The roof is an integral part of your house that you don’t check every day. It is hard to know when your roof needs repair or replacement. When you know what to look for the quest a little bit easier.

You don’t need to have special inspection skills to succeed but you should never miss any of the important warning signs. Water leaks and sagging roofs are the two most prominent warning signs. If you find your roof gutters to be filled with shingle granules every other day, take this as a sign and hire emergency roofing contractor near your place.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners choose to neglect these warning signs. Reasons could be anything from busy schedules to lack of money. Most of these reasons are listed when they are thinking about the short term. Homeowners should always keep in mind that delays will not be without consequences.

Let us have a look at the short and long-term imperative effects of neglecting your roof damages

Short-Term Effects

1. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are one of the easiest to spot warning signs. Most homeowners find out about the roof damaged by a leaky roof. This is a short-term effect of roof damages. Imagine the roof flashing was broken but there was no way you could identify it unless your roof starts leaking. Make sure you address the issue before it gets worsens.

2. High Utility Bills

A lot of homeowners do not relate the utility bills with the house roof. It may be because both of them are not related apparently. When you look closely, the roof plays a vital role in maintaining indoor temperatures. If any damages allow air to leak, your HVAC system has to work harder. High utility bills are one of the short-term effects and are very difficult to identify.

3. Pest Infestation

Ideally, your roof should not be housing any critters. Pest infestation is considered a sign of an unhealthy roof. Roof experts assume that if a house roof is infested with pests, there are definitely enough crevices for rainwater. And it is no secret that rainwater is your greatest enemy as unchecked water can cause extensive and expensive damages.

4. Mold Growth

A very common effect of neglecting water damages in your roof is mold growth. You may be surprised to know that it takes about 24 hours to start growing.

It may not be visible but the microscopic fruiting bodies of fungus are there. They are producing new spores that spread in the air and give rise to new organisms without you even noticing. You only get to “see” or “smell” mold when it already took hold in your house.

5. House Paint Peeling/Staining

Water damages can cause the house paint to peel or crack. You may also see water stains that significantly affect the aesthetic appeal of the house.

Long-Term Effects

1. Increase In Repair Costs

An increase in repair costs is simple arithmetic we all seem to ignore. The bad news is that repair costs increase exponentially as the damaged portion is already allowing moisture or water inside the house. You will be spending thousands of dollars on repairs when all you had to spend a few hundred. A lot of homeowners end up paying for roof replacement costs. 

2. Decrease In Property Value

A buyer pours huge amounts of money in a real estate building so it is valid for them to look for water damage signs. If you have been neglecting them for months and expect your potential buyer to understand your reasons, you are mistaken. Roof damages significantly lower the value of properties.

3. Decreased Safety

The most obvious long -term effect of neglecting house repairs is decreased safety. There are risks to your property, health, and finances. The deteriorated roof gets weaker over time and can’t stand the harsh weather conditions anymore. It may even collapse and cause severe damages such as lost lives. 

4. Roof Sagging

As soon as you find your house roof leaking, hire professionals for roof leak repair in San Antonio. If you choose to do otherwise, the roof may begin sagging without you even noticing.

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