If you are planning to remodel or built your bathroom, it is important to understand the different types of toilets available in the market. You should take out time to consider the different options available in the market. For a long time, there was no big difference between different toilet models. However, now times have changed. You are given a huge array of designs and models to choose from.

There are basically two toilet types available in the market. One is known as Single Flush Toilet and the other is known as Dual Flush Toilet. A comparison is given below to help you take the better decision according to your needs and requirements.

What is a Single Flush Toilets

Single flush toilets have been in use since the very first invention of toilets. You can find the ones in older buildings and houses mostly but sometimes they are also found in modern day buildings and homes as well. The name implies the mechanism of this type of toilets. They only use one button or lever to flush away all the waste whether solid or liquid. This type of toilet uses the same amount of water every time to flush the waste.

What is a Dual Flush Toilets

Dual flush toilets are with two options. You can select from these two options that how much flow of water you need to flush the waste. They usually have two buttons on the upper side of the toilet tank cover. The two buttons are not same sized. One is usually small and the other one is a bit bigger. The small button when pressed will use only half of the water present in the water tank. While the bigger button will use the whole water in the toilet tank. The small button which gives you less flow of water is to flush away liquid waste. While the bigger button that allows you to consume all water in the tank is used to flush away solid waste. Dual flush toilets are becoming more common everyday due to their features and benefits.

Pros and Cons of Single Flush vs. Dual Flush Toilets

Each toilet type has their own advantages and disadvantages depending upon the mechanism of working and the service it offers. Following is given a detailed comparison to know which one has something more to offer.

  1. Consumption of Water
  2. Comparison of Flushing System
  3. Maintenance and Repairs
  4. Looks
  5. Cost Comparison

Consumption of Water

Toilets are said to consume a huge amount of water in every house hold. According to a research study, in a household every family uses toilet five times a day on an average. This leads to lots of consumption of water. Single flush toilet consumes far more amount of water as compared to dual flush toilets.

One study defines that single flush toilets consume on an average of 3.6 gallons that is nearly equal 13.6 liters of water for every flush. This raised concerns in many countries that have scarce resource of water. That is why some new models of single flush toilets are designed to use less amount of water 1.6 gallons or 6 liters per flush.

Dual flush toilets are designed in a way that they consume 1.6 gallons per flush. But they also offer you to use half water that is 0.8 gallons. You can use full button to flush away solid waste by consuming 1.6 gallons and use small button to flush away liquid waste by consuming only 0.8 gallons.

Therefore, regarding consumption of water it is clear that dual flush toilets are better than single flush toilets.

Comparison of Flushing System

The flushing system of single flush toilet is as simple as you only have to push a lever to flush away the waste. While for dual flush toilet there are two buttons on the top of the toilet tank cover. This could be a problem for people with special issues like the disabled ones or old age people. While on the other hand, the single flush system proves to be more users friendly and easy to use.

Maintenance and Repairs

The easier it is for you to maintain and repair your toilet system, the more chance it is that you will buy it for your bathroom. Due to the special design needs and structure, the dual flush toilets can be a bit tricky and problematic when it comes to maintenance and repair.

It often becomes difficult to find its spare parts. Single flush toilets, on the other hand are in use since ages. Therefore, it is easier to maintain and repair them as their spare parts are also easily available in the market.


This is purely a matter of personal choice. Some users prefer the classic looks of single flush toilets having a lever at the side. While others prefer the trendy and chic look of dual flush toilets having buttons on the top of the toilet tank cover.

Cost Comparison

Cost factor is an important point to consider before you buy anything for your home or for yourself. No one wants to waste their hard earned money for wrong choices. Therefore, in case of toilets you should also make a comparison before taking the final decision to buy.

Single flush toilets are less expensive as compared to dual flush toilets. This is also the reason why you always find single flush toilets in public restrooms, because they are cheaper!!!

Final Thoughts

Finally, before taking any decision, keep in mind the above points. They will help you to decide the best possible solution for your home that will not only prove to be pocket friendly for you but also provide you services in the long run. Toilets are a long term investment. No one wants to bother the changing of toilets every now and then. Therefore, it is important to first consider all the pros and cons of single and dual flush toilets so that you can make a decision that will be beneficial for you in the long run.

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