There are many schools in Model Town, Lahore, promoting quality education among the nearby residents. These schools include a soundproof auditorium, multimedia presentation rooms, libraries with ample resources, a language lab with audio and video, computer laboratories, science labs, and a neat art gallery. 

List of 5  Best Schools in Model Town Lahore

Some of the most famous schools in Model Town are striving to provide quality education through their affordable fee structure, accessible location, and qualified teachers. These include;

1. Epic Islamic School

Located in the heart of Model Town, Epic Islamic School blends traditional Islamic education with modern teaching methods. It aims to provide students with a strong foundation in Islamic values, along with a comprehensive academic curriculum. The main objective of Epic Islamic School is to teach the Quran to the students.

Admission: The B form and the completion of a parent form are necessary for admission to Epic Islamic School.

Fee Structure: This School has an affordable fee structure; you can acquire a detailed schedule by contacting them with our information.

Address: Block F Model Town, 13 Block Link Road, Lahore, Punjab 

Contact Details: +92 300 8429529

2. The New School

The New School in Lahore is in the Mauza Model Town, Tehsil Lahore Cantt. In 1935, this School was founded, which stands out with its creative approach to education. It offers an undertaking-based learning environment that fosters innovative and critical thinking. 

Admission: A written test and an interview is a must for admission.

Fee structure: The New school’s fee structure is not public due to privacy issues.

Address: Block B Model Town, Circular Road, Lahore, Punjab

Contact Details: (042) 35850818

3. The Dar-e-Arqam School

This School has established itself as a trusted institution in Model Town. It provides an excellent academic program that includes academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. Dar-e-Arqam has branches all over Lahore and is considered one of the top affordable schools in the city.

Admission: A form for filling out and an appointment card for test and interview.

Fee Structure: The Dar-e-Arqam Schools have an affordable start at 4500 PKR per month.

Address: Q block of Model Town, Lahore 

Contact Details: 03334447292

4. M.Q. Foundation School

M.Q. Establishment School is notable for its devotion to offering excellent training at an affordable cost. M.Q. Establishment School has procured its place among the best in Model Town because of a broadened understudy body and devoted school personnel.

Admission: A written test is a must for all students in this school.

Fee Structure: Visit the School’s official website for an accurate fee structure.

Address: Block P in Model Town Extension, Lahore, Punjab

Contact Details: (042) 35164051

5. Grand Charter School

Grand Charter School is one of the most affordable institutes that provides a well-rounded education that combines the arts, sciences, and technology, preparing pupils for the challenges of the twenty-first century. It is divided into eight blocks. GCS is a top school for both A-levels and O-levels.

Admission: A written test is required for admission.

Fee Structure: GCS has an affordable fee structure ranging from 5000-10,000 PKR per month.

Address: K-block Model Town Link Road in Lahore, Punjab

Contact Details: (042) 35916693


These best schools in the Model Town area of Lahore prioritize a solid Islamic foundation, innovative teaching methods, character development, affordability, or a modern, well-rounded education; you can find a school that aligns with your educational goals. 


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