Kids Room Decor Ideas – Including Wall Paint Colors

When it comes to kids, one’s mind should acknowledge that kids learn more from what they see rather than what they do. They should get to see things which attract their mind. Kids’ room wall décor must be colorful and creative enough to think creatively.

We have a tremendous amount of ideas of decorating walls of kids’ rooms; some of them are explained in this article. If you really want to delight your kid with beautiful walls in his room, and you find it difficult, then you’re at the right place.

1- Wall paint colors

Paint the walls in rich colors to add focus and warmth to the room.  The color combination should be attractive and should make your kid love the room. Adding dull colors should be avoided but sometimes while making a color combination, these colors are very useful. Several Wall paint colors can be mixed to bring a new shade in the paint, this makes the wall look unique, and therefore, it can be an option too.  

2- Shelves

A room without shelves is always incomplete. It is really important to have shelves on the walls of the room. If books are being placed on the shelves, then their bookends must be visible to the kid, otherwise, it would look untidy. Apart from books, many more things like pictures and shields can be placed on these shelves.

3- Removable decals

Removable decals are patterns or images which are printed on a special paper that can be moved from one surface to another. Previously, they used to be rare, but after the increase in their demand, they are easily available anywhere. They are available in all sizes and have a vast variety of images, portraits, and designs, etc. They must be used to increase the attractiveness of the room. The best thing to know is that these decals are removable, so one can replace them without any problem.

4- Hanging of pictures and postcards

Kids love to collect things, so make it easier for them to collect things. Pictures and postcards don’t always have to be stuck to a corkboard. Try to hang them with a string on a wall alongside a window make them look more catchy. Additionally, you can clip them with a string too.

5- Display space

Mostly all kids want a display space in their room. One of the walls can be chosen for display space. Make such a thing is not a difficult task at all, nor is it expensive. It can be made by taking a galvanized metal sheet and cutting it according to the required size. These sheets are easily available in all home improvement stores.

6- Peel-and-stick cork

Visit the nearest art and craft store to you and get some peel-and-stick corks. You can cut any shape you want and peel any side of it and just simply stick it to the wall. It gives a different look to the wall.

7- Handwriting

You can handwrite a good note on a small part of a wall so that it can be seen easily. this would motivate your kid and is very helpful.

8- Basket

Hang a basket from a wall and put some fruits, flowers, or anything useful which makes it easier for the kid to find things while being in a state of hurry. 

9- Border

Rather than a traditional growth chart, put a border around the room. Each month you can change them. They will both grow together.

10- Lighting

You must use multiple kinds of lighting in a kid’s room. Although it is important to have overall lighting but reading light is a necessity too. Kids often get scared of the dark, at the same time they cannot sleep while the lights are turned on. To overcome fear and let them sleep at night, reading lights can be installed on a wall. Furthermore, it might help them find the bathroom in the middle of the night.

No matter how much they love their room, sooner or later they reach a state where they get bored of looking at the same things again and again. Therefore, after a while, the wall décor should be updated.

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