Hot Stone Massage Therapy: Disadvantages of Hot Stone Massage

Disadvantages of a Hot Stone Massage

Massage therapy is famous all over the world due to its uncountable benefits for both the human body and human mind. The basic purpose of a massage therapy is to relax the tense muscles of the body. It not only helps in relaxing the affected muscles but also helps to increase body flexibility.

The process of rubbing or kneading the body with hands applying a specific amount of pressure is called a massage.

Hot Stone Massage

In any type of massage, soft tissues of the body are targeted. Hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy that uses heated stones on the body to do a massage. The stones used for stone massage therapy are taken from rivers. They are actually river rocks. The stones are then heated on a stone heater. The rocks are then placed in a warmer till they are put in the body to keep them warm.

During a hot stone massage, the therapist uses heated stones on various energetic zones of your body. Basalt lava stones are the stones mostly used for hot stone therapy. They are mineral rocks and contain calcium, magnesium and iron. These minerals contain many healing benefits. Hot stone massages can be very relaxing and can heal many chronic diseases as well.

History of Hot Stone Massage

The history of hot stone massage is found from very ancient times. Indians used to do hot stone massage from 5000 years ago. They used to do this massage to cure them.

Chinese history tells that they also used to do the hot stone massage but they started using the massage hundreds of years later.

Process of Hot Stone Massage

The process simply involves placing hot stones on specific parts of the body that needs healing or therapy. The temperature of the stones generally ranges from 110 to 130 Fahrenheit. Therapists usually use basalt stones for the massage. Basalt stones have the quality of locking in heat for a longer time as compared to other stones. After placing the heated stones, the therapist may start rubbing your body gently to increase level of comfort and relaxation. The body parts on which stones are placed include feet, palm, face, chest, stomach or spine etc.

Disadvantages of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages are very beneficial and used to cure many diseases but there are also some disadvantages. If a hot stone massage is not done properly, it can cause many problems as well. Hot stone massage must be done under the supervision of a certified massage therapist. Otherwise, it can also create some problems. Following are given some disadvantages or drawbacks that we can face while we get a hot stone massage.

  1. Overheated Stone Can Burn the Skin

Although the chance of getting your skin burnt is less if you are under the supervision of a certified therapist but still there is a chance.

In a hot stone massage, hot stones are heated at specific temperatures. There is a clear chance that sometimes if the stones are overheated then they can easily burn your skin. This usually happens when you are under the therapist who is not properly trained. If the therapist is not trained in heating the stones then serious level of burns can be caused. That is why it is very important that you immediately convey any discomfort you feel during the therapy to avoid any serious problems.

  1. Hot Massage Therapy is not Meant for All

There are people with sensitive skin or some medical conditions that can be aggravated due to a hot stone massage. Some of these conditions are cancerous tumors, internal bleeding, open wounds, blood clots, cellulites, diabetes and heart conditions etc. People having any of the above conditions or similar conditions are not advised to get a hot massage therapy. The therapy can do them harm instead of doing any good for them.

  1. Heat can Increase Muscle Tension

The heated stones used for a hot stone massage can increase the tension in your muscles. Every body is different from the other. Some bodies may find it very relaxing but some may experience more muscle tension when heat is applied through the stones on the body. Therefore, it is important to know your body type or any special conditions you are suffering from, before taking an appointment for a hot stone massage. It is not for everyone!!!

  1. Release of Toxins

Heated stones when put on your body, release toxins deep down in your muscles. Releasing of toxins from your body is considered good. It is a relaxing fact but sometimes it does the opposite. The release of toxins can cause dizziness, frequent urination, headache, fatigue or nausea etc.

  1. Changes in your Body Temperature

Hot stone massage can cause aggravated body temperatures. It can cause frequent change in your body temperature which can result in fatigue or elevated blood pressure levels in the body. Therefore, it is recommended to clearly talk to your hot stone massage therapist before going for any treatment to avoid certain conditions.


Hot stone massage therapy is found to be beneficial in many cases. It has many benefits but the above mentioned drawbacks cannot be overlooked. Therefore, it is advised that before taking any therapy or treatment, you should first consult your physician to save yourself from any adverse effects.

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