There are many best schools in Sargodha. The foundation of a child’s education plays a vital role in shaping their future. Therefore, choosing an educational institute is important for your child’s academic career and grooming.  Sargodha is a city with a rich educational landscape and houses several top government and private schools that focus on providing quality education and holistic growth. 

List of 7 best schools in Sargodha 2023

This article introduces you to some of the most affordable schools in Sargodha, offering insights into their admission processes, fee structures, addresses, and contact details.

1. The Renaissance Roots School Sargodha:

The Renaissance Roots School is a popular school in Sargodha. Being one of the best private schools in the city, this educational institute is busy providing higher education standards to students from classes one to ten.

The school is affiliated with the Federal Board, and you can watch the standard of education as the syllabus of all classes is provided to the students by the Islamabad Board. This school is synonymous with academic excellence and character development. With a strong commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals, the school offers a nurturing environment for growth.

Admission:  For admission-related queries, visit the school campus, where you will get all the information.

Fee Structure: Contact the school administration for detailed fee structure information. The actual fee varies depending on the level of classes, such as O-level, A-level or matric.

Address: Main Jail Rd, Awan Colony, Sargodha, Punjab 

Contact details: (048) 3724900

2. The Connoisseur Grammar School System:

CGSS is about to complete its journey of three decades. The top institution in Sargodha is blessed with a dedicated and professional team that has proven its metal over time. CGSS is an institute with a special blend of educational excellence and character development. The Connoisseur Grammar School is committed to providing quality education and fostering critical thinking.

The school’s innovative teaching methodologies empower students for success. The slogan of CGSS is “Once a connoisseurian always a connoisseurian”. The school provides quality education and is listed among the best Cambridge schools in Sargodha.

Admission: Learn about admission procedures by visiting the school campus or the official website.

Fee Structure: Contact the school administration for fee-related inquiries about this top school in Sargidha.

Address: Gulshan Avenue Mushaf Ali Mir Rd, Sargodha, Punjab

Contact Details: (048) 3725399

3. The Harvard School Sargodha:

Harvard School in Sargodha is the first international school in the city. This top institute provides education from Playgroup to Matric. This school is Affiliated with the Federal Board. The Harvard School Sargodha is dedicated to creating a stimulating learning environment that promotes academic excellence and personal growth.

The HSS school is one of the famous and best schools in Sargodha. The Harvard School wants to prepare its pupils to be valuable members of society in addition to educating them.

Admission: Prospective students and parents willing to accept Harvard School can gather admission information from the school campus or official website.

Fee Structure: Contact the school administration for detailed fee structure information.

Address: Faisalabad Rd، near Government Commerce College, Sargodha, Punjab

Contact Details: 0300 6007600

4. Beaconhouse Cantt Campus Sargodha:

Beaconhouse is one of the best private schools in Sargodha. It seeks to offer high-quality education on a global scale. Their pursuit of greatness via quality administration, training, and instruction helps our students, the neighbourhood, and the global community.

Beaconhouse campus in Sargodha is a top globally recognized name in education, and its Cantt Campus in Sargodha follows the same standard of excellence. Women make up 62% of the workforce at Beaconhouse, with a disproportionately high proportion working in higher management.  Mrs. Kasuri started Beaconhouse in 1975 and currently serves as its chairman.

Admission: Test is a must, then an interview for admission to Beaconhouse.

Fee Structure:  The fee structure ranges between 20,000-25,000. But this fee also depends on class grades.

Address: Queen’s Road opposite Umar Park, Sargodha, Pakistan

Contact Details: (048) 3255926

5. Mission Grammar School:

Mr Zafar Iqbal Hashmi is the chairman of Mission Grammar School. MGS is an individually organized and managed institution. It was established in April 2005 to encourage the idea of teaching pupils in accordance with contemporary traditional and Islamic principles in a unique and relevant way. Mission Grammar School is the best government school in Sargodha, committed to nurturing a love for learning and character development in its students.

Admission: For admission procedures, visit the school campus or official website.

Fee Structure: The fee ranges for MGS are between 5000 to 12000 PKR. This fee structure is different for all classes. 

Address: 296/11, Satellite Town Block B Satellite Town, Sargodha, Punjab 

Contact Details:  (048) 3222217

6. FG Public School Sargodha:

The school was opened under the aegis of the cantonment board Sargodha in 1960. FG Public School New Cantt Sargodha is a well-established institution offering quality education to students. This is a co-education system school. It is a federal Public school. It is located in Sargodha District inside the New Cantt area. It has a vast area. It has a huge enrollment of students and has a large number of employees. It offers admission from prep to class 9.

Admission: Visit the school campus or the official website about admission procedures.

Fee Structure: Contact the school administration for information on the fee structure.

Address: Fg school Sargodha cantt, I Bex Road, Cantonment, Sargodha, Punjab

Contact Details: +92 307 7500997

7. Blumen Garten School:

Blumen Garten School is the best school in Sargodha, focusing on fostering a well-rounded education by emphasizing academics and character development. Blumen Garten School provides quality education to make students productive members of society.

Admission: The Blumen Garten School, Sargodha, offers admissions in Prep, Nursery, Play Group, Primary, Middle, and Matric and has a qualified, experienced, and professional teaching staff. 

Fee Structure: Reach out to the school administration to inquire about the fee structure.

 Address: Club Road, Sargodha, Punjab

 Contact Details: (048) 3220929


Sargodha’s educational landscape is rich, with top schools emphasising academic excellence and personal growth. This article has highlighted some of the best schools in Sargodha, offering insights into their admission procedures, fee structures, addresses, and contact details.

When choosing a school in Sargodha for your child, consider factors such as academic reputation, faculty expertise, extracurricular opportunities, and the school’s commitment to character education. Making an informed choice can give your child a strong foundation for a successful future.

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