In a cross-border love story that has swept the subcontinent, Seema Haider, a Pakistani mother of four, illegally entered India to be with her love, Sachin, whom she met playing PUBG online.

This extraordinary tale of love beyond borders has caught the attention of Indian filmmaker Amit Jani. According to Aaj Tak, Jani, who owns Jani Firefox production house, intends to create a film inspired by Seema and Sachin’s saga.

Seema’s daring journey from Pakistan through Nepal into India, her consequent struggles, and the legal complexities surrounding her presence have moved Amit. Originally skeptical, he reportedly offered Seema a leading role in his film after understanding her plight.

Simultaneously, Amit is contemplating offering Seema a part in his forthcoming film, “A Tailor Murder Story,” based on the notorious Udaipur murder case. Payments for her role as an actor are confirmed, but Seema’s response remains unknown.

After their secret wedding in Nepal, Seema and Sachin’s story took an unexpected turn. Despite being arrested for illegal entry and pressure for Seema’s return to Pakistan, she remains resolute in her intent to live with Sachin.

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