In a recent development, renowned lyricist Kunaal Vermaa, known for penning hit songs like ‘Chale Aana’ and ‘Hasi Ban Gaye’, has raised his voice against The Kapil Sharma Show team.

After the show credited AM Turaz for his song ‘Tum Hi Aana‘ from the movie Marjaavaan, starring Sidharth Malhotra, he expressed his disappointment and frustration.

Kunaal Vermaa clarified that AM Turaz had no association with the lyrics of ‘Tum Hi Aana’, and he was taken aback when the song’s credit was mistakenly given to someone else on such a popular show watched by millions of people worldwide.

Despite being a fan of The Kapil Sharma Show, Kunaal felt hurt seeing his hard work credited to another artist.

The lyricist quickly mentioned that he holds no ill feelings towards Kapil Sharma himself, whom he admires both as a host and as a person.

Instead, he pointed out the lack of proper research and due diligence by the show’s management team and writers, who introduced AM Turaz as the writer of ‘Tum Hi Aana’ without verifying the facts.

Kunaal Vermaa expressed his disappointment with the response he received when he approached the show’s management team about the issue. They seemed disinterested and failed to address his concerns promptly, leaving him waiting for a resolution.

He urged AM Turaz, the Sony channel, and Kapil Sharma’s management team to apologize for the error and rectify the mistake by publicly acknowledging him as the true lyricist behind ‘Tum Hi Aana’.

Kunaal emphasized the importance of respecting artists’ hard work and requested them not to repeat such inaccuracies with other deserving individuals.

In conclusion, Kunaal Vermaa clarified that his intention was not to show anger or agitation but to express his pain and concern regarding rightfully recognising his creative efforts.

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