Selecting the best school in Sialkot is an important decision for parents in shaping a child’s academic journey and personal growth. Sialkot is celebrated for its educational heritage; several top schools stand out for their commitment to providing quality education and holistic development. This article delves into some of the affordable schools in Sialkot, offering insights into their admission procedures, fee structures, addresses, and contact details.

List of 7 Best Schools in Sialkot

Here is a list of the top government and private schools in Sialkot that are dedicated to providing kids with superior education and ground-breaking academic outcomes while also developing their overall personalities;

1. Allied School City Campus Sialkot:

The chairman and founder of the allied school system is Mian Ameer Mahmood. Allied School City Campus Sialkot fosters academic excellence and character development. Within 10 years, Allied Schools has amassed 1075+ campuses across Pakistan. With a reputation for its innovative teaching methodologies and student-centered approach, the school offers a dynamic learning environment.

Admission: All parents must visit the nearest campus where they have to register first, then the admission form will be given.

Fee Structure: Allied school Sialkot fee ranges between 4000-7000 at the time of admission. The monthly fee structure in allied schools depends on students’ class grades. 

Address: Jail Road, Pakpura, Sialkot, Punjab

Contact:  (052) 4210215

2. Sialkot Public School & College:

SPS&C is synonymous with a holistic education combining academic rigor and moral values. The Sialkot Public School & Girls College is one of the best schools in Sialkot.  The institution prides itself on nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel academically and ethically. The SPS&C has excellent facilities and pleasant surroundings. 

Admission: A written entry test is necessary for admission to this school.

Fee Structure: For details about the fee structure, kindly contact the school administration. Generally, the fee is between 7000-12000 Pkr.

Address: 8km Pasrur Road, near Islam Teaching Hospital, Sialkot, Punjab 

Contact Details: 0336 1424889

3. City Public School:

CPS is renowned for its student-centered approach and emphasis on holistic development. The school aims to foster a love for learning while preparing students for future challenges. City Public High School Sialkot is an old and prestigious educational institution in Sialkot, offering English and Urdu Medium education.

Admission: Visit the school premises to learn about admission procedures. You will get complete details about admission after the school visit.

Fee Structure: Contact the school for precise fee structure information. Due to privacy policy, its fee structure is not available.

Address: Jail Road, Pakpura, Sialkot, Punjab

Contact Details: (052) 4265002

4. Convent of Jesus and Mary:

Sialkot’s “The Convent of Jesus and Mary” was the second Catholic institution in British India after Agra and the first in the Punjab. On the request of the Archbishop of Agra, it was founded in 1856 by five nuns under the direction of Mother St. Gonzaga Bergonhoux. One of Punjab’s first mission schools it dates back many years. A famous institution noted for its rigorous academic standards and endeavors to develop character is the Convent of Jesus and Mary. This top school in Sialkot is committed to nurturing well-educated and responsible individuals. The motto of this school is “Education is not Information but Formation.”

Admission: Visit the school’s official website or campus for admission-related details. Certificate of Catholic Practice is a must for admission.

Fee Structure: For information about the fee structure, kindly contact the school administration. It is one of the most affordable schools in Sialkot.

Address: 655 Haider Road, PASRUR, Sialkot

Contact Details: 052-4295564

5. Allama Iqbal Public High School:

AIPS Sialkot is working to build a bright future for students at affordable fees. It has separate portions for boys and girls. This is a famous school in Sialkot. AIPS stands as a beacon of quality education and personal development. The school’s dedicated faculty and comprehensive curriculum contribute to its academic distinction.

Admission: Visit the school campus for admission inquiries.

Fee Structure: Contact the school administration for detailed fee structure information. Fee ranges are normal in AIPS.

Address: Sadar Bazar Saddar Cantt Sialkot Cantonment, Punjab

Contact Details: 052-4271140

6. Learning Zone School System Sialkot:

ABDUL SHAKOOR is the chairman of the Learning Zone School System, one of the best schools in Silakot. The Learning Zone (School System of Position Holders), established in 2001, has 10+ branches. Learning Zone School System Sialkot is committed to fostering a love for learning and instilling strong values in its students. The school’s inclusive approach ensures every child’s growth is prioritized.

Admission: The schools run by Learning Zone are working from pre-primary to secondary level Visit the school campus or official website for admission-related information.

Fee Structure: Contact the school administration for the detailed fee structure.

Address: Allama Iqbal Town Defence Road, near Hot Cake, Iqbal Town Allama Iqbal Town, Sialkot, Punjab

Contact Details: 052-4602700

7. Leads Grammar School:

Leads Grammar School is dedicated to providing a modern educational experience that combines academic excellence with a nurturing environment. The school is committed to preparing students for future challenges. Leeds aims at exploring talent and strives to ensure one’s nourishment of basic skills and capabilities.

Admission: Visit the school’s campus or official website for admission inquiries

Fee Structure: Contact the school administration for detailed fee structure information.

 Address: Puran Nagar, Sialkot, Punjab

 Contact details: (052) 4600010


Sialkot takes pride in its educational institutions, which focus on nurturing young minds for a brighter future. We have enlisted Sialkot’s best private and government schools, offering insights into their admission processes, fee structures, addresses, and contact details. When selecting a school for your child, consider academic reputation, affordable fee structure, faculty expertise, and extracurricular opportunities to make a well-informed decision that aligns with your child’s educational goals.

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