When it comes to toilets then there is a wide range of options available in the market. There are many companies and brands in the market that are making different designs, styles and types of toilets. Different toilets are designed to serve different purposes. That is why different toilets are designed according to different customer needs and requirements. Customer preferences for toilets are dependent on various factors including bathroom size, personal preferences, available budget etc.

Gerber’s Overview:

Gerber is a company that is leading in plumbing products since 85 years. They have a wide range and variety of toilet options to fulfill every different customer’s needs. Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Corp. is the manufacturing company that makes Gerber toilets, faucets and China plumbing products. Gerber toilets are considered as a finest choice in toilets and bathrooms.

They are considered to be at the top in quality, efficiency and style for both residential and commercial bathrooms. Gerber toilets are famous for their simple yet elegant and classy designs with affordable prices. Gerber is considered as a leading company in developing water-saving toilets that are efficient as well.

You are totally right if you are thinking about investing in one of Gerber’s toilets as this will be the best investment and worth spending money on. This will also be a great experience for you to use Gerber’s toilets.

Difference Between Gerber’s Viper and Avalanche Toilets

Gerber design many types of toilets. Viper and avalanche toilets are among those types. They offer different specifications and features to fulfill different customer needs. First you need to understand what viper and avalanche toilets are.

Gerber’s Viper Toilet:

A viper is a type of toilet that is elongated and highly efficient toilet. A Gerber’s viper toilet uses 1.28 gallons or (4.8 L) of water in a single flush. It is also easy to clean and maintain. A viper toilet is designed to flush away the heavy waste with a single flush.

Gerber’s Avalanche Toilet:

An avalanche toilet is known as a top class toilet in the industry. It is considered to be high quality and suitable for new construction, remodeling or repairing. It is a water saving toilet. It is designed basically to flush away the liquid waste.

Gerber’s Viper vs Avalanche Toilets – Pros, Cons, & Comparisons

Gerber has designed its viper and avalanche toilets with the best of technology to make the toilets highly efficient. Both viper and avalanche toilets are considered best toilets of Gerber. However, both have different characteristic features and specifications. Following is a list of differences between Gerber’s viper and avalanche toilets. The differences will give you information about both types of toilets and you will be able to make an informed and better decision.

Color and Style Options:

Gerber’s viper toilet in white color looks elegant and stylish. It works best with both modern and traditional themed toilets. Reviews about Gerber’s viper toilets also mention this positively that the viper toilet give you an option to match both with modern and traditional toilets.

You will be happier to know that Gerber’s viper toilet is also available in 10 modern colors as well. These colors are citron yellow, Jamaican beige, silver, Spanish gold, regal blue, bone, citron yellow, Bahama, pink, almond and british biscuit.

Gerber’s avalanche toilets are considered to be very affordable and high in quality. They are only available in two color options. These colors are biscuit and white. They come in both one piece and two piece styles. If you have a contemporary style washroom then you get a one piece avalanche toilet option to match with the theme of your modern bathroom.


Gerber’s viper toilet has an elongated bowl. It comes in the form of a two piece toilet. The material used for the making of viper toilet is known as vitreous China. It is known to be a durable and strong material. There is no coating on the top surface of toilet bowl, pedestal or tank but still the material is so high quality that it does not allow dust or waste to stay.

Gerber’s avalanche toilet comes in both one piece and two piece options. It has also an elongated toilet bowl. The avalanche toilet is also made of the same material as the viper toilet that is vitreous China. Therefore, both viper and avalanche toilets are considered to be durable, strong and easy to clean and maintain.

Size and Comfort:

Gerber’s viper toilet has a standard height of 16 3/8 inches. This toilet height is comfortable enough for the consumer to sit at and stand up. The viper has got a flushing valve that is 3 inches in size. It also comes with a 12-inches rough in. this feature helps improve the flushing capacity and also increases the rate of flowing water. Resultantly, the waste flows down easily with a single flush.

Gerber’s avalanche toilet has a height of 16 ½ inches. This height is nearly equal to that of the viper toilet. Therefore, the comfort level of both toilets is considered nearly equal. However, sometimes viper toilet is considered a bit more comfortable than an avalanche toilet.


The main function of a viper toilet is to flush away heavy waste with a single flush. That is why it utilizes 1.6 gallons per flush.

The main function of an avalanche toilet is to flush away liquid waste. It only utilizes 1.28 gallons per flush. Therefore, it is considered more efficient in saving water.


Installation process of a viper toilet is quite easy. All essential equipments for installation come with the toilet kit with the buying of viper toilet.

Installation process of an avalanche toilet is easy. The bowl comes with a double nut tank attached with it. It can be easily installed without any specific tool needed.

Concluding Statement:

Differences mentioned in the above content are informative enough for you to take the right decision. If you are a small family and the toilet is anticipated only for liquid waste then you should consider Gerber’s avalanche toilet.

However, a large family with heavy waste should consider installing a Gerber’s viper toilet. This is also more water saving therefore, more suitable for larger families.

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