There are many best colleges for ICS in Lahore. These colleges provide top-notch education. For students seeking a solid foundation in computer sciences, these affordable colleges for ICS programs build students’ ability to achieve their goals with the knowledge of Computers.

List of 5 Best Colleges For ICS  in Lahore

The best colleges for Intermediate in Computer Science (ICS) in Lahore provide detailed information about each institution’s admission process, address, fee structure, and contact details.

1. Aitchison College

Aitchison College offers the ICS program for students seeking a solid educational foundation in computer science. Known for its illustrious history and top-notch faculty, Aitchison College provides students with a holistic education experience. ICS studies are taught at one of the best ICS colleges in Lahore

Admission Process: Admissions are highly competitive and based on a merit system. Students can apply online through the college’s website and must pass an entrance exam.

Address: Mall Road in Lahore, Pakistan, includes the Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam.

Fee Structure: The fee structure varies and is updated annually. Aitchison is the most expensive ICS college in Lahore.

Contact Details: Phone: +92 42 111 363 063

2. The GCHE

The Government College of Home Economics is a renowned institution that offers the ICS program, combining computer science with a focus on home economics. It’s a unique opportunity for students interested in both fields. It is one of the top colleges for ICS in Lahore. Home Economics College, despite its name, has the best science departments. Top-quality Studies in ICS are available in this college.

Admission Process: Admissions are typically granted based on merit. Students can obtain admission forms from the college and submit them before the specified deadline.

Address: 48-N, Gulberg 2, Lahore, Pakistan.

Fee Structure: The fee structure for ICS in GCHE is near about 1 lac and 90 thousand PKR for a single year of ICS.

Contact Details: Phone: +92 42 99262994

3. Scholars College

Scholars College is known for its commitment to providing quality education in computer science.  Scholars is one of the best colleges for ICS studies. The college is equipped with modern facilities and experienced faculty, and it is a private institution but one that upholds its standards and quality of instruction. Every year, the ICS program of scholars’ college experiences shows promise. In Lahore, this college has multiple branches.

Admission Process: Admissions are usually based on academic performance. Students can obtain application forms from the college’s admission office.

Address: 73-Main, 6-Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan.

Fee Structure: Contact the college directly for the most up-to-date fee information.

Contact Details: Phone: +92 42 3575 2041

4. Lahore Garrison University

Lahore Garrison University for ICS offers diverse programs, including ICS. It’s known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and a dedicated faculty that fosters a conducive learning environment. The computer science (ICS) department in this famous university, with one-fifth of the student body, is computer sciences. This college’s ICS department is the largest in Lahore.

Admission Process: Admission to the ICS program is based on academic merit. Application forms are available on the university’s website.

Address: Sector C, Phase 6, DHA, Lahore, Pakistan.

Fee Structure: Fee structures can change annually. Mostly, it charges 1 lac for one year of ICS studies.

Contact Details: Phone: +92 42 371 818 21

5. KIPS College

KIPS started its objective to educate intermediate-level youngsters in Lahor in 2004. Presently, Punjab and the Federal Capital are served by the 35+ campuses and 25+ cities that comprise the KIPS Colleges family. KIPS College is a Popular college for computer studies in the educational sector and is known for its commitment to excellence. It offers the ICS program, providing students with a solid grounding in computer sciences.

Admission Process: Admission is typically based on merit and performance in the entry test. Contact the college for more information.

Address: 57-Commercial, Area Cavalry Ground, Lahore, Pakistan.

Fee Structure: The Kips college fee for ICS is nearly 70 to 80,000 PKR  per year. It also provides scholarships for brilliant students.

Contact Details: Phone: +92 42 111 547 777


Lahore is home to many of the topcolleges offering the ICS program. Whether seeking a traditional or more specialized approach to computer science education, these institutions have something to offer. Your journey to a successful ICS education begins with the right choice of institution. Good luck!


Q1: Which college in Lahore is No. 1 for ICS studies?

Government College Lahore is the No. 1 and most reputed institution for ICS studies.

Q2: How many subjects are there in ICS?

There are three main types of ICS studies, including ICS Physics, statistics, and economics.

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