A hot stone massage is a common technique to release stress and fatigue. During a hot stone massage, flat hot stones are placed at various locations on the body. Some therapists massage with hot stones to release tension through various movements and get deeper into the muscles. This massage therapy may not suit every body type and results in a few disadvantages.


  • The hot stone massage is a body and soul healing technique used since ancient times but it is not suitable for all skin and body types.
  • A stone massage is contraindicated during pregnancy and in chronic conditions like blood clots, heart diseases, and any allergies.

The history of hot stone massage links it to the ancient techniques used to relax the body and mind. It is believed that a hot stone massage provides balance to the body by using 5 elements including earth, fire, metal, wood, and water but it can be linked to various harmful effects.

Disadvantages of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages are very beneficial for the wellness of the body and mind but a few listed disadvantages linked to the therapy have limited its use;

1- Overheated Stones can Burn the Skin

In a stone massage, stones are heated at a specific temperature. There is a clear chance that sometimes if the stones are overheated then they can easily burn your skin. 

  • The heat tolerance levels vary for each individual so a hot stone massage can cause severe discomfort and skin burns in people who can’t bear the high temperatures.
  • Massaging with hot stones can worsen sunburn or wounds on the skin due to intense heat.
  • Extreme temperatures can cause intense pain at wound sites and may increase skin sensitivity by breaking the skin.

The chances of getting your skin burnt are reduced if you are under the supervision of a certified therapist.

2- Hot Massage Therapy can worsen the diseases

The hot stone massage is not suitable for people suffering from certain chronic illnesses.

  • Massage with hot stones can worsen the fever.
  • People with diabetes become less responsive to temperature extremes due to numbness in sensory nerves. This increases the chances of burns in diabetics.
  • Hot stone massage can aggravate heart disease symptoms in cardiac patients.
  • Using common stones for different people can increase the chances of infections.
  • This massage technique is not recommended during pregnancy.

People with any of the above or similar conditions are not advised to get hot massage therapy. The therapy can worsen their disease.

3- Heat can Increase Muscle Tension

A hot stone massage has been in practice for 7000 years. History shows the use of this relaxing massage among Chinese and Indians but the massage can cause danger.

  • Heat therapy during hot stone massage can increase muscle tension in certain acute injuries and inflammations.
  • Some bodies may find it very relaxing but some may experience more muscle tension when heat is applied through the stones on the body. 

Therefore, it is important to know your body type or any special conditions you are suffering from, before making an appointment for a hot stone massage. It is not for everyone!!!

4- Release of Toxins

Another side effect of a hot stone massage is the release of toxins due to muscle relaxation. Heated stones when put on your body, release toxins deep down in your muscles. Releasing toxins from your body can cause;

  • Dizziness
  • Frequent urination
  • Headache
  • Fatigue or 
  • Nausea

Keep yourself hydrated during and after the treatment to avoid these associated disadvantages.

5- Changes in Thermoregulatory Mechanisms

Hot stone massage can affect the temperature-regulatory mechanism of the body 

  • It can cause frequent alterations in your body temperature which can result in fatigue or elevated blood pressure levels in the body.
  • It is recommended to talk to your hot stone massage therapist before going for any treatment to avoid certain conditions.

It is important to take massage therapy under the supervision of a certified massage therapist. If you have any known allergies or are suffering from any acute or chronic conditions, taking professional advice can help you alleviate the dangers. 


Hot stone massage therapy although beneficial, has a few disadvantages, especially for people with sensitive skin. It is contraindicated during chronic conditions to avoid worsening the symptoms. Therefore, it is advised to refer to a licensed chiropractor before taking any therapy to minimize adverse reactions.

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