A toilet is a very fundamental and important part of a bathroom. It is obvious that the bathroom is useless without a toilet. The toilet’s main purpose is to provide the person with a comfortable and relaxed place to do their personal business.

A toilet is the irreplaceable item of a bathroom. A toilet has made us able to dispose of all human waste with a single flush with no effort. This is an extremely useful and important process to help reduce the waste from your home. The waste from humans can be a major cause of spreading germs and diseases.

Toilets play a crucial role in the clean environment of your household. Many diseases like diarrhea etc are majorly caused by poor sanitation and dirty water etc. It is important therefore to make sure that the toilets and bathrooms are clean.

The disposal of waste is not the only way to get rid of germs and diseases. It is also important that you focus on the cleaning of toilets as well. You should make a proper routine for cleaning your toilets every time you use a toilet.

What is a Toilet Seat?

A seat is a thing on which a person sits on a toilet. The seat of a toilet has many parts like bolts, hinges; rims, etc. There are many different sizes, shapes, and types of seats available in the market to fulfill different consumer needs. Toilet seats also come in designs to match the toilet theme.

Parts of a Toilet Seat

It is important to understand parts of your toilet. This will help you to identify any faults or problems in your toilet. This will also help to fix the problem that your toilet may be facing. Following is a list of different parts of a toilet seat and their explanation.

Seat Lid

The first part of a toilet seat is the lid or cover. It is also a very important part of the toilet seat. The lid or cover prevents things from falling inside the toilet bowl. Another purpose of a toilet seat is to prevent the bad gases, germs, and water splash from escaping out of the toilet bowl. 

The families with children will explain more precisely the use of a lid. Children often find it fun to throw things inside the toilet. The toilet seat lid helps to save the parents from this type of incident. Hygienically and from a health point of view, a seat lid is an essential element because it helps to maintain a clean environment inside your bathroom.


The next part of the toilet seat is the seat itself. This is the part of the toilet on which the user sits. There are different types of seats available in the market according to consumer demands and requirements. There are different types of toilet seats which are defined below to let you have the basic knowledge about toilet seats.

Toilet seat for Elongated Bowl

The toilet seat should always match the size and shape of the toilet bowl. A bowl with an elongated shape or oval shape should be fitted with an elongated style seat. Otherwise, it will not fit properly on the toilet bowl.

Toilet Seat for Round Bowl

The toilet seat for the round-shaped bowl should be in the shape accordingly because the seat will not match the shape and will not make a perfect fit.

Slow Closing Hinges Seat

There are some toilet seats that come with slow closing hinges. The basic purpose of a slow closing hinge seat is to reduce the noise. When you close the toilet seat lid, it comes down with a bad noise that makes many people irritated. That is why the slow closing hinge option is available for people who do not like this noise.

Wooden Toilet Seats

Wood toilet seat options are also available in the market. Oakwood and walnut wood are used for making wooden toilet seats. Wooden toilet seats show luxury and aesthetics. People who want the look of their bathroom to be contemporary use wooden toilet seats. They are also used to match some specific themes of the bathroom.

Heated Toilet Seats

There is also an option of heated toilet seats for regions that are extremely cold. People use heated toilet seats for extra comfort and for luxury as well. It is also used for old age people or people who are suffering from some diseases.

Irremovable Toilet Seats

Some toilet seats are made to be irremovable. They are mostly made of metal and they are made to be permanently attached to the toilet. This type of irremovable toilet seat is mostly used in jails so that the prisoners cannot hide any weapon or helping tool under the toilet seats. That is why they are fixed with the toilet.


Hinges are just like catchers. They are attached between the seat, lid, and toilet. The basic purpose of these hinges is to let the lid and seat cover move in the up and down direction easily.


Bolts are like screws. They are used to hold the hinges to the toilet seat and the toilet. Bolts are important because, without bolts, the lid and the seat will not attach properly to the toilet. A loose toilet seat is disturbing as well as it can create a lot of mess.

Bolt Covers

Bolt covers are made of plastic. They are used to cover the bolts. The bolts are covered with these plastic covers to prevent the bolts from getting wet. Wet bolts wore off quickly and need a replacement quickly as compared to the bolts that are uncovered. Taking care of different parts of your toilet increases the life of your toilet and makes maintenance easy for the users.

Importance of a Toilet

It is important to have a toilet in every household. Toilet gives you a sense of privacy and comfort. Moreover, it helps to stop the spreading of germs and diseases. Following are some basic points why a toilet is that much important.

1. The first and the most important reason for having a toilet is that it prevents lots of diseases. When people defecate in the open air, it contaminates the environment and becomes the source of contaminated water.

2. People feel safe when they use a toilet at their home. Many people, especially women do not feel safe while defecating in the open air. It also spreads germs and diseases like diarrhea etc.

3. According to a survey, 50% of children who are malnourished are more prone to die because of diarrhea. Diarrhea is caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

4. Cleaning properly after using a toilet and washing hands are the key to preventing the spreading of germs and diseases. The risk of diarrhea and related diseases can be reduced by 47% by taking care of proper cleaning and hygiene in a toilet.  


The above article has given knowledge and information about toilet seat parts and types etc. This article will help you to understand the different parts of your toilet seat. This information will also help you to understand any faults in your toilet and the toilet seat.

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