There are many of the best ICS colleges in Islamabad, offering exceptional education across various fields. For students aspiring to pursue careers in computer science and information technology, the city provides affordable colleges that provide the Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) curriculum.

List of 5 Top Colleges for ICS in Islamabad

The famous ICS colleges in Islamabad including their admission process, fee structure, address, and contact details.

1. Jinnah Muslim College of Commerce

Jinnah Muslim College of Commerce is a private college for ICS in Islamabad and was established in 2002. It has earned a reputation for its outstanding ICS program. With a strong focus on academic excellence and a faculty dedicated to nurturing young minds, this college has become a top choice for ICS aspirants. This best ICS college in Islamabad is affiliated with FBISE.

Admission Process: Prospective students should acquire an admission form directly from the college’s administrative office to initiate the application process. Admission criteria rely on the applicant’s previous academic achievements and typically revolve around merit.

Fee Structure: The expense schedule might change every year, so it’s best to get in touch with the college directly to find out the most recent details.

Address: Jinnah Muslim College of Commerce, Sector G-9 Markaz, Islamabad.

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: +92 51 22 60 010
  • Email:

2. NFRD Public School & College

The NFRD Public School & College is renowned for its dedication to offering top-notch instruction and preparing students for careers in intermediate computer science. Modern facilities and a committed faculty are features of the college. NFRD is one of the top colleges in Islamabad for ICS studies.

Admission Process: Admission details and forms can be found on the college’s official website. The selection process is merit-based.

Fee Structure: Contact the college administration for the latest fee structure information.

Address: NFRD Public School & College, H-8/1, Islamabad.

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: +92 51 49 32 002
  • Email:

3. Princess Sultana Degree College for Women

Princess Sultana Degree College is one of the best girls colleges in Islamabad for ICS, especially its Trust, which plays an essential role in women’s education. Their ICS program is designed to empower young women in computer science. The Sultana Foundation is a venture of the 1990-founded Islah-e-Fikr Educational & Welfare Trust, registered as a non-profit and non-commercial trust.  PSDC is the best college for women in Islamabad for ICS Economics (intermediate).

Admission Process: Applications for admission are available at the college’s reception desk. Admission is granted based on merit.

Fee Structure: The fee structure is subject to change, but it has the most affordable fee structure.

Address: Princess Sultana Degree College for Women, G-5, Islamabad.

Contact Details: 

4. Scienta Vision College

The legacy of unwavering efforts and outstanding academic success at Scienta Vision System dates back to 2013. Scienta Vision College is a relatively new but up-and-coming institution in Islamabad. With a dedicated focus on computer science And technology-related programs, they have quickly gained recognition for their quality education. Scienta is the best ICS college in Islamabad that teaches ICS physics.

Admission Process: Admission forms and details can be obtained from the college’s website. Admission is typically granted based on academic merit.

Fee Structure: For the latest fee structure, contact the college administration directly.

Address: Scienta Vision College, G-10/3, Islamabad.

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: +92 51 23 56 111
  • Email:

5. National Textile Institute

The National Textile Institute is an institution that excels in offering ICS education with a unique focus on the textile and fashion industry. Also known as NTI.  Students looking to merge computer science and textiles will find this institution particularly appealing. This college is also affiliated with FBISE. It is the top college for intermediate (ICS).

Admission Process: NTI has the most affordable fee structure for ICS. Admission is determined based on merit.

Fee Structure: Contact the college administration for the most recent fee structure information.

Address: National Textile Institute, Sector H-9, Islamabad.

Contact Details:


The colleges for ICS in Islamabad stand out as some of the best options for students aspiring to pursue a career in computer science. With dedicated faculties, modern facilities, and rigorous admission processes, these best colleges for ICS provide an excellent platform for students to achieve their academic and professional goals.


Q1: Is the field of ICS good?

ICS is an exciting field with a lot of room for growth and development. A career in this sector can lead to a variety of opportunities in a variety of businesses. 

Q2: Does the study of ICS have a future?

Yes, the study of ICS has a future with a growing demand for skilled professionals and numerous career opportunities in the tech industry.

Q3: What is the complete form of ICS?

The complete form of ICS is Intermediate in Computer Science.

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