The best schools in Quetta have set benchmarks in quality education. The city’s educational landscape is diverse and home to institutions that have shaped the future of countless students. The top schools in Quetta offer globally recognized qualifications ranging from primary to senior schooling and excel in faculty expertise and academic performance. Remember, the right choice nurtures talent and fosters academic success in your child.

List of the best schools in Quetta

Some of the most famous schools in Quetta that are best in terms of curricular and co-curricular activities include;

St. Joseph’s Convent Girls High School

Founded in the early 20th century, St.Joseph’s Convent Girls High School is an educational institution and a symbol of history and tradition in Quetta. Primarily catering to the female student population, the school has produced several notable alumni who have made a mark in various fields. The school is registered with the British Council in Pakistan, offering O Level and A Level courses. The school was awarded the second-best educational institute in Balochistan in 2008.


The school follows the national curriculum with a blend of traditional and modern teaching methods, preparing students for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) examinations.

Fee Structure

St. Joseph’s has always believed in providing quality education at an affordable price. Though fee structures can change annually, St. Joseph’s offers competitive rates, with scholarships available for deserving students.

Address: St.Joseph’s Convent Girls High School – Zarghun Road, Model Town, Quetta, Balochistan

Contact Number: (081) 3836294

Garrison Academy Quetta

The Garrison Academy Quetta was established in 1984 as Kehkashan Army Public School at the nursery level by Lieutenant General Khushdil Khan Afridi. The school was renamed in 1997 and is affiliated with the federal Intermediate and secondary education board. 

Managed by the army administration, Garrison Public School guarantees a disciplined environment complemented by state-of-the-art facilities. It’s a beacon of excellence with a rich academic and co-curricular achievements history. The school is spread over a vast area, making it one of the best schools in Quetta from all perspectives.


The school offers an enriched version of the national curriculum, ensuring students receive broad exposure and preparing them for the SSC and HSSC examinations.

Fee Structure

Garrison keeps its fees affordable, providing occasional concessions for army personnel and their wards. They also have provisions for financial aid.

Address: Garrison Academy Quetta – Musa road, Quetta cantt

Contact Number: 0312 8585959

Wilderness School & College Quetta

Wilderness School and College Quetta was established in 1999 as one of the top schools in Balochistan. The school provides educational excellence and active participation in inter and intra-co-curricular competitions. Wilderness School, aptly named, focuses on the overall development of a child. Beyond academics, they offer outdoor education programs that inculcate a love for nature and teach survival skills. 


The school adopts a hands-on approach to the national curriculum, making learning engaging and practical, preparing students for SSC and HSSC examination

Fee Structure

Fee structures are designed keeping in mind the diverse set of programs offered, but they remain competitive. Scholarships are available for deserving students at the school as well.

Address: Wilderness School and College Quetta – Airport Rd, near Chiltan Housing Scheme, Chiltan Housing Scheme, Quetta,

Contact Number: (081) 2881101

St. Francis Grammer High School

St Francis Grammer School laid its foundation in 1936 by Msgr. Salesius Lemmens OFM to educate the British soldiers in the region.  as one of the best educational institutes in Quetta. It is a private Catholic secondary school located in Balochistan, Pakistan. The school is known for its academic success in SSC and HSSc examinations. 


Apart from prepping students for the SSC and HSSC examinations, the school also conducts workshops and seminars to broaden their horizons. 

Fee Structure

The fee reflects the holistic education imparted at St. Francis. They also have a sibling discount and merit-based scholarships.

Address: St Francis Grammer School- Zarghun Road, Quetta, Balochistan

Contact Number: 0300 8382456

Beaconhouse College Campus Juniper (BCCJ), Quetta

A branch of the esteemed Beacon House chain, the Quetta branch is a fusion of global standards with local traditions. The school boasts a modern infrastructure, digital classrooms, and a highly qualified faculty. Beaconhouse School system ensures to introduce the students to the idea of sharing, kindness, and other such moral ethics along with academic education. The school has a track record of producing excellent results in enrollment and Cambridge studies all over the province.


Besides the national curriculum, students also have the option to pursue international qualifications such as the O and A Levels, ensuring global exposure.

Fee Structure

Beacon House, being a premium institution, invests in the best resources. While their fee is a bit high, they ensure value for money and have provisions for financial assistance. 

Address: Beaconhouse College Campus Juniper Sumungli Road, Quetta.

Contact Number: 111 277 111


In conclusion, Quetta is a historical city hub of top-notch education. With its varied institutions catering to diverse educational needs, the city ensures that every student finds a perfect fit. Whether you prioritize academic excellence, holistic development, or extracurricular prowess, Quetta’s best schools have you covered. Remember, the foundation of a strong educational journey begins with the right choice, and Quetta offers some of the top educational options in the region.


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