Many schools in Johar town Lahore are established to foster quality education in children. For parents seeking the best education for their children, the choices are plenty. These schools have highly qualified faculty who nurture creativity and character while offering Cambridge and matriculation. These schools are highly affordable for the nearby residents for kindergarten to 12th grade or A-levels.

List of Best Schools in Johar Town Lahore

The top schools in Johar Town are located in highly beautiful areas, offering quality education in an affordable fee structure to the children living nearby. The information includes their admission procedures, fee structures, addresses, and contact details; 

1. Bloomfield Hall School

Bloomfield Hall School has a legacy of delivering quality education. It’s renowned for its holistic approach to learning, focusing on character development alongside academics. One of Pakistan’s top educational institutes is Bloomfield Hall. Educationists from the UK and Pakistan founded it in 1984, and it is now ranked among the best schools for Cambridge studies as well.

Admission: Admissions are open for various levels, and the process usually begins in December. The school conducts an entry test and interviews for prospective students.

Fee Structure: Bloomfield Hall has an affordable fee structure ranging from 6000-8000 PKR per month.

Address: Block D 2 Phase 1, Plot No. 28/29, Block D-II, Baig Road, Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab 

Contact: (042) 35187032

2. The Punjab School

The Punjab School is committed to providing affordable and high-quality education for everyone. Their goal is to produce morally upright individuals who are eager to contribute to their community. The Punjab School is known for its dedication to nurturing young minds. The school in Lahore, Johar town area, has various branches spread across the city, emphasizing a solid academic foundation and character-building for your child.

Admission: Admissions generally open in December and include an admission test. The school offers admissions from preschool to matriculation.

Fee Structure: The fee structure for Punjab schools is affordable and starts from 5000 PKR per month.

Address: Sector C1, Johar Town, Lahore

Contact: +92 42 35311178

3. The Right School

The Righ School is a leading provider of educational services both nationally and internationally. The Right School prides itself on providing a stimulating and nurturing environment for students. Their focus is on holistic development, fostering creativity, and critical thinking. The right school is the top school in Johar town, located in a highly accessible location, and provides education and practical training through its well-established classrooms and labs.


Admission: Admissions open in November and include an admission test. They offer admissions from nursery to O’Levels.

Fee Structure: The Right school has the most affordable fee structure, ranging from 2000-8000 PKR fees per month.

Address: Johar Town, Block E Phase 1, Lahore, Punjab

Contact: +92 42 35314083

4. The Hope Science Academy

In 2012, the HOPE Science Academy was founded. The Hope Science Academy specializes in science and mathematics education. It’s an excellent choice for students with a passion for these subjects. To grow intellectually, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, HOPE seeks to provide a secure and encouraging atmosphere. THSA is one of the best institutes in Johar town, Lahore.

Admission: Admissions are typically announced in November and involve a competitive entry test. They offer classes from 6th to 12th grade.

Fee Structure: Visit the school’s official website to get the accurate fee structure according to class.

Address: Johar Town, Block E 1 Phase 1, Lahore, Punjab

Contact: +92 42 35165419

5. Betul Eman Islamic School

Betul Eman Islamic is one of the famous schools in Johar town, which combines traditional Islamic education with contemporary academics. It’s an ideal choice for parents seeking an Islamic environment. The main aim of Betul Eman Islamic School is to teach the Quran to all students. BEIS is one of the best Islamic Schools in Johar town, Lahore.

Admission: Admissions start in December and include an interview and assessment. The school offers admissions from playgroup to matriculation.

Fee Structure: BEIS has an affordable fee structure ranging from 4000-6000 PKR per month.

Address: Johar Town, Block J 3 Phase 2, Lahore, Punjab 

Contact: +92 42 35172805


These schools in Johar Town, Lahore, offer diverse educational experiences for students. Each school has its unique approach to education, ensuring that parents can find the perfect fit for their child’s needs and interests. For specific admission and fee details, we recommend reaching out to the respective schools directly.


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