Toilets have come a long way since their evolution. Many technologies have been applied to improve the functionality and performance of toilets. Some technologies get more acceptance and appreciation. Some technologies get discarded away with the passage of time.

When you go to the market, there are many options available regarding toilets. There is also a variety of options when you want to choose a toilet with different flushing options. It is an important factor to consider that how the flushing mechanism of a toilet works because the toilet is considered useless if it is not capable of flushing away the waste properly.

The push button flush and handle flush are two of the most common types of flush available in the market. Push button flush however is a relatively new technology as compared to handle flush. Handle flush is mostly found in older toilets. New toilets are mostly seen with a push button flush because it is a modern technology than a handle flush.

What is a Push Button Toilet?

The push button toilet is a new technology but it has now been accepted widely by most around the world. The push button has even become a standard in most countries around the world. A push button toilet has a push button or buttons on the top of toilet tank.

A single push button toilet is also known as a single flush toilet. It only gives you the option of flushing the toilet with same amount of water every time. Whereas a dual push button toilet is also known as dual flush toilet.

It gives you option to use separate buttons for solid and liquid waste. The button used for liquid waste consumes less water for flushing. The button used to flush away solid waste consumes more water for flushing.

What is a Handle Flush Toilet?

A handle flush is also known as a better version of pull flush. Handle flush is often found in older toilets. A handle flush works with a siphon or a flush valve. When a handle or lever is pushed down, water starts flowing towards the cistern.

A handle flush gives you only one option to flush. It consumes same amount of water every time either it is liquid waste or solid waste. Therefore this type of toilet consumes a large amount of water. A handle flush consumes nearly 5 gallons of water with a single flush.

However newer models of handle flush toilet are coming with a technology to consume less water. Newer models are coming with a 1.28gpf technology.

Push Button Toilet Vs Handle Flush – Pros, Cons, & Comparisons

Both push button toilet and handle flush are toilets that give you options for flushing differently. Both have their different advantages and disadvantages. After reading the content, you will be easily able to differentiate between the two types. Following section will highlight the differences between a handle flush and a push button toilet.

Water Consumption:

Push button toilets offer the facility of different flushing power. They come with two buttons on the top of toilet tank. One button is used for half flushing. You use this button when you want to flush away the liquid waste. The other button is used for full flushing. You use this button to flush away the solid waste. The half flush only consumes 0.8 or 0.9 gallons of water for each flush.

On the other hand, a handle flush flushes away every type of waste with the same flushing power and same amount of water. Therefore, water consumption in case of a handle flush is far more as compared to a push button toilet. As the water scarcity is increasing day by day all around the world, therefore, many regions in the world have put a restriction to use toilets only that consume 1.28gpf of water or less.

Fixing Problems:

Push button toilets are a new technology and they come with better quality. The parts used in the push button toilet are also more durable and last a longer time. If there is some problem in the buttons, it is easy to fix, change or repair.

A lever or handle flush is an older technology. Therefore, it poses more problems as compared to a push button toilet. The problem if occurs is also difficult to fix as a lever may completely needs changing in case of a problem.

Space Requirement:

Push button toilets are now coming with a latest technology of wall mounted buttons and hidden toilet tank. The tank is hidden behind the wall where you place your toilet. The buttons are mounted on the wall on the front. This helps to save you lots of space in the bathroom. You can place shelves in this extra space for toiletries etc.

In case of a lever or handle flush, there is no space saving. It comes with a traditional style that has a toilet, tank and bowl with a lever or handle at one side.


A push button flush is modern and new technology. It has therefore more modern looking and has new style. A push button toilet adds a sleek and chic look to your bathroom. It will add a more stunning appearance to the bathroom.

A lever or handle flush toilet is considered old looking and old styled. It is mostly found in old-fashioned toilets. Therefore if you are styling your bathroom to have a modern look, then lever or handle flush should not be the option for you.


A push button toilet is a new technology therefore it is obvious that it is expensive as compared to a handle flush. The cost of replacing the buttons is also expensive as compared to replace the lever in a handle flush.

A lever or handle flush is old looking or old-fashioned but it is cheaper as compared to a push button toilet. Therefore if you are looking for cheaper options then you should go for a handle flush toilet instead of a push button one.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you go for a push button toilet or a handle flush, it is totally dependent on your personal preferences and your needs and requirements. However, the above content is informative enough to guide you about the different advantages and disadvantages of push button and handle flush toilets so that you can make a better decision.

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