Many Private colleges in Rahim Yar Khan play a crucial role in shaping the future of the region’s students. These institutions are committed to providing quality education and are instrumental in ensuring that numerous students have access to a brighter future.

List of best private colleges in RYK

The 10 best private colleges in Rahim Yar Khan, including their admission processes, fee structures, and contact details, are;

1. Superior Group of Colleges

Superior College The establishment of Rahim Yar Khan occurred in 2007. The city’s residents are proud of Superior College’s groundbreaking educational achievements. Superior Group of Colleges is renowned for its outstanding faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. One of the top private colleges in Rahim Yar Khan offers Fsc (both) ICS, ICOM, and FA programs..

Admission Process: Students can apply online or in person, with admission criteria varying by program.

Fee Structure: Tuition fees vary by program. Contact the college for detailed fee information.

Address:  Superior College RYK, 31 New Tipu Block, Rahim Yar Khan

Contact Details: Phone: +92-68 9230655

2. Punjab Group of Colleges

Punjab Group of Colleges is a network of educational institutions with a strong focus on academic excellence. Punjab Group of Colleges is a famous college in RYK, renowned for its quality education and commitment to excellence. Their dedicated faculty and modern facilities support students in achieving their academic aspirations, preparing them for success in a competitive world.

Admission Process: Admissions are merit-based, with details available on their website.

Fee Structure: The fee for intermediate education is near about 2 lac PKR for 2 years.

Address:  Punjab College Khanpur Road RYK, Rahimyar Khan, Pakistan

Contact Details

  • Phone: +92 68 9220361

3. Aspire Group of Colleges

Aspire Group of Colleges thrive academically, and the institution is dedicated to nurturing their talents and skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for their future endeavours. With a focus on holistic development, the college continues to empower and inspire the next generation, making a significant impact in the field of education in Rahim Yar Khan. It offers FA, ICS, FSC, and ICOM classes.  One of the best private colleges in Rahim Yar Khan that teaches FA economics.

Admission Process: Application forms are available online, and admission is granted based on merit.

Fee Structure: Tuition fees vary by program; visit their website for specifics.

Address: Near Iqbal Garden, East Bank Sadiq Canal, Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab

Contact Details: Phone: +92 68  9230529

4. MTB College

MTB stands for Madrasat ul Banat. MTB College is known for its dedicated faculty and holistic approach to education. Fatima Jinnah established it before the foundation of Pakistan. It offers FA, FSC, ICOM, and ICS programs; It also offers undergraduate and graduate programs. MTB is the best college in Rahim Yar Khan in the private sector that offers a separate educational system for both genders,

Admission Process: Admissions are granted based on academic performance.

Fee Structure: MTB has the most affordable fee structure. Its fee ranges start from 30,000, and most end below 1 lac.

Address: Rahimyar Khan Bypass, Punjab

Contact Details: 

  • Phone: +92-68-9230100
  • Email:

5. Oxbridge College

Oxbridge College RYK is a place where students not only gain knowledge but also develop the skills and attributes necessary for a successful future in their chosen fields. With a commitment to academic excellence, the college offers a wide array of programs and courses designed to help students reach their full potential. 

Admission Process: Admission details can be found on their website.

Fee Structure: The affordable tuition fee at Oxdrige depends on the program; for specifics, contact the college.

Address: Girls College Road, Rahimyar Khan, Pakistan

Contact Details:

  •  Phone: +92-68-9230620
  • Email:

6. NICAAS College

NICAAS College is the best private college for intermediate, ASP, bachelor, and master programs. It offers free pre-classes for all new matriculation students. It is affiliated with BISE bwp. 

Admission Process: Application procedures vary by program; for specifics, visit their website.

Fee Structure: Contact the college for detailed fee information. It announces special discounts for Sindh, Balochistan, and NWFP students.

Address: Near Khawja Fareed College, RYK, Punjab

Contact Details

  • Phone: +92-68-9230222
  • Email:

7. NICE Degree College

The NICE Group of Colleges was founded in 1991 by the Network Institute of Computer Education (NICE) Society. It was the only institute affiliated with the Punjab Board of Technical Education at that time. In 2004, the institute started offering intermediate classes in F.A., F.Sc, ICS, and I.Com. NICE Degree College focuses on higher education and fostering academic excellence. 

Admission Process: A minimum of 60% marks are required for admission to this college.

Fee Structure: Tuition fees depend on the program; contact the college for specifics.

Address: Satellite town Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab 

Contact Details

  • Phone: +92-68-9230424
  • Email:

8. KIPS College

KIPS College is synonymous with quality education and test preparation. This best intermediate private college in RYK offers education to FA, FSC, ICS, ICOM, ETC. Regular  Tests are crucial at the KIPS Education System for quality assurance, benchmarking, progress tracking, exam preparation, ranking, skill development, feedback, foundation for higher education, parental engagement, and institutional accountability. 

Admission Process: Admission is merit-based, with criteria available on their website.

Fee Structure: Kips has an affordable fee structure ranging from 40,000 to 70,000 PKR per year for intermediate programs.

Address: Abu Dehbi Palace Road, Sheikh Zayed Rd, near Bloomfield Hall School, Rahim Yar Khan

Contact Details

  • Phone: +92 68 92 30 365
  • Email:

9. Brookfield Group of Colleges

BGC is a private college in RYK whose goals are to develop students’ leadership abilities and humanitarian principles while offering high-quality education. They provide ADP courses, ICS, ICom, FSc (Pre Medical, Pre Engineering), and BS Programs. Additionally, It offers courses for improving your skills in Microsoft Office, freelance work, digital marketing, graphic design, web development, content writing, and web design. Brookfield Group of Colleges is committed to providing a conducive learning environment.

Admission Process: Check their website for specific admission requirements.

Fee Structure: Brookfield College provides scholarships for brilliant students it also has the most affordable fee structure in Rahim yar khan.

Address: Esat bank Sadiq Canal, Rahim Yar Khan,

Contact Details: Phone: +92-68-9230610

10. Concordia College

Concordia Colleges seeks to meet the nation’s future needs in education. Concordia College is known for its rigorous academic standards and experienced faculty. Recently it opened it doors in Rahim Yar Khan, and it offers only intermediate programs such as FSC, ICOM, FA, and ICS.

Admission Process: Visit their website for admission criteria.

Fee Structure: Tuition fees vary by program; for specifics, contact the college.

Address: Canal Road, RYK, Punjab

Contact Details: Phone: +92 68 92 30 280


The private colleges in Rahim Yar Khan share a joint commitment to providing quality education and shaping the future of their students. While the specific admission criteria and fee structures may vary, each institution strives for academic excellence in intermediate board results.

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