Toilets are sometimes a very attention-seeking part of a home and sometimes get very ignored unless there is some noticeable problem happening with them. When your toilet gets clogged it takes all of your attention as it might cause a big issue if you are having not to have more than one toilet in your home. It may also take the attention of your guests too if it is overflowing. In this article, we will discuss how to unclog a toilet without a plunger that is overflowing, maybe because you are not having it or you don’t want to use it. Keep reading this blog, we have some amazing solutions for your problem.

What to do when a clogged toilet is overflowing?

If the clogged toilet is flushed, again and again, it will have an overflow. First, you have to stop flushing. Just flush one or two times when it gets clogged.

If the blockage is still there then don’t flush the toilet again. You’ll be finding a solution to unclog it, but before that, you have to stop the overflowing. You can simply do it by shutting off the toilet’s water supply by turning off the valve. 

The next step you have to do is to remove the overflowed water from the toilet bowl. It will be very unhygienic and nasty but you have to do it before trying any unclogging method.

Ways to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger that is Overflowing

The problem may happen when you or someone else tries to get flush something that can’t be flushed. This may happen in your home toilet or at someone’s home whom you are visiting and when you are trying to flush that again and again it will cause a toilet overflow. The latter would be a very embarrassing movement. You may not find out any plunger or you may don’t know how to use it. But don’t worry, here are some ways through which you can easily unclog an overflowing toilet without a plunger.

Try Hot Water

Unclog a Toilet with Hot Water

If you are facing the problem of a blocked toilet in your own home, you’ll have plenty of solutions and things that can help you. But if you are stuck with this problem at someone else’s home, you will not have many things. But luckily hot water is present in everyone’s home bathroom. Simply you can follow the given procedure.
1. First of all, you have to make sure that the toilet is not overflowing anymore. If so, then remove the overflowed water from the toilet bowl.
2. Then take a bucket and fill it with hot water. Avoid using very hot or boiling water. Because that will cause damage to toilet.
3. Then pour the hot water from the bucket into the toilet bowl.
4. Wait for 10 minutes. The hot water will help the clog to get soaked and displaced from the drain.
5. This will help sometimes but may not work if the clogging object is something hard fallen from outside.
Don’t get panic, if it doesn’t work.
We know that it will be very upsetting for you to go out and tell your host that you have created this mess.
Let’s move to the other method.

Use Liquid Dish

Unclog a Toilet with Liquid Dish Soap

We agree that a plunger will make it easier but rarely some homes may not have it or not placed at an easy-to-find place. Like hot water, every bathroom has liquid hand wash or shampoo. If you are at your home you can try it with even a liquid dishwashing solution. This method is also very easy and has more chances to work than the hot water trick.
1. You can use anyone from the dishwasher, hand wash, or shampoo. Pour a significant quantity of any one of these directly into the toilet bowl just by making a few squeezes from the bottle.
2. Let it settle for 5 minutes. It will allow the clog to shift from its place. The liquid wash or shampoo will lubricate the passage so that the clog can easily pass.
3. You can pour some hot water into the toilet bowl to increase the efficiency of this method.
If this trick is working then your problem is solved.
If still, it is taking time. Then you can try the next step.

Try Toilet Brush

A plunger is not available but you can easily find a toilet brush. You can use it to create the pressure on the clog to get passed. Yes, this would be nasty but there might be not any other option.
1. You can use it alone by pushing the clog so that the clog can pass easily and let the water drain
2. And you can also use it with the above method. After pouring dish wash and jot water, use the toilet brush to push the clog. With the help of dish wash or shampoo, the clog or object will slip easily from the drain.
Problem solved?  You can now take a deep breath and move outside.

The above three methods are for the case that you are at someone’s place and you don’t have a plunger or even other stuff.

But if you are at your home, there is no need to get panic or hustle because you have many helping ingredients in your home. All that items are easily available in your household.

Let’s move to the other methods that will help in unclogging a toilet without a plunger.

Try Vinegar and Baking soda

Baking soda and vinegar are very commonly available ingredients in kitchens of all households. Both of these have very powerful cleaning properties.  You can use them separately as well as a mixture of both to unclog your toilet.

  1. Put one cup of baking soda into the blocked toilet.
  2. And then wait for 5 minutes so that it can settle well.
  3. Pour 2 cups of vinegar also.
  4. There will be a fizz or reaction like a volcano eruption. This will help in degrading or breaking the clog.
  5. Let this reaction occur for 2 hours straight.
  6. Then make a flush to clear the toilet.

Use a Epsom Salt

This is the most affordable and convenient method. Any salt can be used. But most preferable are Table salt, rock salt, and Epsom salt. Epsom salt is very efficient and takes just a few minutes to open the blocked toilet. The other salts will take time.

To unclog your clogged toilet with salt, follow the given procedure.

  1. Take one cup of Epsom salt and pour it directly into the clogged toilet. A bubbly reaction will occur.
  2. Let it settle for 15 minutes.
  3. Then flush the toilet and the clog will be disappeared.
  4. Then pour a bucket of hot water into the toilet bowl to make sure the clog is gone now.

Bottom Line: In this post, we have discussed all the possible, cheapest, and easily applicable methods to unclog an overflowing toilet when you are out of a plunger. You can try any one or all one by one to fix your toilet. If all these are not working, then this means the problem is severe and you need a plunger or plumbing service.

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