Do you need best decor ideas for your living room with dark brown sofa? There are many color palettes and design techniques that can work well with the popular dark brown sofa style. Dark brown sofas are likely to have a dramatic effect on the atmosphere and energy of a living room, yet it’s important to keep these factors in mind when decorating a living room.

Living room is the centre point of any house. Everyone in the house spends most of their time in the living room. Therefore, the color scheme, the furniture and fixtures, the décor etc needs to be in line to give your living room a cozy and comfortable look.

Decorating a home is not an easy task. Some people are not artistic enough to decorate a house of their dreams. So here is an article that you should look at if you are struggling to make decisions.

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There are many factors to consider when designing your living room with dark brown sofa, so if you are searching for a color scheme, then this is the right article to read.  This is a very explicit study, so it is not easy to find much material online on this related topic. I know the struggle that is why  I am here to give you the insight ideas for your specific research.

Searching for colour scheme for living room with dark brown sofa?

Dark brown colour is a fine selection. If you have this color for your living room, then it means that you are rich in aesthetics and you are attracted more towards effervescent colors and shades. But this choice is not an easy one!!! You have to be very cautious while choosing colors like dark brown for your living room because it is not easy to match the color schemes with dark brown. But this article is here to help you find some best available options!!!

Colour schemes that go well with dark brown sofa

Dark brown is an earthly and neutral shade. The most basic tip is to stay neutral!!! Do not over burden your living room with different colour schemes if you have already opted for a dark brown sofa. Because dark brown itself is a filling color with neutral and warm hues. I will give you some options for color schemes that go well with dark brown sofas in this article. Following are given the range of best colour schemes that you can opt.

1- Comfy and cozy

First in the list is this comfy and cozy living room space. As you can see in the picture above, there is a brick wall and an earthly color wooden floor that is going perfectly well with the brown sofa. The brown paint used on the walls is also harmonizing with the brown sofa. This color scheme is making the whole setting “feel like home”.

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2- Neutrally painted walls

The second colour scheme option is rather simple yet elegant and stylish in its own way. Neutrally colored walls are always an option when you have dark and warm colored sofas in your living room. Because neutrally painted walls give a very airy and spacious look to the whole area. As you can see in the picture that a beautiful combination of white and cream color painted on the walls is complementing the brown sofa in a very elegant way.  Also notice the light colored cushions on the sofa. They are going well with the white and cream painted walls. This whole setup and colour scheme combinations is giving an entire look to the living room.

3- Add some “Bang” of colour

In the above picture I am presenting another look where you can add bright colors with your brown sofa. Bright colors add liveliness to your living room space. You can see that yellow colored cushions have been added on the sofa and they are adding more vibrancy in the whole look. The back walls are although light colored but the front is becoming sparkling with the use of yellow color on the brown sofa. The yellow colour is making the brown sofa look more outstanding.

4- Try monochrome appearance

Monochrome means “one color”. But this not necessarily means that using one color will make whole appearance of the living room boring!!! Instead this can add a positive vibe to the whole space. You can add different essentials of the living room in cream or white colour. They look cool and nice with brown sofa. For example same colored cushions, sofa throws, table runners, rugs, wall hangings etc.

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5- Red can never stop inspiring you!!!

Brown can pair up very well with red and different tones of red for example rust, fuchsia and burgundy. You can add flooring, cushions and fixtures in the tones of red. They will give a perfect pop of color with the brown sofa and will make the area look warm and cozy.

6- Choose a more bright wall paint

To improve the impact of a brown sofa, choose a more bright and gallant wall paint. This will give your room a more vivacious and energetic look. For example as you can see in the above picture an emerald green wall is adding more grace to the brown colored sofa on the front. Moreover plants can also be added to increase the freshness in the whole environment and to add more life to your space.

7- Mix and match theme

Brown sofas can be styled in a variety of different ways. They are not limited to single colors or same patterns; rather they can be styled more beautifully with the mix and match patterns and schemes of colours. The only thing you have to keep in mind while decorating with mix and match patterns is that you have to be focused about the coordination of colours in these patterns. As you can see in the above picture that the famed fabric on the wall is giving beige hues and also coordinating with the pink colored cushion covers.

Concluding opinion

Decorating a living room is no doubt a very demanding, time consuming and exquisite task and it requires your whole attention and efforts to decorate a living room of your dream house. But I hope that the above mentioned color schemes will help you find the best match with your brown sofa, that will not only comprehend the overall look of your living room but enhance it as well.

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Does grey go with brown furniture?

In a room with mostly brown furniture, the grey color can provide the room with a great visual break and cool things down, whereas the brown colour can add a sense of warmth to a room that is mostly grey.

What colour cushions go with a dark brown leather sofa?

To ensure that the cushions on a deep, dark brown sofa do not disappear into the dark, it is important to have them in a light colour. Cooler colours like light greens, greys, and blues bring out the warmth of chocolate brown without being too overpowering.

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