There are a great number of top schools in Ajman that offer different curriculums, including Islamic, IB, Indian (CBSE), British, and many others. The schools cater to kids from different nationalities. The main objective of these schools is to provide quality education, as they also provide an affordable alternative for parents as compared to Dubai. 

List of Top Schools in Ajman, UAE

The schools in Ajman offer different levels of education like Kindergarten, primary, secondary, etc. Depending upon the level of education, the fee structure also differs. We have gathered a list of some of the top schools with their curriculum and updated fee information so that you can select a school for your child accordingly. 

The Royal Academy

The Royal Academy is ranked among one of the top-ranked institutes in Ajman, with an affordable fee structure. They have some of the most experienced and highly educated teaching staff. The school aims to provide students an edge by not only educating them but also focusing on character building and enhancement of personality traits. No doubt why this school is listed as one of the most popular in Ajman with this student-centric approach with affordability and a convenient atmosphere for both locals and expats. It is also listed as one of the best Indian schools in Ajman.

  • Curriculum: CBSE (Indian Curriculum)
  • No. of Students: 3000 students
  • Location:  Near Municipality – Al Hamidiya 1 – Ajman – United Arab Emirates.
  • Fee Structure: 24000 AED- 66000 AED per annum

City Private School Ajman, UAE

The City Private School  Ajman is listed among the top schools due to its dedication to enhancing student-teacher interaction for the development of a strong educational base for its students. The school emphasizes implementing the UAE Vision 2023 to produce confident and cognitive thinkers who can change the future. This famous school focuses more on individual development. The school also has an affordable, low-fee structure. The main focus is to provide quality education while not imposing a heavy burden on the parents’ pockets.

  • Curriculum: CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Examinations)
  • No. of Students: 3200 students
  • Location: Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Road, Al Tallah 2 – Ajman – United Arab Emirates.
  • Fee Structure: 8000 AED- 12000 AED per annum

Woodlem Park School

Woodlem Park School focuses on developing independence in students. This biggest school, with over 5,000 students, focuses on the individuality of each child. They work on the concept that each student is different from the other, making him unique on his own. Therefore, every child should be treated differently so that their unique traits and talents can be further polished. This famous school has a broad curriculum with individualized learning as its prime focus. The school’s mantra is to emphasize student engagement so that they can learn better in a relaxed environment. The school is also affordable, with a low fee structure as compared to other expensive schools in the vicinity. 

  • Curriculum: CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Examinations)
  • No. of Students: 5000 students 
  • Location: Al Jurf – Al Jerf Industrial 3 – Ajman – United Arab Emirates.
  • Fee Structure: 5850 AED- 10850 AED annually

Al Ameer English School

Listed among one of the distinguished schools in Ajman, Al Ameer English School was established in 1991. The school focuses on providing a calm and peaceful environment for the students so that they can study and learn without any disturbance. The curriculum is designed and structured by the best and most experienced teachers in the city to ensure educational excellence. They also focus on co-curricular and extracurricular activities alongside the academic programs that make the school stand out as one of the best in Ajman. The fee is also very affordable for both locals and expats.

  • Curriculum: CBSE and MOE (Ministry of Education Curriculum)
  • No. of Students: 3000+ students
  • Location:  Bhind Ajman City Center – Al Jerf 2 – Ajman – United Arab Emirates.
  • Fee Structure: 4300 AED- 8300 AED per annum 

City American School

City American School is a top school in Ajman that focuses on developing creativity, independence, and confidence in students to prepare them for the long run in life. They have a high-quality learning environment with a team of highly qualified teachers from around the globe. The main objective of this famous school is to bring out the potential in each child so that he can show his talents in multiple ways while excelling in education and character-building. The curriculum focuses on diversity so that the students will be able to cope with the challenges of the ever-changing world. This iity.s one of the cheapest school in the city.

  • Curriculum: IB (International Baccalaureate)
  • No. of Students: Nearly 2000
  • Location: Al Tallah 2 – Ajman – United Arab Emirates.
  • Fee Structure: 21900 AED- 32000 AED per year


The process of choosing the best school for your child is not an easy decision as it depends on several key factors like curriculum, faculty qualifications, overall academic performance, student-teacher ratio, extra or co-curricular activities, etc. However, the above-listed schools in Ajman, along with the fee structure, will help you to narrow your research and find the best school for your child in Ajman. 


1. What is the fee structure of Pakistani school Ajman?

The monthly fee at Pakistani school Ajman varies depending on the grades. The approximate monthly fee ranges between AED 520-590.

2. Is there any Indian school in Ajman?

Ajman, UAE, has many Indian schools to cater to the needs of international students. These include Global Indian School and Habitat International Indian school.

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