The main source of water consumption in any household is the toilet. According to a study, a household consumes on average 30% of its water for toilet. If we consider older models of toilets that used almost 6 gallons of water per flush were considered more inefficient because they wasted lots of water.

Water Usage

There has been much development in the recent years regarding the toilet models. The state has set a standard that every toilet making company is bound to follow. The state has allowed the companies to make designs and models of toilets in a way that they do not consume more than .6 gallon of water per flush. Some recent models even consume far less than this standard. They consume 1.28 gallons per flush or even less.

According to the USA statistics, if households replace older, inefficient models of toilets with the new ones which are designed to save water, then an average household can reduce the use of water in toilets by 20%-60%. This percentage is nearly equal to 13000 gallons of water savings for a single household every year. The household can also save water cost by $140 over the year.

Another study suggests that if the whole USA replaces older toilets with the new ones then 360 billion gallons of water can be saved per year. This amount of water is as huge as the water that falls over the Niagra Falls in 9 days.

The statistics state that 300 million Americans waste over 5 billion dollars by just flushing their toilets every year. Therefore, it has now become a necessity that every household should think of ways to reduce water wastage by toilet flushing.

How much water does a toilet uses?

How much water does a toilet uses per flush is dependent on different designs and models of the toilet. The older models generally use much water than the newer ones. The older models are said to use nearly 6 gallons or 20L of water per flush. However, the newer models are designed to use only 1.2-1.6 gallons of water per flush. Following is a comparison of different toilets to show how much water do different toilets use per flush.

How Much Water Does Low-Flush Toilets Use?

Low flush toilets appeared in 1994. They use very less amount of water for flushing. They only use 1.6 gallons or 6 liters of water per flush which is very less to its older counterparts. Although when it was new in the market, many consumers complained about its low flushing speed and capacity.

How Much Water Does Ultra Low-Flush Toilets Use?

Federal law was passed in 1992 in USA for water saving. This law states that every toilet made should not consume more than 1.6 gallons or 6 liters of water. After this law, toilet making companies started focusing more to increase the efficiency of the toilets and that was the time when ultra low flushing toilets started coming in the market.

How Much Water Does High-Efficiency Toilets Use?

High efficiency toilets although new in the market but they are designed to be highly efficient as it is evident from the name. They use only 1.3 gallons or 4.9 liters of water per flush. This toilet will help a lot in saving the water.

How Much Water Does Dual-Flush Toilets Use?

A dual flush toilet is the latest model in the world of toilets. It is designed to have dual flush capacity. It has two modes to operate. One mode is half flush and the other is full flush. Half flush mode is to be used for liquid waste. Full flush mode is to be used for solid waste. In half flush mode, the toilet only uses 0.8-1.1 gallons or 3-4.2 liters of water, which is highly efficient and water saving feature. In full flush mode, the toilet uses 1.4 gallons or 5.3 liters of water. These dual flush toilets are said to be the most efficient ones as you can save lots of water with these toilets. These toilets are also said to be environment friendly due to their water saving feature.

Concluding Thoughts

All of us know about the scarcity of water we are facing all over the world and it is expected to increase in the coming times. Therefore, we should make every effort to save water for our coming generations. A responsible person should always look that how much water is used by the toilet in each flush. As it is evident from the above content that toilets are one of the largest sources of water consumption in a household, we should try to find ways to reduce the water consumption y the toilets as much as possible. This will not only be a great environment friendly decision but it will also help to make this world a better place to live.

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