Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) once said that Allah loves His creatures more than a mother loves her child seventy times over. This demonstrates Allah’s profound care for us. In order to shield us from Hell and His wrath, He has bestowed upon us the Holy Quran, through which we seek guidance.

For all mankind, Allah Almighty delivers us important lessons from the Quran. Not to be confused with the fact that Quran has been revealed only for Muslims some 1400 years ago. Rather, the Koran is a gift of guidance for all races and ages to come.

7 Most Important Lessons from The Quran

 In this guide, we will share with you some instructions and directions to us from the holy book of Allah. 

  1. All of Us Belongs to Allah 

It’s human nature when we get something, we take special pride in our achievement. Albeit everything belongs to Allah. Through Surah Fatiha (the Starting Surah in Quran), Allah teaches us that everything is for him and all praises we make are to Allah. So, what we have learned from this lesson of Quran? Not to be proud and overshow our successes or delights when we get blessed. A Muslim should always feel down to earth whenever Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala bestows His blessing on us. It is imporant for paents to teach their kis quran in early age with the help of quran classes for kids so that they can learn all quran lessons and implenment them in their lifes.  

  1. Always Be Grateful to Gracious Allah 

Allah likes the thankfulness of His men and women. In Surah Ibrahim Ayat No. 7, Allah says, if you are thankful to me, I will bless you more. So, this verse from the Quran teaches us how good Allah loves the gratefulness of us. The best way to show our thankfulness for His rewards and favors on us is to pray to Him. Making a five-time prayer a day shows your gratitude to Allah. And believe me, those people become more blessed who pay thanks to Allah. Especially, in the worst situation of their life, thankfulness for whatever you have is far more blessed.  

  1. Bear Patience in Hardships 

Remember following the Gratitude what Allah lauds most is patience. In the Quran, the word for patience is Sabr. In periodic parts of the Quran, Allah has asked us to hold on with Sabr and Slawt (Prayer). Surah Baqarah advises us with a verse that we should go ahead with life, patience and prayer. So, this lesson from the Quran encourages us to go through the hardships and challenges of life. We should contend upon whatever we carry in hand and keep praying for better days to come. Times never remain the same, problems come and go. Thus, don’t lose the hope in Allah. 

  1. Easiness Comes After Hardship 

This worldly life is a test for all of us. Every one of us might be struggling with some effort. Many of the people undergo financial challenges, some confront with enmity. Even some of us fall victim to evil eyes. So, keeping in view such a scenario, Allah tends us a lesson from the Quran that easiness comes after every hardship. Surah Ash-Sharh reveals, Inna Ma’al Usri Usra. It means, after every hardship there comes an ease of time. Therefore, an accomplished Muslim does not fall in the dark of pessimism, rather his firm belief in Allah takes him out of the worst of situations.  

  1. Choose Friend Wisely 

Nowadays, it is a major concern of many households that their child has got trapped in an evil company. It is a dilemma of our upbringing that we do not bring our child to the true message of Allah. In Surah Furqan Ayat No, 28, Allah warns us to choose friend wisely. There is some kind of evil in some people, so we should evade them. Ayat-ul-Kursi and the third Kalma is the best cure to be protected from the Satanic effects. The Quran advises us to abstain from the bad company that ultimately tends to have a wrong impact on our behavior, demeanor, and nature. 

  1. Stand with Justice Regardless of Relationship 

In our society today, it has become commonplace to resort to dishonesty. People often tend to favor their relations or from who they expect benefits. So, they speak against the standard of justice. However, this practice is far from commendable. The Quran, in numerous verses, commands us to uphold truthfulness. In a specific Surah, Allah teaches us a lesson on the importance of speaking the truth and doing so with justice. Stand with justice regardless of relationships and terms, even if when it involves our close ones. 

Though, tendency of nature, mothers may tempt to lie to protect their kids from punishment, and friends might fib on each other’s behalf. It is against the standard of societal justice.  

  1. Don’t Be Gloomy 

We all sometimes and turns of life fall prey to dark times. For such situations, Allah advises us with Quranic words “La Tahazzan” which means, don’t grieve. Despite the natural inclination to our family, we stagger on such a condition. Allah (SWT) consoles us through Quran with this verse.  

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