Hurricane season officially runs from June to November. Despite this, it’s important to be ready for strong, hazardous storms all year round. You’ll be protected from flying debris, high winds, and other storm hazards with hurricane impact windows. A heavy-duty frame and impact-resistant glass make hurricane impact windows super tough. Two panes of glass are sandwiched between silicone glazing and poly material to keep the glass from breaking.

There are hurricanes all over the country. Hurricane-prone areas should be aware of the dangers and take precautions to protect their homes. Strong winds and flying debris can damage windows. To prevent damage, hurricane-resistant windows are installed.

What are Hurricane windows?

A hurricane or impact window is rigorously tested to ensure it will keep your home safe in a storm. These windows are designed to withstand flying debris and protect your home. If you have flying debris hit your house, internal pressure can build up, causing structural damage. For your properties hurricane impact window installation is necessary to keep the interior of your house safe from all types of disasters.

How Impact windows protect from hurricanes

The following are some factors that impact windows can protect you from hurricanes as we have explained them in this section:

1. Block 95% UV rays

You may have noticed that furniture is damaged by sunlight from a window in some homes. The damage usually occurs when the sun touches the furniture. UV radiation penetrating via sensitive windows causes this form of furniture deterioration. However, impact windows block UV light, preserving furnishings and protecting your skin from UV radiation.

2. Tornado and severe thunderstorm protection

We have stormed all year, and their ferocity varies. Impact windows defend against hail, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, tropical thunderstorms, and storms similar to hurricanes. Less maintenance is required than regular windows. Therefore, the return on investment is year-round comfort. In a severe weather event, your windows will not be the first to fail.

3. Soundproofing

The noise-canceling feature of hurricane impact windows is very appealing. With hurricane impact windows, you won’t have to worry about being near a lot of traffic or construction noise anymore. These windows mute thunderstorms and other external noises.

4. Anti-Intrusion

Because hurricane impact windows are designed to withstand high winds and flying debris, they may endure rather severe impacts. No matter how hard you hit them, they don’t shatter. Instead, impact windows split, leaving spider web-like breaks in the window. Impact windows have many layers of glass with a plastic interlayer between them. This polyethylene interlayer holds the glass together after impact, leaving no fragments for homeowners to clean.

5. One-time setup

Storm shutters can protect windows. While they can protect standard windows from hurricanes, having to turn them on and off every time a significant storm hits might be unpleasant. This is especially true when the forecasted hurricanes never reach landfall. One installation of hurricane impact windows. In a severe thunderstorm, no part of the window needs to be removed and replaced. They are just as protective in the first storm as in subsequent storms.

6. Appearance

When preparing for a hurricane, it’s natural to use window coverings to protect your windows. But hurricane windows aren’t obliged to be covered. If the power goes out during a storm, the hurricane shutters will keep you from being completely in the dark. While covering windows for safety is beneficial regardless of window type, impact windows are not as urgent because they can withstand hurricane force. So, have Impact Windows been tried?

7. Glass Strength and Design

During storms, the enormous difference in atmospheric pressure between the outdoors and the home interiors can easily crack or shatter traditional windows made of single pane glass.

Impact windows are made of two layers of laminated glass with a transparent resin for strength. Due to the rigid structure, big items striking impact windows at high speeds are difficult to shatter.

8. Frame Specifications

Impact windows have extra-strong frames to support the glass window panes. A full window is useless if the glass breaks free of the frame.

Impact window frames secure the glass. They can withstand storms without damaging the window’s integrity. Weatherstripping prevents air and water from entering the window during hurricanes or other storms.


Losali Enterprise claims that its hurricane windows are impact-rated impact windows that can withstand the force of a hurricane. As the name implies, these windows are designed to defend against high winds and other environmental hazards throughout the year. It is made up of laminated glass, like the safety glass used in automobiles, and it does not shatter into pieces.

The intensity of hurricanes is expected to increase resulting in an increased need for wind and rain damage defense. An impact window provides the maximum protection against storm-related weather.


Do impact windows protect against hurricanes?

Hurricane-resistant windows do not prevent hurricanes, but they do provide protection against them. The materials are tested to withstand impact and strong winds, making them a far better option than other types of hurricane protection.

Do you still need hurricane shutters with impact windows?

The windows on older homes are often dysfunctional and could pose a danger in hurricanes, regardless of whether hurricane shutters are in place. A hurricane window and door system will not require shutters during a hurricane.

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