Toilets are a centre point to any house hold. They hold a crucial value. Everyone wants a toilet in their house that poses no problem in cleaning and maintenance. The toilet should be of the quality that makes it possible to drain away all the waste every time it is used.

If this is not done properly, it can cause clogging of the pipes and drains. It can also cause water contamination by backing up. That is why it is very important to make sure that every time you use the toilet, the waste is disposed of properly.

It is important to make it happen that every time you use the toilet, you should make certain that the waste is disposed of properly. It is the most important point regarding a toilet that the waste should get to the drain without any hindrance to avoid clogging in the pipes or drains. This and related problems are discussed in the topics like ejector system and up flush toilet.

What Is a Ejector System?

An ejector system of a toilet is built in a way that it has a pump built inside it. The pump is used to eject the water when it is flushed. This pump is not only durable but it is also hidden properly inside a toilet to avoid from spoiling the overall look of the bathroom. It is designed in a way that it does not get damaged even with steady use.

A sewage ejector system is a pumping system that is designed to completely remove the waste from your toilet. The pump’s main purpose is to pump away the waste in the drain properly.

What Is a Upflush Toilet?

An up-flush toilet is also sometimes called a macerating toilet. It is designed to make the everyday use of a toilet and disposal of waste easier. An up-flush toilet works with a mechanism in which a blade in the toilet container is used to shred the waste in tiny pieces.

This helps to flush away the waste more easily. The container containing the blade is actually a pump. It is mostly placed inside the wall and an extended pipe connects it with the toilet bowl. In other cases, the pump can also be placed just behind the toilet, on the floor.

A macerating or up-flush toilet is an ideal solution if your bathroom is situated very far away from the main drainage line. Up-flush toilets are said to be very efficient in working and they are less expensive as well.

Ejector System vs Upflush Toilet – Pros, Cons, & Comparisons

Both an ejector system and an up-flush toilet work for the same purpose. The purpose of both systems is to make sure that the waste from your toilet gets disposed of properly without any hindrance to avoid clogging and backing up. However, each of these systems has their pros and cons. Following is a list of differences between the two systems to help you understand their working properly.

Cleaning Method:

The cleaning method involves both the pre installation and post installation stages. An up-flush system is very easy to install and setup but its cleaning is not that much easy. It is also not considered to be as clean as an ejector system. An up-flush toilet also takes much space in the bathroom which makes it more difficult to clean.

An ejector system is considered to be more efficient regarding cleaning. The pump in the ejector system helps to pump up the waste completely and with full pressure. After that it pumps down the waste through the drain to make sure that the waste is properly pumped down and disposed of completely. Moreover, an ejector system is considered to be more vigorous in cleaning. It has a long life span as well. It also takes less space in the bathroom.

Competence and Reliability:

Both systems are considered competent and reliable regarding the disposal of waste. An ejector system is however considered to be more competent because it has a pumping mechanism that ejects the waste in a more efficient and reliable way. It can easily handle heavy amount of waste.

An up-flush toilet is also considered competent and reliable. It has a macerating tank at the back that shreds the waste. However it sometimes does not work as efficient as expected. Therefore, it is considered a bit less competent and reliable as compared to an ejector system.

Strength and Life Span:

Ejector systems are usually found to last longer time. This means they have a longer life span and they are more durable and strong as well. The ejector pump is built inside the drainage system. It is not exposed to the outside environment. This means it has less chance of damage and serves you for a long time.

An up-flush toilet has a pump containing blade that is either placed behind the toilet on the floor or is placed inside the back wall of the toilet. In both cases, its chance to damage is higher. That is why up-flush toilets are said to be less durable and have shorter life spans as compared to ejector systems. However, both systems are designed in a way that they can serve you easily for many years but it depends how properly you are maintaining the systems.


Cost is a major factor whenever you are choosing among two options. No matter what you like the most, cost is a factor that has power to change your decision even at the last minute. Therefore, this factor could not be overlooked.

You will be happy to know that there is not much difference in the cost of both toilet systems. An ejector system can cost you in the range of $800-$1000 including installation. Whereas, an up-flush toilet can cost you in the range of $1200-$1500 including installation.

Concluding Thoughts:

The above comparison has given enough knowledge between an ejector system and an up-flush toilet. An ejector system is more clean, easy to maintain and more long-lasting and takes no space in your bathroom. Whereas an up-flush toilet comes with a macerating tank, shreds the waste but takes space in your bathroom. It is now your decision to be made whether you choose an ejector system or an up-flush toilet for your bathroom.

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