The best schools in Sharjah have cutting-edge amenities such as computer and science labs and highly qualified teachers. In Sharjah, the best schools offer A-level and O-level education, meeting the British standards. Most of these schools are affiliated with CBSE and IGCSE in Sharjah and offer quality education at an affordable fee for your children.

List of 5 best schools in Sharjah

Here, we present the 5 top schools in Sharjah, each offering academic excellence and holistic development.

1. The Emirates National School 

The school follows the CBSE curriculum and serves students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. TENS takes satisfaction in routinely providing kids who rank in the top ten and twelve percentiles on the CBSE board in the UAE. It is committed to providing a holistic learning experience and working hard to maintain our famous learning excellence. The Emirates National School is a renowned institution known for its commitment to academic excellence and nurturing students’ creativity and critical thinking skills.

Admission Process: Admission is based on a student’s previous academic records and an entrance assessment. Visit their website for specific details and application forms.

Fee Structure: Fees vary by grade level and are available on their official website. On average, the fee ranges are between 18,000- 31,200 AED. TENS is the most expensive school in Sharjah.

Address: Sharjah, UAE, 59 Sheikh, Khalid Bin Saqr, Al Qasimi Street

Contact: +971 6 535 9000

2. The WIS

WIS was founded in 1991 in Sharjah and has since built up to become perhaps one of the best schools around. For over twenty years, the School has improved instructive quality and has been confirmed by the Council of International Schools. WIS is a popular school that gives a unique learning climate that is centered around global instruction norms and an extensive way to deal with understudy improvement. Diversity is evident among the more than 3430 students and 490 staff members.

Admission Process: The admission process includes the submission of previous academic records and an entrance assessment. Visit their website for detailed information.

Fee Structure: Tuition fees depend on the grade level. WIS charges 20 to 50 thousand AUE per annum. Wesgreen has an average fee structure.

Address: Wesgreen International School, Al Qarayen, Sharjah

Contact: +971 6 506 2999

3. GEMS Cambridge International Private School

GEMS Cambridge International Private School is a famous school in  Sharjah, based on a co-educational day school Founded in 1980. For pupils in Kindergarten through Year 13, the school provides an international curriculum. GEMS Cambridge is accredited by the National Curriculum in England. The school provides a safe environment for learners to learn about other cultures while remaining positive. The curriculum at the school is up to date for both A-levels and O-levels, allowing pupils to build abilities that will help them study more. 

Admission Process: Admissions are based on assessments and interviews. Check their website for specific application guidelines.

Fee Structure: The fee structure can be found on their official website and varies by grade level. The basic fee structure is about 20,000 to 30,000 AED (Annually), also a costly fee structure.

Address: GEMS Cambridge International Private School, Maliha Road, Sharjah

Contact: +971 6 535 3666

4. International School Of Creative Science 

SALAH A. BUKHATIR is the founder and chairman. The International School of Creative Science fosters creativity and innovation in education, aiming to prepare students for the challenges of the modern world. ISCS offers Arabic, Islamic Education, Social Studies, and Moral Education from both the English National Curriculum and the MOE curriculum. Additionally, ISCS is well known for its original Quran memorization program. This school is listed as one of the Best Schools by Parents. #165 in the UAE’s Best Schools. Best British Schools in Sharjah ranked #5. in the 19 top schools in Sharjah.

Admission Process: Admission requirements vary by grade level. A written test and an interview are a must to get admission to ISCS.

Fee Structure: The cost of tuition varies from 6,300 to 12,100 AED per year. This school’s fee structure is one of Sharjah’s most affordable fee structures.

Address: International School of Creative Science, Muwaileh, Sharjah

Contact: +971 6 577 1222


5. Providence English Private School

PEPS was established in 1999 in Sharjah as a school dedicated to the education of children. They want to produce well-educated, capable young men and women in the long run. To achieve their goal, the school has hired highly skilled and devoted personnel who continuously provide a high-quality educational experience. There are also well-equipped classrooms, science laboratories, a library, a computer laboratory, playing grounds, and sports halls at the school. Providence English Private School is committed to academic excellence, character development, and instilling values in its students.

Admission Process: The admission process includes assessments and interviews. Visit their website for detailed application instructions.

Fee Structure: The latest fee information can be found on their official website, but the average fee structure is about 13,520 to 27,800 AED (Annually), also an affordable fee structure.

Address: Providence English Private School, Al Nahda, Sharjah

Contact: +971 6 533 7750


Choosing the best schools in Sharjah for your child is an important decision, and Sharjah has a wide range of educational institutions to meet a variety of requirements and aspirations. These 5 top schools in Sharjah have established themselves as educational excellence pillars, developing young minds and shaping future leaders.


Q1: Which school is No 1 in Sharjah?

GEMS Millennium School (GMS)is the No. 1 school in  Sharjah, according to Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA).

Q2: Is education in Sharjah free?

UAE natives, holders of UAE passports, GCC citizens, and children of decree holders receive free education in government schools.

Q3: In Sharjah, which curriculum is the best?

The most recent statistics show that 36% of Dubai’s private school students attend institutions with the UK curriculum, which continues to be the most popular option.

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