a well-stocked library are all available. The private college boasts the nation’s fastest-growing international education network and offers degree programs everywhere. It is a project of Riphah International University. This college’s intermediate programs are affiliated with BISE, and undergraduate and graduate programs are affiliated with HEC.

Offered Programs: Basically, Riphah College Sargodha offers 5 top intermediate programs, which are:

  1. I. COM
  2. F.S.C (pre-medical)
  3. F.S.C (pre-engineering)
  4. F.A
  5. I.CS

Admission Process: To apply to Riphah International College, students can visit the official website or contact the admission office directly. The admission process typically includes submitting academic records and appearing for an entrance exam.

Fee Structure: Fee structures vary depending on the program, but Riphah International College is known for offering numerous scholarships and financial aid options. It has an expensive fee structure.

Address: Riphah International College, 56-A Satellite Town, Sargodha.

Contact Details: Phone: +92 48 32 111 88

2. Punjab College, Sargodha

Punjab College Sargodha has a long-standing tradition of academic excellence. It offers a wide range of programs, including I.C.S, F.Sc. (Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering),F.A. and I.Com, with an emphasis on producing top-notch results. One of the oldest and most esteemed academic institutions in the nation, the college was founded in 1882. Punjab College is the best private college for FSC. The high standards of instruction and dedication to academic success at Punjab College Sargodha are well renowned. Politicians, attorneys, doctors, and engineers are just a few of the illustrious alumni it has produced.

Admission Process: Prospective students can obtain admission forms from the college campus or website. The college usually conducts an entrance test to evaluate the applicants.

Fee Structure: The fee structure at Punjab College varies based on the selected program. For intermediate programs, it charges 2 lac for two years of Fsc.
Address: Punjab College, University Road, Sargodha.

Contact Details: Phone: +92 48 37 69 121

3. Aspire College

Aspire College is well-regarded for its holistic approach to education, combining academic excellence with character development. The college provides an environment that fosters creativity and critical thinking. The main objective of Aspire College is to make sure that students acquire the information, abilities, and qualities required to become leaders.

Offered Programs:

  1. FA
  2. ICOM
  3. FSC (Both)

Admission Process: Admission forms can be obtained from the college’s admission office or website. At the time of admission, students with grades of 88% or higher are entitled to apply for free education. Students can apply for a notable fee reduction of 60% if their grades are 75% or higher.
Fee Structure: Aspire Group of Colleges has the most affordable fee structure; it charges 60 to 90,000 PKR for one year of intermediate.

Address: Satellite Town, Punjab, 95 Zafar Ullah Road
Contact Details: Phone: +92 32 27 19 70 00

4. ITM College of Commerce & Science

ITM College is a top-ranked college in Sargodha for students pursuing commerce and science programs. With a dedicated faculty and modern infrastructure, ITM College focuses on providing quality education. ITM College, which was established in 1997, is well known for being a pioneer in Sargodha’s professional education. The site receives a 100% job placement rate because ITM produces qualified workers. More than 10,000 job winners are doing their jobs well throughout the world.

Programs Offered: 

  • FSC Pre-engineering/pre-medical
  • ICS (3 groups)

Admission Process: Interested students can collect admission forms from the college campus or website. The admission process usually includes a written test and interview.
Fee Structure: The fee structure is private due to policy reasons. Contact the college for the most accurate fee information.

Address: ITM College of Commerce & Science, College Road, Sargodha.
Contact Details: Phone: +92 48 322 41 81

5. ILM Group of Colleges

The ILM Group of College’s first chairman was Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad, also the chairman of the ILM Trust. ILM Group of Colleges is a well-established institution that offers a wide range of programs. The college is known for its experienced faculty and excellent academic results. ILM colleges aim to develop institutions that will help the ILM Trust achieve its noble mission by delivering superior education. ILM group of colleges are the best colleges in Sargodha in the private sector.

Offered Programs: It provides five types of intermediate programs:

  • ICS
  • ICom
  • FSc (Pre-Med.)
  • FSc (Pre-Eng.)
  • F.A

Admission Process: Admission forms and prospectuses can be obtained from the college campus. Admission typically involves a written test and interview.

Fee Structure: For details on the fee structure at ILM Group of Colleges, it’s best to contact the college directly. 

Address: ILM Group of Colleges, Sargodha.

Contact Details: Phone: +92 48 3217867


The best colleges in Sargodha in the private sector have gained significant popularity for their quality of education, modern facilities, and commitment to nurturing young minds. Sargodha is home to several prestigious private colleges that cater to a diverse range of academic Interests. These top colleges offer quality education and provide a supportive environment for students to excel. 


Q1: What is the rank of Riphah College?

Riphah International University is ranked 1001 according to The Times Higher Education’s list.

Q2: Is there a uniform requirement at Riphah University?

It is a rule of Ripah International colleges and university campuses to wear a university ID card and a uniform.

Q3: Which is the owner of Aspire Group of Colleges?

Syed Omer Nazar Shah is the owner and the founder of the Aspire group of colleges.

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