“Gadar 2” has recreated the magic, setting a record for Sunny Deol by grossing Rs. 40.10 cr on its debut day, marking the actor’s highest opening day collection.

The original “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha” left a lasting legacy in Indian cinema, blending emotion, patriotism, and power-packed performances.

Its sequel, Gadar 2, successfully merges a nostalgic trip with the original characters while addressing today’s pertinent issues. This unique mix has reignited the classic’s allure and established a new milestone in Deol’s illustrious career.

Comparing this blockbuster’s day-one collection with Sunny Deol’s past releases accentuates its success. “Yamla Pagla Deewana” grossed Rs. 7.95 cr, “Ghayal Once Again” achieved Rs. 7.20 cr, “Yamla Pagla Deewana 2” secured Rs. 7.5 cr, while “Singh Saab The Great” pulled in Rs. 6 cr.

However, the film’s triumph isn’t just rooted in nostalgia. Gadar 2 masterfully taps into themes resonating deeply with contemporary audiences.

Its rich blend of patriotic zeal and emotional intensity, further elevated by Deol’s portrayal of an emotional and moral lead, connects seamlessly, especially considering today’s socio-political backdrop.

Industry experts foresee a bright trajectory for Gadar 2’s box office journey. With overwhelmingly positive feedback, audience acclaim, and buzzing word of mouth, trade predictions suggest the film is poised for a meteoric rise. Preliminary estimates even hint at the movie crossing the Rs. 100 cr threshold by the end of its opening weekend.

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