Chennai, sometimes known as the “Gateway to South India,” is a metropolis that perfectly blends education with innovation. While it is a bustling economic and technical powerhouse, it also has deeply ingrained cultural and educational ideals. With a rich and storied past rooted in academic brilliance, Chennai is delighted to be home to some of India’s most famous educational institutions.

List of 5 best schools in Chennai

 Among schools in Chennai, these five schools consistently stand out for their commitment to nurturing young minds. Let’s get into the world of education and discover what makes these institutes the top schools in Chennai.

1. SBOA School & Junior College 

This top school in Chennai, officially known as “Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College,” holds a revered position in Chennai’s educational landscape. Founded in 1979 by Shri E. A. G. Moses and managed by the State Bank of India Officers Association, this institution embodies a commitment to holistic education. With its rich history and dedication to academic excellence, SBOA School & Junior College is the best Chennai school for providing a nurturing ground for generations of students. It’s not just about textbooks and classrooms; the school places significant emphasis on fostering all-round development. SBOA School & Junior College stands as a testament to its founders’ vision and a beacon of quality education in Chennai.

Admission Process: Admission to SBOA is competitive and merit-based. Typically, applications are available in December, and students are selected based on their performance in an entrance test and interview. The school’s website provides detailed information on the admission process. 

Fee Structure: The fee structure varies for different classes. It is recommended that you visit the school’s official website. The fee structure is very affordable, which is about Rs 23,430-38,088 per year. 

Address: Chennai, Anna Nagar West Extension, 18, School Road 

Contact Details: +91-44-26151560

2. Chettinad Vidyashram

 CV is a famous Chennai co-educational day school founded in 1986 by Kumara Rani of Chettinad and Meena Muthiah. This institution harmonically combines tradition and modern education, producing well-rounded persons through a holistic approach that incorporates academic rigour and diverse extracurricular activities. The school’s motto, “Strive, Save, & Serve,” embodies its key beliefs, urging students to strive for greatness, conserve their cultural heritage, and serve society compassionately. Chettinad Vidyashram, affiliated with the CBSE board, offers pupils a nationally recognized and challenging curriculum. This best school in Chennai is a monument to the ambition of its founders, providing an extraordinary educational experience that is strongly among the top schools in Chennai’s cultural fabric.

Admission Process: Admission to Chettinad Vidyashram typically begins in November. The process includes a written test and interview. Detailed admission criteria and dates are available on the school’s official website.

Fee Structure: Fee is continually reviewed, and changes are made depending on grade level. It is best to visit the school site or contact the organization for the most up-to-date fee information since the charge structure is affordable and competitive per class. 

Address: Raja Annamalai Puram, Thandavarayan St, MRC Nagar, Chennai 

Contact Details: +91-44-24938040

3. The St. Bede’s School 

Bede’s started its journey in 1907 and continues a century-old heritage of delivering Catholic education to pupils of European and Anglo-Indian origin. It cultivates well-rounded persons and is known for its academic prowess and comprehensive approach to education. St. Bede’s, with its dedicated teachers, is dedicated to developing future leaders and establishing strong moral values in its students. St. Bede’s has evolved to meet changing educational demands while retaining its essential ideals. It is a beacon of quality education, substantially contributing to Chennai’s educational environment.

Admission Process: The admission process for St. Bede’s varies by grade level. Generally, it includes a written test and an interview. Detailed admission information can be found on the school’s website. 

Fee Structure: St. Bede’s updates its fee structure annually. To obtain the latest information on fees, please refer to the school’s official website or contact them directly. Annual Fees (about) 34,000 INR may change depending on the school’s policies and notifications. Bede’s has an affordable fee structure. 

Address: San Thome High Road, No. 37, Santhome, Chennai. 

Contact Details: Phone: +91-44-24983450

4. MC School & Collage

One of the best schools in Chennai, MC School and College, was founded in 1837. The college is notable for its academic excellence and values-based training, as well as for advancing a sustainable climate. Over a long period, this renowned school has established important areas of strength for academic rigour and moral and ethical standards. MCC is dedicated to creating an environment where students can grow intellectually and personally. This institution has a long and illustrious history of producing graduates who contribute substantially to society, making it a cornerstone of Chennai’s educational tradition.

Admission Process: Admission details for this school are available on their official website. The process typically involves an entrance test and interview. 

Fee Structure: The school reviews its fee structure annually. To get the latest fee information, it’s advisable to visit the school’s official website or contact the school directly. The fee ranges are between 10 to 20 thousand, depending on class grades. 

Address: Air Force Station Rd, East Tambaram, Tambaram, Chennai 

Contact Details: +91 44 2239067

5. The school of Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan

PSBB is an affordable institution that has left an indelible mark on Chennai’s educational landscape. PSBB has been committed to providing outstanding educational standards since its founding in 1958. PSBB’s legacy extends beyond academics to encourage the holistic development of its students. It is an educational institute where values, ethics, and academic achievement coexist. PSBB has a long and illustrious history of producing alumni who thrive academically and go on to make major contributions to diverse professions.

Admissions: PSBB’s admissions process is highly competitive and merit-based. The school’s official website contains detailed entrance standards and application process information. 

Fee Structure: PSBB’s fee structure varies depending on the branch and grade level. For the most reliable and unusual charge data, visit the school’s site or contact them directly. For the academic year, the charge is close to one lakh rupees.

Address: The main campus is at 29 Alarmelmangapuram, Mylapore, Chennai. 

Contact Details: Phone: +91-44-24981078


These five top schools in Chennai highlight a comprehensive turn of events and excellent academic training. Their confirmation cycles and charge designs may vary, so referring to their authority sites or contacting them directly for the most reliable and up-to-date data is important. Choosing the right school is an important choice, and these institutions provide open doors for students to succeed and thrive, making them the best schools in Chennai.

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