If you want your house sparkling clean every day, regular cleaning is what you need. However, some tasks don’t fit in the daily cleaning routine but are very important. Therefore, these tasks must be completed at least once a month. These cleaning tasks are often difficult to do compared to everyday chores. A monthly cleaning checklist includes cleaning the areas that are normally neglected during a daily or weekly clean-up.

Monthly House Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning checklist also includes deep cleaning the things you have been maintaining weekly. For example, vacuuming the carpets is done on a regular basis, but if you want to power wash them, leave this task for monthly cleaning. It is better to customize your checklist according to your monthly cleaning demands.

Also, by looking at the amount of dirt piling up on the different areas of your house, you can decide which areas need daily cleaning and which need monthly cleaning. If the area you left for a monthly clean-up is getting dirty regularly, it is recommended to shift it on a weekly schedule. Below is the list of things that a monthly cleaning checklist includes.

1- Deep Cleaning the Main Entrance

The main entrance and hallways are important areas of a house, and they are used the most. Hence, their deep cleaning is included in the monthly cleaning checklist. It’s not just the floors that need to be cleaned; doorways carry equal importance. Make sure that the main door and hallway doors are thoroughly cleaned. For properly cleaning of your outdoor lawn you can get Proper cleaning services from professionals like pressure washing and deep sweeping.

2- Furniture Cleaning

Monthly cleaning chores also include wiping down the furniture. Dust must be regularly removed from the furniture of the house with a damp cloth. It is recommended to clean and polish the items once a month if necessary. You will also find a lot of dirt behind and under the furniture after removing it from its designated areas. If you haven’t cleaned these areas of your house recently, now is the time.

3- Carpet Cleaning

Look for dirt on carpets and use a vacuum cleaner to remove it. If stains are present on the carpet, use carpet stainers to remove them. However, if the stains are hard to remove, then remove the carpet and wash it properly.

4- Cleaning the Cabinets from Inside

Kitchen cabinets are among those places of the house which collect most of the dirt. Therefore it is best to start your monthly cleaning from here. These cabinets are widely used, probably every day, but still, the cleaning is neglected. However, you may wipe the outside of the cabinets regularly, but the inner portion is left uncleaned most of the time. Hence you must take everything out of the cabinets first. Then a duster should be used to wipe off the dirt and a damp cloth to clean the entire cabinet.

5- Cleaning the Refrigerator

The top of the refrigerator is often cleaned once a year, making it a breeding ground for allergens. Therefore it is advisable to add this to your monthly cleaning checklist. Since the top of the refrigerator isn’t visible, many people don’t clean it. You might need a chair or a folding ladder to clean it. Use a duster to remove the dirt accumulated on the top and then clean the area with the help of a damp cloth. Cleaning the refrigerator’s interior once a month is also very important. Remove the stains and throw away unused and expired grocery items. It is better to correctly dispose of these expired items and replace them with fresher ones.

6- Cleaning the Baseboards

Among the house’s surfaces that quickly gather dust, baseboards are somewhere on the top of the list. If you find stains building on the baseboards, then clean them properly. All baseboards should be wet wiped every month, and stains should be removed using a detergent.

7- Cleaning the Fans and Wall Lights

If you don’t clean the ceiling fans for a month, you will see signs of dirt accumulating on the fan’s blades. Furthermore, the same is the case with ceiling and wall lights. If you don’t clean their coverings, they will be exposed to dirt. Use a dishwashing liquid to clean the light coverings and ceiling fan blades monthly.

8- Cleaning the Bulbs and Tube lights

Light bulbs also gather dust with or without their coverings. However, a monthly clean-up ensures that the dust is removed and the room shines brighter. Since the bulbs are made up of glass, precautions are needed before cleaning the dust on them. You can use a dry cloth or a duster to remove the dust.

8- Window Cleaning

Windows increase the beauty of a house, but dirty windows are the subject to harmful diseases for the people living inside. Like other trims around the house, interior window trims pile up dirt and dust, which leads to the formation of mold after some time. A house owner must ensure that the windows are dirt free and offer clear visibility. Therefore, window cleaning should also be included in the monthly cleaning checklist of a house.

9- Cleaning the Moldings and Frames 

Doors are widely used daily, and the dirt piling on the frames, moldings, and hinges is usually neglected. These frames and hinges should be cleaned monthly; otherwise, it will lead to rusting. Use top-quality detergents and brushes to wipe the doorknobs, frames, and moldings.

10- Wardrobe Clean-up

People organize their cabinets frequently but rarely clean them. Hanger rails, drawers, and other parts of the wardrobe can get dirty and cause an unpleasant smell with time. Therefore, you must clean your wardrobe once a month. Focus more on hangers and remove everything from the drawers that aren’t needed at all. After that, hang the washed and ironed clothes properly and use an air freshener inside.

11- Checking the Smoke Detector 

Ensure the proper functioning of the smoke detector. If it needs to be replaced, replace the battery. It is an important component of a house and should be checked at least once a month.

12- Replacing the Air Conditioner and Air duct Filters 

If you want the air conditioners and air ducts of your house to run properly, their filters must be replaced every month. The filters get dirty with time and require proper vacuum cleaning and wet wiping. You can use a cleaning brush for this as well. Especially do air duct cleaning regularly because it can create your indoor air quality fresh.

13- Appliances Cleaning

Household appliances are used a lot. This makes their monthly clean-up important if you want them to keep functioning properly and look clean. Buy a top-quality cleaner to remove spills from the oven. Clean the freezer from the inside completely. Be sure to put in a new box of baking soda to reduce any bad odor. Air conditioner units must be cleaned after changing the filters.


Cleaning checklists include all tasks that cannot be performed regularly. This is an entirely different checklist from your daily cleaning checklist. This is because it is based on the size of your home and how much traffic it receives on a daily basis. It is possible to hire a professional cleaning company if you think you cannot do it all yourself. It is easy to find someone in your area who offers reliable cleaning services. Be sure to have your cleaning supplies and tools available if you plan to do the monthly clean-up yourself.

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