You may have chosen the sturdiest locks for your house doors when you moved in but when should they be replaced?

Nothing lasts forever, does it? There comes a time when your door locks need to be replaced.

Smart homeowners take full measures to make the house secure from intruders. One important step of this journey is to know when to replace the locks. The circumstances can differ for every household but the tell-tale signs are easy to identify for all of them.

Following is a list of signs that it is time to replace your door locks. If you observe any of these, consult your nearest locksmith to replace door locks without further a due.

1. Loose Handles and Knobs

The simple fact that doorknobs are made up of moving parts causes them to loosen over time. At times, securing the lock in place is easy. All you need is a screwdriver to fix it.

If you recently secured the knob but it loosened up within a day or two, it is time to replace it. This simply indicated that the door frames and material is no longer able to hold the lock in its place. This is a serious threat to your safety.

2. Lost Keys

It is super annoying to get stuck outside of your own house, isn’t it? But this has happened to every one of us. If the reason for your recent lockout was lost or stolen keys, getting the doors opened is not enough. The keys may be stolen by the intruder or thief.  Report the loss to the nearest police station or get your door locks replaced. It is the best way to protect your loved ones and the property.

3. Unauthorized Duplicate Keys

A lot of break-ins involve duplicate keys. To protect yourself against this possibility, it is important to be a vigilant homeowner.  If you have ever provided duplicate keys to someone and trust them for no longer, rekey your locks.

A better idea is to replace your traditional locks with digital locks. They are easy to use and reprogram once a person has left the property. A digital lock is the best option for buildings with rental apartments.

4. Wear and Tear

Recall the time when you last changed your locks. As time passes by, the locks undergo quite a bit of stress. This is especially true for the doors that are frequently used. Which is the most frequently used door of your house? For most households, it is the front. Even if you see minimal signs of wear and tear, it is good to replace the locks after a few years.

5. Recent Renovations

Have you recently finished some house renovations? House security may be the last thing on your mind once the contractors have left your premises. If you provided spare keys to them, the security may be at risk without you even realizing it.

The most important measure is to check the reputation of every contractor before you let them in. Make sure the keys are returned once the job is done. In case you hear something fishy about the contractors after they are done at your premises, it is good to replace locks.

6. Moving In

This might seem a no-brainer but the importance of this simple measure cannot be overstated. As soon as you move into a new neighborhood, get your door locks replaced for additional security. You can always find an affordable locksmith by comparing the estimates. Beware of the scams that offer services at unrealistically low prices.

7. A Change in Neighborhood

Well, the decision of replacing locks can also be affected by a change in the neighborhood. Your neighborhood may be a safe place in the past but any recent developments may increase the risk. If you feel the risk is high, invest in lock replacement. 

8. Recent Break-In

It is essential to hire a locksmith after a recent break-in. Look for a service provider mastering the art of lock repair and lock replacement. In most break-ins, the locks are damaged to get into the house. Even if the locks are intact, who said they won’t come again?

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