Netflix packages in Pakistan allow a one-time subscription to non-stop entertainment. Netflix offers four subscription packages including Netflix mobile, basic, standard, and premium plans. These subscription packages open a door to online streaming platforms for your favorite movies and download for an offline watch. Netflix subscription price in Pakistan ranges between 250-1100 PKR.

Key Takeaways

  • Netflix Packages in Pakistan vary from 250 PKR/month for mobile plans to 1100 PKR/ month for premium plans.
  • There are a variable number of screens and video qualities with each Netflix package.
  • You can make an easy payment for a Netflix subscription using bank, PTCL, or Telenor.

Netflix Packages in Pakistan

Netflix offers four monthly subscription packages in Pakistan, each with its own Netflix screen price and a unique set of features. These Netflix packages include:

1- Netflix Mobile Plan for 250 PKR/ month

The mobile plan for Netflix is the best fit for mobile phones and tablets at the price of 250 PKR/month. This affordable Netflix package allows an unlimited stream of your favorite movies and shows in 480p quality.

2- Netflix Basic Plan for 450 PKR/month

For one person, the Netflix 1 screen price in Pakistan offers an affordable option. This basic plan enables one screen at a time in standard definition, with the download feature restricted to only one tablet or mobile phone.

3- Standard HD Netflix Package for 800 PKR/month

With the Netflix 2 screens price in Pakistan, you can enjoy the standard HD plan that allows two screens to be used simultaneously. This provides unlimited streaming in High-definition (HD) quality, and you can also create multiple profiles to keep your watch history secure.

4- Netflix Premium Subscription Plan for 1100 PKR/month

Netflix’s premium plan, known as Netflix 4 screens price in Pakistan, is the ultimate delight for movie lovers. It enables four different screens in ultra HD (High Definition-4K) video quality and is available at 1100 PKR per month. This is the best Netflix package for your movie night with friends.

How to get a Netflix subscription in Pakistan?

To get a Netflix subscription plan in Pakistan, you can pay through the Netflix website using a credit or debit card, via PTCL, or Telenor.

1- Netflix Payment via Website

To subscribe to your chosen Netflix package, simply visit Netflix’s official website in Pakistan. Sign in and enter your credit/debit card to pay for the package. However, some banks in Pakistan working under the Shariah Compliance Guidelines of the State Bank of Pakistan, such as Meezan Bank, or BankIslami do not allow Netflix payment.

If you cancel your Netflix subscription, you’ll still have access to your video library til the end of the month for which you have already paid.

2- Netflix Payment via PTCL

Netflix Pakistan allows streaming services via PTCl. If you have a PTCL landline connection, you can make your Netflix payment through it as well.

For this, visit the official website and sign up for your account. Subscribe to your favorite Netflix Package. The Netflix package charges will be adjusted in your monthly landline bill.

3- Netflix Payment via Telenor

For postpaid customers, Netflix package payment through Telenor is also an option to activate your package. For Telenor Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), visit

Click on the “Telenor postpaid bill” option as your payment method. You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the number on the website to confirm your Netflix billing.

How to Unsubscribe from Netflix Plan?

If you no longer want a Netflix subscription in Pakistan, cancel it through the official website.

Visit your Netflix account settings and click on the “Cancel Membership” option. You will not be charged from the next month for your package. You can end your subscription to Netflix anytime during the month but still enjoy award-winning TV shows till the end of the month you last paid for.

How much does Netflix cost in Pakistan?

Netflix offers subscription packages that range between 250-1100 PKR. There are no hidden charges or taxes with Netflix. However, for the first month after payment. Netflix plan offers a one-month free trial and charges you for the next months. During the Netflix one-month free trial, you can still avail full video library and download features without any hidden charges.


Is Netflix allowed in Pakistan?

Netflix Official Pakistan is available in the country with a variety of subscription packages. It allows unlimited video streaming, a download feature, and multiple screen options.

Is Netflix free in Pakistan?

Netflix offers a one-month free trial period after you subscribe to any of its packages. The free trial enables you to enjoy a full video library, downloaded offline stream, and HD video quality.

Can we share a Netflix account?

Netflix requires an individual sign-up for each device. If you are sharing a Netflix screen with your friends or family, they will need to create their own accounts.

Who is the owner of Netflix?

The owner of Netflix is Wilmot Reed Hastings. He is an American billionaire businessman. He is the executive chairman of Netflix. He owns many non-profit organizations as well.

Does Netflix offer a student discount?

Netflix does not offer any student discounts or Netflix Student packages. However, it has a free trial period for the initial month.

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