Bollywood’s shining star Kriti Sanon, renowned for her performances in movies like ‘Dilwale‘ and Adipurush,’ is embarking on an exciting new journey. She officially announced the launch of her production house, Blue Butterfly Films, marking her transition from actress to producer.

Sanon, who has spent nine magical years in the film industry, shared her enthusiasm and plans for this new career phase. Displaying the official logo of Blue Butterfly Films, she penned an emotive note, reminiscing about her evolution in the industry from baby steps to the acclaimed actress she is today.

“I love every bit and aspect of filmmaking. And now, it’s time to do more, to be more, to learn more, to tell more stories that touch my heart and hopefully yours too,” wrote Sanon, expressing her determination to enrich Bollywood with her creative insights.

The ‘Heropanti‘ star further amplified the excitement by revealing that something special would be unveiled tomorrow, leaving her fans and the industry in eager anticipation.

The film fraternity has warmly received Sanon’s leap into production. Co-stars like Varun Dhawan and Huma Qureshi, among many others, have shown their love and support at the launch of Blue Butterfly Films.

The launch marks a new chapter for Sanon and Bollywood, as she joins the league of actors turning producers, wielding creative control and contributing to the cinematic landscape in more comprehensive ways.

With new movies on the horizon, including ‘The Crew‘ co-starring Kareena Kapoor and Tabu, the industry and fans will closely watch Sanon’s ventures as both an actress and a producer.

Kriti’s ‘ Blue Butterfly Films’ launch has undoubtedly infused fresh excitement into Bollywood, promising a new wave of compelling narratives from the heart of the much-loved actress-turned-producer.

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