An RV is just like your second home when you are on the roads for a trip. You should take care of your RV just like you take care of your home. An RV has the provision to provide you the comfort and luxury just like your home. There is a kitchen, a bed and most importantly a toilet.

You will not find it suitable to stop your vehicle time and again for bathroom breaks. Moreover, finding a bathroom is not an easy task during a road trip. There are also areas where there is no facility. That is why people who travel on a regular basis use RVs.

Toilet in your RV is an important part of your RV. You have to take care of the cleaning and other requirements just like you do at your home toilet. The most frustrating and disturbing thing for an RV owner is the clogging of the toilet of your RV. You cannot find any plumber when you are on the go.

Sometimes you even find a plumber but he is unable to solve your issue because he is not the competent one. That is why it is important that you should have basic knowledge of the expected problems you can face while you are in your RV.

If your RV toilet gets clogged due to toilet paper, then this becomes a really serious issue. Toilet paper is not dissolved in the toilet, we know this fact. In this situation, the only option you have left is to dissolve the toilet paper. This article will help you to go through the process of how to dissolve toilet paper in your RV toilet.

How Toilet Paper Can be dissolved in RV?

The toilet paper and dried-up solid waste built up inside the tank causing the clog in your RV toilet. This means that you need to dissolve the toilet paper along with the waste to clear the clog.

There are several chemicals available in the markets that are specially designed to be used in RV black tanks. These chemicals do not propose any harm to the black tank. These chemicals work on the principle of liquefying the pyramid plug built inside the black tank. When you pour down the chemical in your RV black tank, it reacts and starts to liquefy the pyramid plug.

There is another category of chemicals available in the markets that are designed specially to dissolve toilet paper. You have to pour the entire bottle of this chemical inside your black tank and let it sit inside the tank overnight. 

The chemical will work all night and dissolve the toilet paper inside the tank. However, if you want to liquefy all the solids inside the black tank then you have to leave the chemical cleaner inside the tank for more than 12 hours. It will liquefy the toilet paper as well as other solid waste in the tank. As a consequence, the clog will clear out.

Symptoms that you need to dissolve the Toilet Paper

Toilet papers designed for RVs are the special ones that do dissolve easily inside the black tank of your RV. However, the toilet paper does not dissolve completely and results in a build-up inside the black tank of your RV. This build-up along with other waste inside the tank can cause clogging and very bad smells. The first symptom that will tell you about the clogging is the bad smell. The smell will spread all around your RV.

 Though you will not see anything unusual in your RV toilet, the bad smell will indicate that something is not right. If you hear any strange sounds coming from the black tank after every flush, this could also be a symptom of clogged toilet paper. Hence it is important that before solving the issue, you should know the actual cause of the problem.

Why do RV Toilets Get Clogged?

The block of RV toilets can be caused due to many reasons. One of the main reasons is the leaking or broken valve. The valve in your black tank is always closed when you are not dumping your tank at the dumping station. The valve does not allow any waste either solid or liquid to escape from the tank. However, if this valve is leaking or broken, then it will allow the liquid waste to escape from the tank slowly. 

This will result in the drying up of solid waste in the tank and it will cause build-up inside the tank walls. This build-up of dried solid waste and toilet paper inside the tank is known as a pyramid plug. Some people believe that a clogged toilet in an RV is caused by the grey tank when it becomes full. However, the actual reason is the pyramid plug that is causing the clog in an RV toilet.

Prevent Clogging due to Toilet Paper

The most important thing to do if you do not want any clogging in your RV toilet is you should always make sure that the valve of your black tank is always closed. A closed tank valve will not allow any liquid waste to escape the tank. The presence of liquid waste will make the quick dissolving of toilet paper and other solid waste inside the tank and make sure that clogs do not happen. Another tip is that you should use plenty of water after every time you use the toilet. This will also help to dissolve the toilet paper quickly.


This article will help you to know different methods of how to dissolve toilet paper in your RV and how you can prevent clogging due to toilet paper.

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