There are many best government colleges in Rahim Yar Khan; it boasts a range of educational institutions, with government colleges leading in providing quality education. Consider these institutions as your gateway to a brighter future in the heart of Rahim Yar Khan.

List of Government Colleges in RYK

 For students seeking higher education in this region, here are the five best government colleges you should consider:

1. Govt College Of Technology

The Government College of Technology was established in 1989 and is famous for its commitment to technical education. Offering various diploma and degree programs in fields such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, and information technology, this college equips students with practical skills to excel in their respective careers. Government College of  Technology is one of the top Colleges for technical studies. The institute operates under TEVTA’s administrative supervision. Some technical programs are affiliated with Islamia University Bahawalpur.

Facilities: The college Facilities include a library with air conditioning and a workshop with the newest tools and machinery. Additionally, there are sports and gaming facilities. 

Admission Process: Admissions are typically open once a year, and the process includes submission of required documents, passing an entry test, and attending an interview.

Fee Structure: The fee structure varies based on the program, but the college offers financial assistance to eligible students. It is the best technical college in District RYK.

Address: Shehbaz Pur Road, Government College of Technology, Rahim Yar Khan.

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: 0303 61 39 597
  • Email:

2. Government Graduate College for Women, RYK

This college is a beacon of empowerment for women in Rahim Yar Khan. The institution focuses on holistic development, ensuring that female students receive a quality education. Since its founding in 1995, our institution has been at the forefront of giving young women in our community access to high-quality education. It also offers a wide variety of courses, such as Intermediate, ADP, and BS programs. Their committed teaching members work hard to foster an atmosphere of learning that encourages intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and personal development. It is one of the best government colleges for women in Rahim Yar Khan.

Admission Process: Admission includes submitting the required documents and appearing for a merit-based entry test or interview.

Fee Structure: The fee structure is reasonable, and scholarships are available for eligible students.

Address: Government Postgraduate College for Women, RYK

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: +92) 68-93 30 046
  • Email:

3. Govt. Technical Training Institute, Rahim Yar Khan

The Technical Educational & Vocational Training Institute was created in 1999 through an Ordinance combining Training Institutes from seven different departments of the Punjabi government. It was enhanced in 2010 by an Act. This institute is a technical and vocational education hub, preparing students for various industries. It is the best college for diplomas. Programs include various technical trades and hands-on training, making graduates highly employable. This government college is famous for its 6-month to 2-year diplomas and degree programs.

Admission Process: Admissions are open periodically, and candidates must meet the eligibility criteria for their chosen trade.

Fee Structure: The fee structure is affordable, and financial aid may be available.

Address: Near the hotel Faraan, in Rahim Yar Khan, at the Chowk, Thali, and Sui Gas Rd.

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: +92 (42) 99 26 30 55
  • Email:

4. Khawaja Fareed Government Postgraduate College

KFGC was founded in 1954. Khawja Fareed College is the best college for all degree programs. It’s known for its dedication to academic excellence and cultural heritage. KFGC is the largest government college in Rahim Yar Khan for FSc. 

Offered Programs:

  • Intermediate
  • Undergraduate 
  • Graduate
  • Post Graduate

Admission Process: Admissions are based on merit, and candidates must meet the required academic criteria.

Fee Structure: The fee structure is reasonable, and scholarships are available for deserving students.

Address: Khawaja Fareed Government Postgraduate College, Rahim Yar Khan.

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: +92 68 9239001
  • Email:

5. Government Girls Degree College

This college provides quality education for female students and offers diverse undergraduate programs. It aims to empower women through education and has a history of producing successful graduates. Government Girls Degree College is the top college in RYK.

Offered Programs: 

  • FSC pre-medical/Pre-engineering
  • FA
  • ICS
  • ICom

Admission Process: Admissions are merit-based, and candidates must fulfill the academic requirements.

Fee Structure: The college offers affordable education, and scholarships are accessible to those in need.

Address: Government Girls Degree College, Sukkur Adda, Rahim Yar Khan.

Contact Details: Phone: +92 68 9239003


These best government colleges in Rahim Yar Khan are committed to providing quality education to students from various backgrounds. Their affordable fee structures and scholarship programs ensure aspiring scholars can access higher education without financial constraints. 


1. Which government college is the oldest in RYK?

The Government Postgraduate College for Women is the oldest in Rahim Yar Khan.

2. Which is the best government college in Rahim Yar Khan for science?

Khawaja Fareed Govt College is considered one of the No.1 colleges in RYK for science. The college produces the highest pass percentage in board exams.

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