Nearly all of us have experienced clogged toilets sometime in our lives. We can clearly understand how much disturbance and irritation a clogged toilet can create for us. A clogged toilet in your RV is the worst thing that can happen to you while you are on a trip. You are there to enjoy and relax but the clogged toilet will become a true nightmare for you. It will be a source of great inconvenience. 

No matter how much you spend on your RV, the chance of clogging is always there. You cannot avoid the inconvenience of a clog happening. Therefore it is suggested that you should make arrangements to save your trip from ruining as much as possible.

What are the Methods for Unclogging RV Toilets?

A clogged toilet is one that does not flush away the waste properly. The bowl of the toilet does not fill properly after the flush. The flow of water is slow in your toilet. The drain pipe is not doing its function properly. All these are symptoms of a clogged toilet. Imagine this happening to you while you are on a recreational trip in your RV. This situation can not only ruin your mood but your trip as well.

This article will help you with some of the basic methods and tips which you can use to unclog your RV toilet.

Black Tank Cleaners

The first thing that you can use for unclogging your RV toilet is the blank tank cleaners. These are chemical-based products. They are also easily available in the market. These products work wonders for a clogged RV toilet. They are very efficient and effective working mechanisms.

It is suggested for every RV user to keep these chemicals with them while going on any trip. There are many black tank cleaners available in the market. Many companies manufacture these cleaners with different brand names. 

You can buy one for your RV by asking from different customers or you can also read customer reviews on the internet. After that, it will become easy for you to choose the best tank cleaner for your RV toilet. These chemical cleaners can do magic to resolve clogging issues.

Toilet Snake Option

You can never know exactly which item caused your RV toilet to get clogged. You will not believe but sometimes your toilet can even get clogged with water. There are many products in the market that are specialized RV cleaning products. These products are easily available and effective as well. The clogged toilet of your RV can also happen due to a clogged black tank. 

A black tank is a portable tank that is attached to your RV to hold all the waste from the toilet. This tank can also get clogged. This also results in clogging of your toilet and bad smells all around your RV. That is why it is important that you keep your black tank cleaned.

A Toilet snake or wand is a rotary action cleaning wand that can be attached to a garden hose. It can spray water on the sides of the holding tank to clean it of any debris etc. The snake wand can easily clear clogs.

Sewer Hose Attachments

If you are a person that travels on a regular basis and your RV is in use most of the time, then you must have this product for the cleaning of your holding tank. The holding tank should be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid clogging issues.

This product is designed to attach to your sewer hose. The sewer hose attachment makes an angle of 45 degrees and water comes out of it in the form of a burst. The water coming out with high pressure cleans the tank inside walls properly leaving no residue or debris. The product comes with a vacuum breaker to prevent the backflow in the water hose. This product is suggested to break black tank clogs.

Is there any Home Remedies for a Clogged RV Toilet?

Yes! there are 3 method which you can use for clogged RV toilet If you have no extra budget, time, or opportunity to buy any additional products for cleaning your RV toilet tank, then there are some basic tips and remedies that can help you in unclogging your RV toilet. Some of these remedies are given below.

Ice Remedy

It is one of the oldest and most widely used remedies to break the clogs in your RV’s holding tank. The best point about this remedy is that ice is an easily available item in local stores and camping sites as well. Hence it is an easily accessible and less expensive remedy.

First, you have to take bags of ice. Put one or two bags of ice in your toilet. Also, put some ice bags in your holding tank as well. After that, go for a small drive. Make sure that all valves of your holding tank are closed. After an hour, try to empty your tank at the dumping station. The ice will moisten the inside environment of your tank and will help the solids to flow out with the liquid easily leaving your tank unclogged.

Dish washing Liquid

This is another remedy that uses products that are already with you on your RV. Pour a full bottle of dishwashing liquid into the holding tank. Let it rest for some time. After some time of trying to drain the tank. The tank will drain away all the waste. The dish wash liquid will not only work as an unclogging agent but also as a deodorizer. This soapy liquid will coat the tank walls and will help to move the waste when the time comes to drain.

Boiling Water

Here is another easy and inexpensive tip for breaking the clog of your RV toilet. Boiling water helps to break any solid waste inside your black tank.

Water should be boiling hot before you pour it into your black tank. Pour this boiling hot water inside the tank and leave it there for an hour. After that, try to drain the tank. If the clogging issue is not solved then repeat the process. Use as much water as can easily fit inside your black tank.


This article gives you knowledge about methods as well as some remedies and tips to help you in unclogging an RV toilet. We are hopeful that you will find the above text useful if you face any such situation on your next trip. 

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