The best rooftop restaurants in Lahore stand out for their breathtaking views and unique ambiance. They offer Hi-Tea, dinner buffets, and Ala Carte options for you to make your meals memorable. These rooftop restaurants are built to provide a serene ambience, along with relish menu at affordable costs. 

List of 15 best Rooftop restaurants in Lahore

There are 15 Best Rooftop restaurants in Lahore with their location and Timing. You can also call them to find the booking details.

1. The Skye Restaurant

Indigo Heights, on the eighteenth floor, serves you elegance and sophistication, offering a mesmerizing view of the cityscape. Their menu features an eclectic mix of international and Pakistani cuisine, with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

  • Location: Block C3, 3 Noor Jehan Rd, Lahore
  • Contact No: +92 31 64 77 88 86
  • Famous Food: Skye Lamb Chops, Skye Burger, Seafood Platter
  • Timings: 4 PM – 12 AM (Daily)
  • Price Range: All food items are between 1000–5000 PKR. 

2. Andaaz Restaurant

Andaaz is a classic, well-known restaurant. Its setting and the views are amazing. This restaurant’s rooftop offers a stunning view of the Badshahi mosque. One of the main tourist destinations is Andaaz. There are many Indian dishes on the menu. At a fair price, Andaaz offers tasty food with unique flavors. Andaaz Restaurant is the best place where traditional Pakistani cuisine takes center stage. 

  • Location: Fort Road, Waleed City, Lahore
  • Contact No: +92 42 3217 4432
  • Famous Food: Butter Chicken, Mutton Karahi, Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Timings: 5 PM – 1:30 AM (Daily)
  • Price Range: All items range are in between 5000–15000 PK

3. Bagh

The Bagh Restaurant offers excellent desi food and helpful staff and is located next to a lovely park. It is the best rooftop restaurant in Lahore that exudes a serene and inviting atmosphere. With its lush greenery and soothing ambiance, Bagh provides a perfect escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Their menu features a fusion of Pakistani and international cuisine, with a focus on healthy and organic ingredients. 

  • Location: Gulberg 3, Block B2, HEC Park, Lahore
  • Contact: +92 32 07 29 42 42
  • Famous Food: Bagh Platter, Chicken Tikka Salad, Thai Green Curry
  • Timings: 12 PM – 11 PM (Daily)
  • Price Range: The price of Bagh restaurant food items is between 750–8000 PKR.

4. Poet Restaurant, Lahore

Recently opened in Lahore, The Poet Restaurant gained notoriety for its traditional cuisine and opulent architecture. It features cozy dining areas both inside and outside. Afghani, Indian, and traditional dishes are available at Poet Boutique. The restaurant’s ambiance is inspired by the works of renowned poets, creating a cozy and intimate setting. Their menu features a blend of Pakistani and international cuisine, with a focus on innovative presentations and fresh flavors. Free meals are provided for drivers and maids as an extra benefit.

  • Location: Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore
  • Contact No: +92 42 32 54 03 43
  • Famous Food: Poet’s Platter, Beef Steak, Thai Red Curry
  • Timings: 12 PM – 11 PM (Daily)
  • Price Range: The price ranges of food items are between 500–4000 PKR.

5. Baithak Khaas

If you enjoy Qawwali and Indian cuisine, this is the place in Lahore you should go. Savour mouthwatering Indian cuisine, a refined ambiance, and a serene setting at Baithak Khaas. Experience the true essence of Lahore’s hospitality at Baithak Khaas, a rooftop restaurant that exudes warmth and tradition. Their menu features authentic Pakistani cuisine, prepared with time-honored recipes and passed down through generations. It is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Lahore with the entertainment of qawwali.

  • Location: Johar Town, Lahore
  • Contact No: +92 31 11 24 03 63
  • Famous Food: Baithak Khaas Platter, Mutton Handi, Chicken Karahi
  • Timings: 12 PM – 11 PM (Daily)
  • Price Range: Food items are in between 500–5000 PKR.

6. Cosa Nostra

The Italian restaurant Cosa Nostra serves a wide selection of pasta dishes along with pizzas, salads, risotto, and other dishes. The menu is made to accommodate a wide range of dietary requirements, including veganism. The food is worth trying, and the atmosphere and vibe are soothing. It’s the best rooftop restaurant that brings the charm of Italy to Lahore. Their menu features authentic Italian dishes prepared with fresh, imported ingredients and traditional techniques. 

  • Location: Y Block, DHA phase 5,  Lahore
  • Contact: +92 32  14 41 00 88
  • Famous Food: Cosa Nostra Pizza, Pasta Arrabiata, Tiramisu
  • Timings: 1 PM – 11 PM (Daily)
  • Price Range: Ranges are in between 1000–4000 PKR.

7. Cafe Beirut

The Cafe Beirut is a rooftop restaurant that transports you to the heart of Beirut’s vibrant food scene. Immerse yourself in the aromatic flavors of Lebanon as you savor their authentic dishes, prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and traditional techniques. Indulge in their signature Cafe Beirut Platter, a medley of Lebanese delicacies, or tantalize your taste buds with the delectable Shish Tawouk, succulent skewers of marinated meat grilled to perfection. 

  • Location: 128-E Commercial Market, Lahore
  • Contact No: +92 32 24 46 99 99
  • Famous Food: Cafe Beirut Platter, Shish Tawouk, Hummus with Pita Bread
  • Timings: 12 PM – 11 PM (Daily)
  • Price Range:  Its ranges are between 1000–6000 PKR. 

8. Haveli

Haveli, Lahore, is a captivating location. This traditional rooftop restaurant offers stunning views of the Badshahi mosque. It is well known for its magnificent surroundings and unique architecture. Haveli serves a wide variety of Asian and Desi dishes. It also includes delectable desserts and sweets. It stands out for its reasonably priced items and well-trained staff. It shows a world of Mughal grandeur. Their menu features authentic Pakistani cuisine, prepared with time-honored recipes and presented in a lavish setting. 

  • Location: Waleed City, St Fort Road, Lahore
  • Contact: 03 08 41 48 99
  • Famous Food: Haveli Platter, Tandoori Chicken, Biryani
  • Timings: 12 AM- 10 AM (Daily)
  • Price Range: Haveli manu ranges are between 500–9000 PKR.

9. Bistro 201

There is a view of Lahore from the fine-dining restaurant Bistro 201. It features two outside, one indoor, and a rooftop seating area. It is distinct due to its excellent location and skilled staff. Chinese, Italian, Asian, Desi, and many other options are available at this restaurant and are always perfectly tasted. Their menu features a creative fusion of flavors prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and innovative techniques. Bistro 201 is one of the best rooftop restaurants near you.

  • Location: 5 Mall Rd, Lahore Cantt
  • Contact No: +92 32 24 47 77 77
  • Famous Food: Bistro Burger, Grilled Salmon, Chicken Tikka Pasta
  • Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM (Daily)
  • Price Range: Menu ranges are between 2000–4000 PKR. 

10. Height n’ Delights

Experience the fusion of flavors at Height n’ Delights, a rooftop restaurant that offers a delightful mix of Pakistani and international cuisine. Their menu features a wide variety of dishes, from traditional Pakistani favorites to international specialties. It is one of the famous Rooftop restaurants in Lahore.

  • Location: 11 Abu Bakr Block New Prince Hall, Lahore
  • Contact: +92 32 23 33 55 88
  • Famous Food: Height n’ Delights Platter, Afghani Chicken, Thai Green Curry, Sajji
  • Timings: 12 PM – 11 PM (Daily)
  • Price Range: Ranges are between 1000–5000 PKR.

11. Howdy Rooftop

One of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the country, Howdy serves up delectable sandwiches, burgers, and other items. Enjoy the lively atmosphere of Howdy Rooftop, the best rooftop restaurant in Lahore that exudes a casual and vibrant vibe. Their menu features a mix of American and Pakistani cuisine, with a focus on comfort food and grilled delights.

  • Location: Rooftop, mm Alam Road, Lahore
  • Contact No: +92 32 24 44 55 55
  • Famous Food: Howdy Burger, Chicken Tikka Sandwich, Peri Peri Fries
  • Timings: 1 PM – 11 PM (Daily)
  • Price Range:  Between 300–4000 PKR.

12. Daje Rooftop Restaurant

For youngsters, especially, this amazing rooftop restaurant is ideal. This is a sophisticated yet welcoming space for all. They offer dependable services and prompt management. This restaurant offers tasty food and is a good all-around option. They serve delicacies that are fresh and full of flavor, including Turkish, Italian, Asian, and Desi cuisines. 

  • Location: 118-E Commercial Market, Lahore
  • Contact No: +92 32 38 88 77 77
  • Famous Food: Daje Platter, Chelo Kebab, Khoresht Bademjan
  • Timings: 6 PM – 3 PM (Daily)
  • Price Range: Prices start from 500 PKR.

13. Monal

Indulge in the breathtaking views of Lahore from Monal, a top rooftop restaurant in Lahore that has been a city favorite for decades. Their menu features a mix of Pakistani and international cuisine, with a focus on traditional favorites and grilled delights. 

  • Location: Liberty Chowk, Round About, Gulberg III, Lahore
  • Contact No: +92 30 14 44 44 33
  • Famous Food: Monal Platter, BBQ Chicken, Daal Chawal, Soups 
  • Timings: 11 AM – 11 PM (Daily)
  • Price Range: Monal menu ranges are in between 3000–10000 PKR. 

14. Aoki Pan Asian Restaurant

Aoki Pan is a Japanese rooftop restaurant in Lahore, offering traditional Japanese cuisine and amazing street food options. Their skilled chefs produce food with authentic flavor. They also serve Udon noodle lobsters and the well-known Japanese dish Teppanyaki. The restaurant overlooks a beautiful view and offers a fusion of Asian flavors, including sushi, curries, and stir-fries.

  • Location: The Indigo Hotel, located at Noor Jehan Road, Block C3, Gulberg III, Lahore
  • Contact No: +92 32 24 08 88 8
  • Famous Food: Aoki Platter, Tempura Roll, Pad Thai
  • Timings: 1 PM – 11 PM (Daily)
  • Price Range: Price starts from 1000 PKR. 

15. The Chicken Eatery

Experience the simplicity and flavor of The Chicken Eatery, a famous rooftop restaurant that specializes in grilled chicken in all its forms. Their menu features a variety of chicken dishes, from traditional grilled chicken to innovative fusion creations. 

  • Location: Block D, Pia Housing Scheme, Main Boulevard, 6 D, Lahore
  • Contact: +92 32 24 46 99 99
  • Famous Food: Chicken Platter, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Malai Boti
  • Timing: 3 PM to 12:30 AM (Daily)
  • Price Range: All item ranges are between 500–3000 PKR.


These best rooftop restaurants in Lahore offer an unforgettable dining experience that combines stunning views, delicious cuisine, and cultural immersion. Whether you’re looking for traditional Pakistani dishes or international fusion cuisine, these rooftop havens have something for everyone. So, if you’re visiting Lahore, be sure to add a visit to one of these rooftops to your itinerary. You won’t be disappointed.

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