Riyadh provides many of the best schools for expats and citizens who mostly follow the IGCSE and CBSE boards. Education plays an important role in the development of a city, and parents often look for good schools to provide their children with quality education and a bright future. 

List of 5 Best Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The best schools in Riyadh, including the admission process, Fee, addresses, and contact details, include;

1. Abdulaziz International Schools – Al Sulaimaniah

AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah was established in 1999 and is run by SABIS, a global education network. The International School of Choueifat in Lebanon founded SABIS. Currently owned by Minnesota-based SABIS Educational Systems. The schools use the SABIS curriculum, which is described as an integrated, comprehensive kindergarten through twelfth-grade academic program.” They offer a rigorous American curriculum and a wide range of extracurricular activities. AIS AI is one of the best schools in Riyadh.

Admission Process: Visit their website, AIS-Al-Sulaimaniah, for detailed admission information, including requirements and deadlines.

Fee: This top school has an affordable Fee ranging between 30 to 44 thousand SAR per month.

Address: Saudi Arabia’s riyadh, Turki Ibn Abdullah Al Saud as Sulimaniyah

Contact Details

2. American International School Riyadh

Formerly known as the American Preparatory School of Riyadh, it was founded by parents in 1963 and today offers students from more than 50 nations a US education. Positioned in the north of Riyadh since 2014 on a brand-new campus. Most students choose the IB Diploma. AIS-Riyadh is an institution known for its comprehensive American curriculum, dedicated faculty, and strong emphasis on student development. The majority of students in AIS Riyadh schools are from the United States (27%), followed by Saudi Arabia (20%) and Canada (10%).

Admission Process: Visit the admissions page on their website, American International School, to find detailed admission procedures.

Fee: American international schools have an expensive Fee ranging from 50,000 to 11,5000 SR per year.

Address: Al Aarid, Saudi Arabia’s Prince Saud Ibn Abdullah Ibn Jalawi

Contact Details

3. Advanced Learning Schools

Advanced Learning Schools is the best school in Riyadh that offers a challenging academic program focusing on critical thinking and innovation. They aim to prepare students for success in a globalized world. Except for Arabic and Islamic studies (20% of the curriculum), all classes are taught in English. Although welcoming to international students, the student body is primarily Saudi and contains more than 60% Al Sauds (members of the royal family) by the Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation.

Admission Process: For admission information and requirements, visit the official website or use our given contact details.

Fee: The Advanced Learning Schools have an affordable fee structure that charges SR 63,000 tuition. These costs cover tuition as well as all textbooks.

Address: Jabal Al Karmil, An Nakheel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Contact Details

  • Phone: +966 11 419 5000 

4. British International School Riyadh

The Riyadh Continental School is the best British school in Riyadh, which was initially established in 1979. Since 1995, the school has been in its current location. It has gone by its current name, along with a satellite elementary school in Salwa for BAE families (year seven students automatically transfer to BISR). It reportedly has a ‘Paul’ café on-site in addition to stellar academic achievements. BISR follows the British curriculum and is committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals. The top-ranked school offers a good learning environment and a variety of extracurricular activities. 

Admission Process: Some basic details are available on their website.

Fee: British International schools have one of the most expensive school fees, ranging from 50 to 106 thousand SR per year.

Address: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s Ibrahim Mubarak Said Ad Dusari

Contact Details

5. King Faisal School

Founded in 1991 as a division of the King Faisal Foundation, it is a top school in Riyadh currently led by Prince Saud Al-Faisal. It has recently launched PSATs and established a university preparation program in partnership with Brown University. It adopted the IB program in 2007 and recently implemented PSATs. Alfaisal University is where 40% of graduates choose to continue their education, with the majority of the remaining graduates choosing to attend US-based institutions instead. King Faisal is a famous school offering a balanced education that blends Saudi and international curricula. It is known for its tradition of academic excellence.

Admission Process: Admission requirements and procedures can be found on their website.

Fee: King Faisal School has an affordable fee structure ranging from 50 to 70 thousand SR per year.

Address: In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Al Idrisi Alkhawabi Street

Contact Details


 Each of these best schools in Riyadh offers unique educational experiences, ensuring your child receives a top-ranked education in the heart of Riyadh. Before making a decision, it’s essential to visit each school’s website, attend open houses or informational sessions, and, if possible, visit the campus to get a firsthand feel for the institution.


1. Which school is the most famous in Riyadh?

The British International School is one of the best and most famous international schools in Riyadh, which teaches the British curriculum. 

2. Which is the most expensive school in Riyadh?

American International School is the most expensive school in Riyadh, and this school is also considered to be the most expensive school in Saudi Arabia.

3. Is education free in Riyadh?

In Saudi Arabia, elementary education is available to everyone and is free through high school. However, students must enter elementary school at age six and attend for six years.

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