Turkish actors Buse Arsslan and Cagri Sensoy, known for their exceptional performances in the hit series Kurulus: Osman, recently brought their on-screen love story to life with a romantic wedding.

The intimate ceremony, held among close relatives and friends, captured the couple’s genuine love and happiness. Arsslan shared pictures of the special day on Instagram, expressing joy over adding “another happy day” to their lives.

The occasion became even more memorable when fellow actor Burak Ozcivit, their co-star from Kuruluş: Osman, joined the newlyweds for a dance, sparking a viral moment on social media. The trio’s chemistry mirrored their on-screen connection, exciting fans and guests alike.

According to reports from Turkish media, celebrated actress Buse Arslan and actor Çağrı Şensoy were engaged a few months ago. The couple’s shift from reel to real life has been a heartwarming saga for their worldwide fans. 

Arsslan, who added Sensoy’s surname to her Instagram, echoed the sentiment in her caption, saying, “Glad we chose each other.” As the news spreads, their love story continues to inspire and draw well wishes from fans globally.

In a magical twist, the actors have moved from co-stars to life partners, marking an unforgettable chapter in their journey and the hearts of those who have followed them throughout Kurulus: Osman.

Buse Arslan, known for her versatile acting prowess, was highly commended for her performance in a popular drama series. She made her debut in the series as Aigul Khatoon in what was initially a somewhat antagonistic role. 

However, in the second season, her character underwent significant development and she joined the ranks of Osman’s soldiers. Tracing a remarkable narrative arc, Aigul Khatoon’s journey concluded in the third season where she was depicted as a martyr, leaving a strong impact on the viewers.

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