Many of the best schools in Bahria town provide top-notch education. These schools not only provide quality education at affordable fees but also offer a nurturing environment for students to grow and excel. Bahria schools educate students of pre-school to Matriculation or A-levels.

List of 5 best schools in Bahria town Lahore

There are many famous schools in Bahria Town Lahore, listed along with essential information about admissions, fee structures, addresses, and contact details.

1. Cornerstone School

Cornerstone School is a private institution renowned for its commitment to holistic education, combining academic excellence with character development. It offers the most considerable Primary, lower secondary, and work-based learning qualifications, including the most extensive Edexcel. Cornerstone is famous for Primary, lower secondary, International GCSE, and A-level education.

Admission: Admissions are open to top qualifications. Entrance tests and in progress may be required for lower secondary.

Fee Structure: The average fee structure of Cornerstone is 7000 to 12000 PKR per month.

Address: Canal View Residency Sector A Bahra Town, Lahore, Punjab Electrical Engineering Block, 71-72 Near, Scholars Loop 

Contact Details: 0321 9473392

2. New Vision Nursery

New Vision Nursery stands out for its nurturing atmosphere and play-based learning approach. They focus on early childhood education, providing a solid foundation for future academic success. A unique play school for children 2.7 to 6 years old that focuses on learning through activities. It is one of the best pre-schools in Bahria town, Lahore.

Admission: Admissions are open to children in nursery and kindergarten classes.

Fee Structure: The New Vision school has an affordable fee structure ranging from 6 to 8 thousand per month.

Address: New Vision Nursery, Bahria Town Sector D, Lahore.

Contact Details: 0321 7997006

3. The Index School

The Index School is known for its innovative teaching methods and emphasis on critical thinking skills. They offer a well-rounded curriculum that prepares students for a competitive future. The index school is the best O-level school in  Bahria town of Lahore.

Admission: Admissions are open for Playgroup to O-Level. Assessment tests may be required for specific grades.

Fee Structure: Detailed fee information is available upon request from the school administration.

Address: The Index School, Bahria Town Sector B, Lahore.

Contact Details:  0300 0068607

4. Mazen Schools Bahria Town Lahore

Mazen Schools are committed to providing quality education that fosters creativity and intellectual growth. Their experienced faculty members create a stimulating learning environment. The first international standard school in Lahore in Bahria town with reasonable tuition. A school with Turkish education standards opened for the first time in Pakistan.

Admission: Admissions are open from Playgroup to Matriculation. Admission procedures may vary by grade.

Fee Structure: Mazan Schools has an affordable fee structure ranging from  7000-8000 PKR per month.

Address: Shiekh Kot, in Bahria Town, Lahore, Punjab, next to the Eiffel Tower

Contact Details: 0333 4069873

5. London International Alliance School

The London International School provides a thriving learning environment devoid of bullying that is conducive to students’ success and performance. The kids, parents, and teachers believe in and support LIS’s mission because of their culture of care and trust. The bully-free measures at the school are both preventative and remedial, as students do not profit from severe punishment. LIAC is the best international school in Bahria town.

Admission: Admissions are open for students from Montessori to A-Level. Admission requirements may differ for each level.

Fee Structure: For detailed fee information, please get in touch with the school administration.

Address: Tulip Block Sector C Bahria Town, Lahore, Punjab, 230 C Commercial

Contact Details: 0309 9487492


Bahria Town Lahore provides the that cater to various educational needs. Each institution is unique in its approach and commitment to nurturing young minds. To make an informed decision about the best school for your child, consider visiting these schools, speaking with their staff, and reviewing their programs and fee structures.

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